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  1. Dinesh d'Souza - next day after preidential election 2016 ... how foundations work ...
  2. The left is alienating its allies by shutting down free speech
  3. Trudeau cabinet shuffle today.
  4. Alberta's borrowing reaches sublimely ridiculous point
  5. Gord Wyant officially enters race to become Saskatchewan Party leader and new premier
  6. Liberal MP offered woman $100K to keep quiet about sexual harassment claim, father alleges
  7. Liberal Government Seeks 'Substantive' Rehaul Of Indigenous Affairs Department
  8. Darshan Kang placed on medical leave; denies allegations of sexual harassment
  9. Quebec will hand out welfare to illegal border crossers in temporary shelters, not in convention centre
  10. Seamus O'Regan, New Veterans Affairs Minister, Opens Up About Tackling Alcoholism
  11. Trudeau names Giller Prize-winning novelist David Adams Richards to Senate
  12. Eligible Ontario homeowners to get smart thermostats under new program
  13. My 5000 post
  14. Liberal MP's facing anger over Morneau's proposed tax changes.
  15. Andrew Scheer unveils full shadow cabinet leaving Kellie Leitch off front bench
  16. Radar upgrades raise questions about Liberal defence policy’s future
  17. Cheryl Gallant: Why more Canadian children will go hungry under Trudeau
  18. Cheryl Gallant: The Taxification of Canada
  19. Andrew Scheer's Shadow Cabinet Includes Tory Veterans And Relative Rookies
  20. Jean-Francois Lisee, PQ Leader, Doubles Down On Remarks About Trudeau, Asylum Seekers
  21. PCO confirms investigation into Omar Khadr leak
  22. Khadr bail conditions hearing cancelled
  23. Media try drive by smear of Scheer's Status of Women shadow cabinet appointee. Backfires.
  24. Calgary MP Darshan Kang resigns from Liberal caucus amid sexual harassment allegations
  25. National Defence knows cost of interim Super Hornets, but won’t say
  26. MP Darshan Kang resigns from Liberal caucus after sexual harassment allegations from second woman
  27. Winter is coming, so the Liberals looking into buying heated trailers for illegal border crossers
  28. Trudeau acknowledges grumbling, but defiant on small business tax changes
  29. Conservatives to Liberals: Stop the "Virtue Singalling" in NAFTA negotiations.
  30. Trudeau condemns North Korea's H-Bobm test. Then says we need more UN resolutions against them
  31. Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Inquiry Commissioners asks for 2 YEAR EXTENSION.
  32. Canada demands U.S. end ‘right to work’ laws as part of NAFTA talks
  33. Trudeau appointed senator: Canada should take 30,000 DACA people facing US deportation
  34. Trudeau bitches to Missouri Governor about government money given to Boeing.
  35. Premier slams Kenney for playing politics with curriculum
  36. B.C. dad told kids too young to take bus by themselves
  37. Small Business Tax Changes Needed To Avoid '2 Classes Of Canadians'
  38. Europe migrant crisis: EU court rejects quota challenge
  39. Trial for 2 Liberals facing Ontario Election Act bribery charges set to begin in Sudbury
  40. First Nations will protest, but Trans Mountain pipeline a done deal, Liberals say
  41. Venezuelans Eating Dogs, Zoo Animals as Economy Collapses
  42. Robot tax: San Francisco official pushes robot tax to battle automation
  43. Trudeau cabinet ministers can't pick their own Chief of Staff. They are appointed by the PMO.
  44. Trudeau gets earful over tax reform at B.C. townhall
  45. An open letter to Justin Trudeau on tax fairness - From a Saskatchewan Farmer
  46. Public school teaches students a lesson in guilty until proven innocent
  47. 65% of N.B. doctors would leave province if federal tax changes come into effect: survey
