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  1. Conservative Nomination in Macleod
  2. Cheryl Gallant PCP
  3. Peace River/ Westlock - New Electoral District Association
  4. Phil Rowland MP candidate for Macleod
  5. Bow River Electoral District
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  11. Ontario PC Leadership Race
  12. Calling all members in the Bow River Riding that have been CPC members for over 21 days!
  13. Quote from Cam Davies for the Wild Rose part of Alberta. http://www.camdavies.ca/
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  15. Walter Pamic for Kanata-Carleton, Conservative Party of Canada Nomination
  16. Libertarian Candidate Yellowhead Alberta
  17. New Yellowhead electoral district EDA
  19. Beleaguered MP Bob Zimmer
  20. Maxime Bernier for Conservative Leadership
  21. Libertarian, Red Deer Mountainview: James Walper (I have an EDA)
  22. Bernier on Ruger 10/22 Issue
  23. I'm Erin O'Toole, a candidate for CPC leader, and this is my firearms policy
  24. Meet Pierre Lemieux - he knows his guns, he is also a CPC leadership candidate!
  25. Meet Andrew Scheer - he loves bagging white tails, he is also a CPC leadership candidate!
  26. Meet Erin O'Toole - he has a 180 day plan, he is also a CPC leadership candidate!
  27. MAXIME BERNIER: "Canadian Firearms laws are broken, and I want to fix them."
  28. Lisa Raitt in Vernon, firearms question.
  29. Andrew Sheer Fighting for Gun Owners
  30. Blaney - ex Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  31. email from Kellie Leitch
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  37. Letter from Dr. Leslyn Lewis
  38. Letter from Leslyn Lewis re: Firearms policy