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  1. Of course businesses would act like businesses in wake of minimum wage hikes: Robyn Urback
  2. 'Minimum wage bully hotline' launched by Ottawa labour council
  3. The dumbest of 2017: Anti-GMO activists, green-power disciples and Canada's $400-million political correctness fund
  4. Muslim group seeks designated day of remembrance for 2017 mosque shooting
  5. Anti-abortion group takes Trudeau government to court
  6. This Is My Brother Mohammed, and This Is My Other Brother Mohammed
  7. Too frigid for global warming? This is why they rebranded it ‘climate change’
  8. Don't Buy Into The Hype Around Canada's Overpriced Weed Industry
  9. Taxing meat could help offset environmental, health problems, activists say
  10. If 'Canada's back,' like Trudeau says, we should be supporting Iran's protesters
  11. Great Canadian Border Rush 2018: Trump ends special protections for Salvadorans
  12. After report scolding Trudeau, outgoing ethics commissioner says criticisms of her work are 'unwarranted'
  13. Buried government report reveals looming fiscal crisis
  14. Here's how the 25th Amendment could remove Trump from office — and why it won't happen
  15. Liberals defeat motion calling for Trudeau to testify at ethics committee
  16. 4 Common Capitalism Myths Debunked
  17. Kathleen Wynne’s minimum wage math doesn’t add up
  18. Canada BC B.C. proposes limits to mule deer hunt to help declining buck population
  19. B.C. Conservation Officer Service investigating reports of steelhead poaching
  20. CBC half-reports Trudeau's "ordeal" in Hamilton, Ontario
  22. U.S points directly to Trudeau's "progressive agenda" as barrier to progress on NAFTA deal.
  23. After just 3 months, Executive director of MMIWG inquiry leaves post
  24. Trudeau's town halls offer a master class in changing the narrative: Robyn Urback
  25. The Effect on Canadian Families of Changes to Federal Income Tax and CPP Payroll Tax
  26. WALLACE: Liberals OHIP+ prescription drug election plan needs 911
  27. BONOKOSKI: Kathleen Wynne tweet on auto sector a car wreck
  28. New poll shows deterioration in approval ratings for Trudeau Liberals
  29. Police say scissors attack on 11 year old Muslim girl in Toronto DID NOT HAPPEN.
  30. The real problem with NAFTA is Canada, not Mexico, Paul Ryan says
  31. Ice Bridge- The Nature Of Things
  32. Liberals drop 4 points since Trudeau began town hall tour: Nanos.
  33. Liberal bill would force corporations to make boards more "diverse"
  34. Bank of Canada hikes interest rate again, but warns of NAFTA fallout
  35. Members of far-right Storm Alliance attend Trudeau's town hall in Quebec City
  36. Federal government looks to lease icebreakers from Quebec shipyard Davie
  37. Health minister's Twitter account highlights cost of government tweeting
  38. Turbine snaps in half in Chatham-Kent, MPP calls for halt of wind projects
  39. Rex Murphy: No summer jobs for you! And other decrees from Bishop Trudeau
  40. McGuinty Chief of Staff found guilty in gas plant scandal.
  41. Liberals’ two-year infrastructure plan set to take five: documents
  42. Minister uses profanity as he criticizes companies' excuses not to hire diverse leaders
  43. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to hold Edmonton town hall Feb. 1
  44. Liberal MP petitions own government to drop pro abortion clause in summer jobs grant application.
  45. 'An attractive place to invest.' Are you serious, prime minister?