  48. Summer is Ebbing, but the Federal Liberal Lead is Not
  49. Ontario government's rosy financials grow in a bed of BS
  50. Wynne losing another cabinet minister. Brad Duguid won't run in 2018.
  51. Canada adds 22,000 jobs in August. Nice headline, but......
  52. Rex Murphy: Thinking of dishing out for Hillary's book? I'll save you the expense
  53. Trudeau's sad legacy: Billions in energy infrastructure spending, scuttled on his watch
  54. Trudeau government's vacant appointments backlog up 80%
  55. Inuit leader frustrated with agenda of Oct. 3 first ministers meeting
  56. The Liberals' money-wasting, defence-shirking, politically craven jet circus gets worse
  57. Indigenous Activists Are Building Tiny Houses To Protest B.C. Trans Mountain Pipeline
  58. New book on Canadian racism firmly refutes ‘We’re not as bad as the U.S.’ sentiment: Paradkar
  59. Jagmeet Singh bears brunt of attacks in final NDP leadership debate before vote
  60. Jagmeet Singh Floats Decriminalization Of All Personal Drug Possession
  61. Lack of help from Ottawa riles Canadians stuck in Caribbean
  62. Liberal Warren Kinsella's open letter to Trudeau and Morneau re: small business tax changes.
  63. Trudeau says Canada will be pushing to get a gender chapter in NAFTA
  64. Middle class' Canadians don't understand how upper class they are
  65. Sell pot just like LCBO, where boss earns $500K and clerks $27 an hour
  66. B.C. government raising taxes for high earners and corporations to help pay for $51.9B balanced budget
  67. NDP leadership hopeful Jagmeet Singh selective when protecting freedom of speech
  68. Jodie Emery is not happy
  69. Police asking Trudeau Liberals to delay pot legalization.
  70. Ontario Financial Accountability Office: 50,000 job loses expected due to $15 minimum wage hike.
  71. John Ivison: Liberals turn against seafood producer in name of Indigenous reconciliation
  72. Finance Minister Used Offshore Tax Haven In The Bahamas
  73. Calgary Flames Give Up On Building New Arena
  74. 'Maybe you'll handle the 200th better': The reviews are in for Canada Day on the Hill, and they're brutal
  75. Trudeau's Bahamas vacation cost over $215K — far more than initially disclosed
  76. Huge Health Canada branch could be moved to new ministry, unions blindsided
  77. Finance committee chair Wayne Easter denounces his own government’s rollout of tax changes
  78. Aboriginal Legal Services launches charter challenge on mandatory minimum sentence
  79. First Nation's $550K powwow raises questions with auditors
  80. got this email this AM
  81. Trudeau should've come clean on the Bahamas trip from the very start
  82. Patrick Brown says he’ll ignore threats of legal action from Wynne
  83. Trudeau disqualifies Canada from attending its own UN meeting
  84. Liberal MP Bibeau “treats her staff like limo drivers”
  85. Sister of Robert Hall: Trudeau failed Canadian hostages
  86. A puff of hope
  87. Khadr request for eased bail conditions including unsupervised meetings with his terrorist sister DENIED.
  88. As Nova Scotia tries to lure immigrants, feds 'scuttle' German family's plans
  89. Justin Trudeau: Look for the union label
  90. Federal funds will expand Africa Centre job skills program for new Canadians
  91. 10 Things Justin Trudeau Has Done Horribly Wrong As Canada's Prime Minister
  92. Trudeau, a rich man, sure seems to hate the rich
  93. Tax scammers at it again.
  94. Climate Change Skepticism Now Virtually Illegal in Trudeau’s Canada
  95. Thunder Bay family income growth beats Ontario's
  96. 'A punch in the gut': Mother slams B.C. high school exercise connecting Indigenous women to 'squaw'
  97. Global warming speeds up due to Pacific 'flip'
  98. Carbon tax gouged Ontarians out of $1.5B so far in 2017
  99. Justin Trudeau Says Government Will Move Forward With Controversial Tax Changes
  100. Liberals will offer measure to soften small business tax changes, source says
  101. Rush Limbaugh Gives Hilarious Highlights Of Media 'Choking On Crow' Over Trump Wiretapping Story
  102. Veteran's advocate has federal job offer recinded after he tells Trudeau the system is failing.
  103. Tory leader Andrew Scheer may regret wading into the tax reform debate: Hébert
  104. John Ivison: Know the dirty little secret about taxing the rich? It doesn't work
  105. Remember when the Liberals told us M-103 wasn't about limiting free speech?
  106. Liberals attempt to fundraise on CPC MP's "Climate Barbie" tweet
  107. Donation to Nenshi campaign from outside Alberta is illegal, says rival Chabot
  108. Canada is 'work in progress,' Justin Trudeau tells UN General Assembly
  109. How stupid are the Ontario Liberals? They want $10 legal weed. Current average street price is $8.
  110. Trudeau pushes other nations to commit peacekeeping troops despite not fulfilling his own commitment
  111. Rebellion brewing in N.B. against Prime Minister Trudeau’s proposed tax changes
  112. Tax changes, anti-rich rhetoric have already inspired big fish to leave: Former Liberal Cabinet Minister John Manley
  113. Trudeau, Morneau to be "untouched" by new tax changes.
  114. Empty seats greet Trudeau for UN speech.
  115. Did Khadr payout get mentioned in parliament ???
  116. John Ivison: With proposed Liberal reforms impacting less than 10% of small businesses, this tax revolt will fail
  117. Kelly McParland: Why do tax crusaders Trudeau and Morneau suddenly look so nervous?
  118. Two more senior Liberal aides to repay $55,000 in moving expenses
  119. Trudeau’s pot plan goes up in smoke
  120. LeBron James calls Trump a 'bum' after president withdraws White House invite that Stephen Curry rejected
  121. Finance Minister Bill Morneau are positioned to benefit handsomely from the proposed federal tax changes
  122. North Korea says strike on U.S. mainland ‘inevitable’ after show of force by U.S. bombers
  123. Conservatives are determined to bring harm to gay children
  124. Forum poll: CPC 39%, Libs 35%
  125. Politics in Alberta school: Conservatives are almost fascists and Greens are centrist
  126. SAUDI CLERIC: Women Can’t Drive Because Their Brain Shrinks When They Go Shopping
  127. As Justin Trudeau Ushers In Invictus Games, Veterans Wait On His Pension Promise
  128. Bill Morneau's tax reforms challenged by pizza-nomics
  129. Canada Permanently Bans Chelsea Manning
  130. Canada will use intelligence gained through torture if it will save lives
  131. Families Walk Highway Of Tears For Days Before Hearing
  132. Middle-class families are paying more taxes, despite Liberal claims: report
  133. UN Human Rights Council Tackles Canada
  134. The Progressive Octopus
  135. Liberals spent $5.5 million in hydro ads to save ‘political skin,’ NDP alleges
  136. Wynne Liberals like McGuinty Liberals
  137. ‘The silence is deafening’: family of Canadian kidnapped in Afghanistan can’t get answers