  46. Liberals reviewing option to revive controversial internet hate speech law repealed in 2013
  47. No charges, no investigation — but DND declares Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is guilty
  48. Kellie Leitch will not seek re-election in 2019
  49. Trudeau Liberals looking to scrap more tax breaks.
  50. Phoenix pay woes: union of federal employees threatens Liberals ahead of election
  51. Trudeau, Netanyahu hold unannounced meeting at World Economic Forum
  52. Campbell's soup announces closure of Toronto plant cutting 380 jobs.
  53. Aurora Cannabis buys CanniMed in Canada's biggest deal
  54. Minimum wage debate reignites after data shows Albertans are spending less at restaurants
  55. Breaking: Two women accuse Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown of sexual misconduct
  56. Justin Trudeau doubles commitment to global education fund with $180M
  57. Ontario election predictions. (Poll)
  58. Liberals to end community mail box conversions, but won't restore door-to-door delivery
  59. Yet more women come forward claiming inappropriate behavior against Liberal MP Kent Hehr.
  60. Canadian Press NewsAlert: Kent Hehr resigns from Liberal cabinet
  61. Woman who accused Lib MP Darshan Kang of groping her still hasn't been contacted by HOC investigator
  62. Patrick Brown’s downfall an affront to fairness
  63. Christie Blatchford: What happened to Brown is fundamentally wrong. Every man in the world is now vulnerable
  64. Sudden resignation of Patrick Brown has not dented popularity of PC party: poll
  65. Karma's a B--CH. CTV Toronto Queens Park reporter suspended after sexual misconduct allegations.
  66. Ontario PC executive opt for pre-election leadership race to replace Patrick Brown.
  67. Canada has 'given up our leverage' in NAFTA talks: Frank McKenna
  68. Trudeau Liberals set to bail out failing print media in Budget.
  69. Elizabeth May
  70. Sexual misconduct
  71. The anonymous woman in CTV's report on Patrick Brown is anonymous no more.
  72. Trudeau stakes our future on hipster economics
  73. Doug Ford considering run for PC leader
  74. Ontario PC president Rick Dykstra resigns after woman accuses him of sexual assault.
  75. We’ve given up on Canada’s military, so let’s abandon it altogether
  76. Cry wolf again
  77. Alberta's 'best-kept secret': Beef producers chase halal market
  78. PC insiders tried to keep Ford out – and now he’s storming the barricades
  79. Donald Trump's first State of the Union address tonight.
  80. Trudeau stands by veiled insult against nationalist group in Quebec
  81. UH OH Justin.....
  82. Workers advised to 'think critically about their future with the company, and make realistic decisions'
  83. Canada's economy going from a 'sprint to a marathon' pace
  84. B.C. creates more uncertainty for Trans Mountain with bitumen restriction
  85. Trudeau says zero tolerance on misconduct toward women applies to him as well
  86. Canadian drillers moving rigs south to chase better prospects in Texas oilfields
  87. Brian Mulroney says Trudeau-Trump relationship Canada's 'ace-in-the-hole' for NAFTA
  88. Fear and loathing on Parliament Hill
  89. Political party fundraising 4th quarter 2017
  90. Senate Liberal Colin Kenny retires months ahead of scedule.
  91. 2011: Trudeau tries to get youth into politics - "There’s pizza, sex and all sorts of fun things.”
  92. Trudeau Again faces hecklers during town hall in Winnipeg
  93. Trudeau protects Liberal sex creep. Says he needs “privacy”
  94. Christine Elliott to enter Ontario PC leadership race.
  95. NDP MP "suspended" over harassment allegations pending investigation
  96. Caroline Mulroney set to launch Ontario PC leadership bid.
  97. 'I don't see you doing a lot': Trudeau faces tough crowd at town hall meeting in Edmonton
  98. We can still have electoral reform, as long as it's the Liberals' choice of electoral reform: Robyn Urback
  99. About those December jobs numbers.....
  100. Pipeline politics: Alberta suspends electricity talks with B.C. over pipeline fight
  101. Claude-Éric Gagné, Justin Trudeau’s Deputy Operations Director, Resigns After Investigation
  102. Tory leader Scheer open to echoing Quebec demands in 2019 platform
  103. Aircraft aborts takeoff and catches fire at Nellis base
  104. Liberals trying to attack Warren Kinsella?
  105. Trudeau should apologize for ‘insulting’ comments on veterans
  106. Insufferable Trudeau Corrects Woman: Not 'Mankind, 'Peoplekind'
  107. MALCOLM: Monsef passport questions resurface following trip to Davos
  108. EDITORIAL: Trudeau's gaffes are no joke
  109. Elizabeth May asks for donations to pay for cost of bullying investigation
  110. Conservatives blast cancellation of National Wetland Conservation Fund
  111. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Serving Canada or Serving Islamists?
  112. Wynne stands behind candidate with professional misconduct reprimand.
  113. Trudeau Liberals trying to quash sexual misconduct lawsuit against Canadian Forces.
  114. Trudeau claims his "peoplekind" comment was just a joke.
  115. Justin Trudeau - Pay It Back!
  116. Outrage on eve of Trudeau's trip to India over Sikn nationalism in Canada
  117. Washington Post - Forget ‘peoplekind.’ There’s a lot else wrong with Justin Trudeau.
  118. Antarctica’s Explosive Discovery Has Global Warming Alarmists Going Dead Silent
  119. Alberta turning off the taps
  120. oil industry group calls for end to 'politicization' of Alberta-B.C. trade war
  121. CORRUPTION: Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion For MPs To Repay Illegal Expenses
  122. Federal government says it has no ‘duty of care’ to provide harassment-free workplace for military personnel
  123. Canadians already paying well below what government wants to charge for legal weed.
  124. Tories to pitch change to benefits clawback for disabled people who want to work
  125. Canadians Pay Less Than $7 A Gram For Pot On Average, Statistics Canada Survey Says
  126. McKenna says no province will be allowed to stop federal authority on pipelines
  127. For the sake of peoplekind, Justin Trudeau needs to shut his mouth - TORONTO STAR
  128. Former MLA dubbed 'Minister Tickles' apologizes after 5 women allege years of unwanted touching
  129. The only thing that will fix Canada’s military is public outcry
  130. WRONG!: Islam often gets misinterpreted
  131. Trudeau to Facebook: Fix your fake news problem or face stricter regulations
  132. Deboning the spine of the Canadian economy
  133. 'Weaponization' of free speech prompts talk of a new hate law
  134. New ethics watchdog asking for sweeping new powers
  135. Alleged ISIS operative 'Jihadi Jack' begs Canada to let him come here
  136. Canada lost 88,000 jobs in January. Biggest monthly drop in 9 years.
  137. $59.5M goes to Burkina Faso one day after Trudeau tells vets they ask for too much
  138. Military to spend $170,000 so leaders can see what it's like to be stoned on marijuana
  139. Trudeau’s top advisor says those who laughed at “peoplekind” comment are Nazis
  140. the offical 'Shun this bastard' thread
  141. How the oil sands benefit all of Canada
  142. Gerald Stanley found not guilty in death of Colten Boushie
  143. Canada suffers biggest job loss in nine years
  144. Bombardier to finance Iran's plane order
  145. Gender role reversal...
  146. Evolving resume of PM Justin Trudeau
  147. Tories accuse PM of ‘political interference’ after comments on Boushie case
  148. Liberals push back arrival of used Aussie FA-18's to summer 2019 or later
  149. Anyone know how you can vote in the upcountry making pc leadership in Ontario?
  150. U.S. view: There’s lots wrong with Justin Trudeau
  151. Caroline Mulroney defined energy poverty as only an elitist can.
  152. White Farmers Slaughtered in South Africa | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux
  153. GUNTER: Boushie verdict not a travesty of justice
  154. GUNTER: New environmental regs will discourage energy investment
  155. Rex Murphy: In pipeline wars, Trudeau stands as always with Paris, never Alberta
  156. LOL: Castro's sons suicide note claims Fidel is Justin Trudeau's father.
  157. New polling: All OPC leadership candidates would beat the Wynne Liberals.
  158. VIDEO: Trudeau Refuses To Condemn Butts’ Tweet Comparing His Critics To “Nazis”
  159. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna thinks the olympics are in NORTH Korea.
  160. Justin - 1.5 years in office
  161. Ottawa weighs financial help for Canadian media
  162. PURGE: Trudeau Government Removing All Conservative Appointees From National Energy Board
  163. Fabled WW2 destroyer named as ceremonial flagship
  164. E-1484 (DISCRIMINATION)
  165. Legalized pot for 12 Year olds? Sure, says Justin Trudeau
  166. PM and Justice Minister interfere with our Courts to further Indigenous cry of Racism…
  167. #METOO may be about to hit Wynne Liberals.
  168. Liberals ending policy that rejects immigrants on medical grounds by April, Hussen says
  169. Liberals write off $200 million in student loans feds will never collect
  170. No discrimination against immigrants; Liberals will let almost anyone in
  171. For you guys that like the band Chilliwack.
  172. Watch: Canadian PM calls to adopt Sharia blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam & the Prophet Muhammad "Islamophobia (fear of Islam)"
  173. PepsiCo to close Spitz sunflower seed plant in southern Alberta, 53 to lose jobs
  174. PM of Canada is the Canadians Nightmare
  175. LOL. Liberal Cabinet Minister Patty Hajdu's own mother calls her a liar
  176. Blame the 'Trudeau Effect' for why Canadian stocks are doing worse than the rest
  177. Canada is lagging on innovation—and the Liberals aren’t helping
  178. Forum poll: Ontario PC support UP 8% since party chaos began
  179. Justin Trudeau’s ‘unusual’ India visit raises eyebrows, criticised by Canada watchdog
  180. Bombardier may lay off hundreds at its Quebec railway plant if no orders come in
  181. Former Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown discussed $375,000 deal with future PC candidate
  182. Judge rules California baker doesn't have to make wedding cake for same-sex couple
  183. Convicted attempted murderer invited to state dinner with Trudeau in India
  184. More than half of federal government scientists still feel muzzled, poll finds
  185. Ann Coulter: Amazing New Breakthrough to Reduce Mass Shootings
  186. From 'snub' to scandal, Trudeau's India visit sparks outrage
  187. Feds use taxpayer money to fly celebrity chef to India
  188. Justin Trudeau is ridiculed by Indians for his 'fake, tacky and annoying' wardrobe of traditional outfits - and finally dons a suit after criticism