  138. Justin Trudeau’s UN motto: don’t make trouble, wear silly socks
  139. Premier Kathleen Wynne under fire for NAFTA speech
  140. Wynne's new rent control plan turns 1000 purpose built rental units into condos for sale.
  141. Treatment by MPs at M-103 committee hearing nothing short of lousy
  142. Liberal MPs Walk Out Of Status Of Women Committee To Protest Tories' Pick For Chair
  143. Immigration detainee who has spent four years in jail says detention violates Canada’s charter of rights
  144. A political fairy tale by Billythreefeathers
  145. Trudeau names Mona Nemer as chief scientist with aim of unmuzzling federal researchers
  146. Canada border agent detentions of Mexicans surge to highest levels in a decade
  147. Canada’s access-to-information system has worsened under Trudeau government: report
  148. Canada to apologize for refusing entry to Jewish refugees fleeing Holocaust in 1939
  149. Philippe Couillard: Feds Shouldn't Let A 'Bolt' From Boeing Enter Canada Until Dispute Resolved
  150. Omar Khadr payout- wanna voice youe opinion?
  151. Minimum wage hike could lead to 25,000 job losses: C.D. Howe report
  152. NHL commish Bettman says Nenshi told him if the Flames have to move, so they’ll move
  153. Kneeling Protests Media Coverage Is Hypocritical
  154. Two years into Liberal mandate, 45% say it's time for a change in government: Angus Ried.
  155. John Ivison: Accusations Morneau breached conflict-of-interest screen raise tension over tax reforms
  156. The Netflix deal is a very sweet deal for Netflix, not Canada
  157. lieberals and transparency fail
  158. The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
  159. Ottawa spent $110K in legal fees fighting First Nations girl over $6K dental procedure
  160. 45% of Canadians want change in government: Poll
  161. Bill Morneau's town hall meeting on small business tax changes turns heated
  162. DISTURBING: Trudeau Considering Mass “AMNESTY” For Immigration & Refugee Claimants
  163. Rick Mercer rant AGAINST the Liberals and their attack on small business.
  164. Emery: The Liberals have lied – their pot plan is not legalization
  165. Austria's burqa ban comes into force this weekend, but also spells the end for clown masks and football scarves covering the face
  166. Protests erupt on immigration issues in Quebec
  167. Alberta NDP To Change Law After Jason Kenney's Remarks On Outing Gay Kids
  168. ​ Edmonton police investigate 'acts of terrorism' after officer stabbed, pedestrians run down
  169. Jagmeet Singh wins NDP leadership on first ballot
  170. I need a break from politics
  171. Pollster says track record speaks for itself after Nenshi's campaign team questions results
  172. Toronto celebrate Islamic Heritage Month October
  173. Conrad Black: The War on Drugs has been lost. It's time to try something else
  174. Tories take aim at Trudeau in taxes attack ad
  175. Toronto school board recalls, revises controversial Islamic guidebook
  176. Liberals force woman to take committee chairman spot she repeatedly said she didn't want.
  177. Third poll in a week shows Trudeau Liberals support falling - Libs, CPC statistically tied: Ekos
  178. Nikki Ashton - Sexist media cost me the NDP leadership.
  179. Moody’s-Gartner Blog Post on Proposed Tax Changes
  180. Justin Trudeau surprises premiers, outlines proposed excise tax on legalized marijuana
  181. Quebec passes unanimous motion to impose provincial sales tax on Netflix
  182. Plaque at Canada's new Holocaust memorial doesn't mention Jews, anti-semetism, or the 6 million murdered.
  183. CAMI union president pushes for Canadian job security in 'critical fight'
  184. Justin Trudeau Taken To Task By Families Of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women
  185. ANALYSIS: Liberal sleight-of-hand no ‘victory for Canadian women’, it’s a defeat for democracy
  186. John Ivison: Ousting of anti-abortion committee chair an act of blatant Liberal hypocrisy
  187. African-Nova Scotian groups seek reparations for slavery
  188. TransCanada kills plan for Energy East pipeline
  189. Lone Liberal who supported Tory motion on taxes informed of his punishment
  190. Ottawa to announce settlement with Indigenous survivors of Sixties Scoop
  191. Canada slips from top 10 economic freedom list
  192. Remember when Trudeau said the UK would join Canada in it's fight with Boeing? Yeah, not so much.
  193. August Trade Deficit climbs to $3.4 Billion, Sign of Slowing Economy.
  194. Sorry, Ontario can't easily change our culture of waste
  195. Holy Bleep! I've Been Restricted! (YouTube Censorship)
  196. Kathleen Wynne losing two more Cabinet ministers.
  197. Islam Hijacking the UN Human Rights Council
  198. The Trudeau government’s policies reward dependence, not hard work
  199. The Bigger Picture
  200. MMIWG inquiry losing 2 more staffers
  201. Black market will thrive if Alberta government runs marijuana stores, says mid-level dealer
  202. Feds have spent $2.5 million fighting moms denied sickness benifits while on maternity leave
  203. Liberals say Energy East was cancelled because of oil prices. Trans Canada says it's because of Liberal regulatory changes.