  189. Tina Fontaine murder trial verdict.
  190. MALCOLM: Would-be assassin has longtime ties to Liberals
  191. CBC trying to explain Trudeau's bad week - Blame India.
  192. Ben Shapiro's Speech At CPAC
  193. PMO revokes Indian media outlets press credentials after publishing critical article.
  194. Climate Barbie f--ks up again.
  195. Indian magazine claims Trudeau withdrew invitation over its coverage of Sikh extremism
  196. Rex Murphy: What does it take to not be invited to dinner with Trudeau?
  197. Trudeau Liberals may have lobbied Indian government to get Jaspal Atwal a visa to enter India
  198. Barbara Kay: Collapse of basic fact-checking helps feed the fake-news narrative
  199. Trudeau Liberals busted planting fake news story with sympathetic media
  200. Trudeau continues to embarass Canada in India: Another controversy hits Trudeau's India visit, distorted J&K map at event attended by Canadian PM
  201. Help find a cure for Trudeau.
  202. Embarrassment for India?
  203. Lubicon chief collected $1.5M, while community had no running water: audit
  204. Jaspal Atwal says he’s friends with Trudeau, voluntarily bowed out of India event
  205. Wynne loses anothe cabinet minister. Eric Hoskins resigns as Health Minister and MPP.
  206. Trudeau Says Top “Complaint” Of Canadians Is “You’re Not Bringing In Enough Immigrants”
  207. Trudeau Liberals make one of Omar Khadr's lawyers a Federal Judge.
  208. A great US patriotic short video from Grunt Style.
  209. India’s message to Canadian PM Trudeau is Loud and Clear
  210. Budget contains $600 million for G7 meeting in Quebec.
  211. Little parking, big problem, neighbours of proposed Westboro condo say
  212. Israel Media On Justin Trudeau Faces Mockery On His India Visit
  213. Liberals open door to charitable status for news organizations
  214. Nearly half of Ontario supports a price on carbon, even if it raises costs
  215. Budget says some paper currency will no longer be legal tender
  216. Are you kidding me? City of Edmonton will pay 'Goat Co-ordinator' up to $43 per hour
  217. Pharmacare won't be free for all Canadians, Bill Morneau says
  218. Ontario PC leadership a toss up between Ford and Elliott: Poll
  219. Budget 2018, Canadians' confidential tax info to be shared with police in other countries
  220. MUST WATCH: Ralph Goodale speaks to reporters after testifying at Public Safety/National Security committee re: Atwal invite in India. Then after fleeing cameras, Randeep Sarai comes around the corner
  221. Way to go Justin!! India increases duty on Canadian chickpeas again from 40% to 60%.
  222. First Free Speech Arrest in Ontario
  223. I need a little help from the hive mind
  224. Justice Alito's Fantastic Line Of Questioning In 'Political' Apparel Case Exposes Liberal Bias
  225. If an election were held tomorrow, the Trudeau Liberals would lose: Ipsos.
  226. Liberal MP Randeep Sarai now claiming he DIDN'T invite Jaspal Atwal to State dinner.
  227. MALCOLM: New video casts doubt on Trudeau's version of Atwal scandal
  228. Justin Trudeau tries to explain what a trade deficit is. Fails in spectacular fashion.
  229. Finance Minister Bill Morneau faces accusations of conflict of interest over pharmacare
  230. RCMP raising concerns about Liberals' changes to criminal background checks
  231. White House official: Canada can't avoid tariffs
  232. Michelle Malkin Speech CPAC 2018.
  233. Shocking True Story of How Global Warming Became the Biggest #FakeNews Scare of All Time
  234. Making the World Great Again, One S***hole at a Time
  235. ‘Serious consequences’ for B.C. if it blocks Trans Mountain pipeline extension: Jason Kenney
  236. Justin Trudeau meets with Bill Nye to discuss Canadian innovation
  237. Bernier rejects Liberal MP's apology over identity politics flareup on Twitter
  238. MMIWG inguiry seeking 2 year extension.
  239. Canadians think Liberal deficit spending 'wrong,' government-funded report suggests
  240. Trudeau is an insult to feminism – and to seriousness
  241. Christie Blatchford: More Liberal gaffes uncovered from Trudeau's not so excellent India visit
  242. Chicken S--t Justin Trudeau now sending his wife out to lie for him.
  243. After promising 3 years of balanced budgets, Wynne Liberal to table budget March 28th with $8 Billion deficit.
  244. Ontario's new Transparency Bill is based on a legal falsehood
  245. Justin Trudeau has claimed twice in two days his Minister of Science Kristy Duncan has won a Nobel Prize. She has NOT.
  246. DND needs an extra $54M — just to evaluate bids to build it a new fleet of warships
  247. Even Abacus Data polling is showing Trudeau's India trip was a disaster.
  248. Grab your popcorn boys and girls. Jaspal Atwal to hold news conference tomorrow.
  249. homeless strategy includes ‘wet shelter’ to give people with alcoholism controlled space
  250. Jordan Peterson vs. the new freedom fighters at Queen’s University