  204. CRA under fire for new rule to tax employee discounts
  205. Something to give Thanks for!
  206. Student forced to walk 'really dangerous' road to school, mom demands new bus policy
  207. Attawapiskat Family Wants Inquest Into 13-Year-Old Sheridan Hookimaw's Death
  208. Sears Canada to ask court for permission to liquidate all remaining stores
  209. Ontario Eliminating Drive Clean Test Fee, Strengthening Program
  210. Feds deny employee discounts will be taxed, despite CRA doc to the contrary
  211. Liberals take first step to buy used Australian fighter jets.
  212. Former PM Harper is convinced Trump is not bluffing about pulling the plug on NAFTA
  213. TDSB to remove 'chief' from job titles out of respect for Indigenous communities...
  214. Petition asks that seal meat be removed from Toronto restaurant’s menu
  215. Sousa opens up $5M ‘suggestion box’ for budget ideas from the public(irony?)
  216. Budget Cover Cost $212,234
  217. Justin Trudeau’s flying unicorn hits a storm
  218. Finance Minister Bill Morneau waited 2 years to disclose company that owns French villa to ethics watchdog
  219. Angus Reid: CPC, Liberals in dead heat at 35% support each.
  220. I helped plan Energy East, and I know the government's excuses are bunk
  221. In response to even Liberal critiques, Morneau set to announce changes to tax reform proposals
  222. A fool's homecoming
  223. Justin Trudeau laments ‘unacceptable’ state of women’s rights in Mexico
  224. Lawyers in border-beer case argue Constitution guards against any interprovincial trade barriers
  225. Protesters want right to a home
  226. Refugee minister calls RCMP questionnaire targeting Muslims 'unacceptable'
  227. Norway wealth fund hits 'milestone' $1 trillion value
  228. School me on Andrew Scheer
  229. Liberals to cut small business tax to 9% to pacify opponents of small business tax changes.
  230. Liberal Fails - The-tally-after-2-years
  231. Bill Morneau didn’t place assets in blind trust, raising conflict-of-interest risk
  233. Dalton McGuinty staff ignored concerns over gas plants, court hears
  234. Chris Selley: An utterly banal tax cut announcement, other than Trudeau’s bizarre behaviour
  235. Naheed Nenshi holds on to mayor’s seat in 2017 Calgary election
  236. U.S. Demands End To Supply Management For Dairy, Eggs, Poultry
  237. Socrates Was One Of The Smartest People Who Ever Lived
  238. Ontario Auditor General Releases Report on Wynne's 25% Hydro Rate "cut"
  239. Change . org petition to the Queen
  240. Trudeau wishes Hindu's a happy Diwali.............using an Arabic greeting.
  241. Ethics commisioner does her Liberal duty, bails out Morneau: "I told him a blind trust wasn't a requirement""
  242. A Revolution to Always Remember but Never Celebrate
  243. EXCLUSIVE: Morneau using ethics loophole to maintain ownership of shares in family business
  244. Liberals are knifing Liberals in public. Ah, nostalgia.
  245. re- elect Justin Trudeau
  246. Please, no questions for the finance minister: Robyn Urback
  247. Liberal MP Alexandra Mendès Wants Trudeau To Challenge Quebec's Bill 62 In Court
  248. Liberal MP Alexandra Mendès Wants Trudeau To Challenge Quebec's Bill 62 In Court
  249. Trudeau mourns Gord Downie's passing with a picture of himself.
  250. Trudeau Accuses Opposition Of 'Gutter Politics' With Morneau Attacks