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  1. Pathetic MSM: Trudeau phone call to Trump credited with Canada steel tariff exemption
  2. First Nations demanding a cut of cannabis tax after pot legalization
  3. Canada adds 15400 jobs in February........BUT
  4. This just in from India
  5. Rex Murphy: The contemptible concept of 'white privilege' is just ugly, angry racism
  6. Ontario PC leadership race predictions...
  7. In honour of Doug Ford......
  8. It's finally over. Ford being introduced as new Ontario PC leader.
  9. And right on que, Toronto Star begins their attack on Doug Ford and the OPC.
  10. Trudeau Liberals say they have no money to fund books for the blind and visually impared
  11. FFS! Elliott campaign chair says she has not, and may not, concede defeat to Doug Ford. Update post 11.
  12. Conrad Black: Mr. Trudeau, if he can, should get serious about running this country
  13. Brad Trost loses Tory nomination race in his Saskatoon riding
  14. Jews are unwelcome on the feminist left
  15. Brenda Lucki vows 'no stone unturned' on bullying, sexism as she takes helm of RCMP
  16. Warren Kinsella - Doug Ford in 10 tweets
  17. Calgary man suing cops, feds for demanding fingerprints
  18. Report: Elliott to abandon OPC leadership challange, throw full support behind Doug Ford
  19. Look MOM,, no hands (or MSM welcomes Doug)
  20. Bizarro Trudeau: French president goes to India and it's not a hot mess
  21. Federal leaders would have little to celebrate with Doug Ford as premier
  22. Trudeau Liberals continue embarassing Canada. Rideau Hall welcomes Belgian royalty with a German flag.
  23. Trudeau: Steel tarrif exemption has nothing to do with NAFTA negotiations.
  24. Desperate Wynne's fake news: Ford will cut 40,000 public sector jobs.
  25. CBC pushes fake news to spur a racial divide
  26. Justin Trudeau talks steel, visits vandalized doughnut shop in Hamilton
  27. Liberals announce $860,000 aimed at developing gender 'certification system' for businesses
  28. There Ought Not Be a Law
  29. U.S. finds imports of groundwood paper from Canada were dumped, imposes duties
  30. Doug Ford open to privatizing liquor sales and dropping foreign buyers’ real estate tax
  31. Poll shaws Kathleen Wynne could lose her own riding.
  32. FATAH: Four Lefties for Doug Ford
  33. Lauren Southern barred from entering UK!
  34. Put farmers, fishers, veterans in the Red Chamber, senator urges
  35. Trump’s new economic aide: Loves trade with Canada, calls Trudeau ‘crazy’ lefty
  36. Canada supports senior diplomat accused of interfering in Barbados election after comments on women in politics
  37. Gerry Butts Picks Senators
  38. Kathleen Wynne prorogues Ontario Legislature. Throne speech coming Monday
  39. justin trudeau on a florda vacation
  40. City employees on Sunshine List up 38 per cent in 2017
  41. Ontario PC's bar Patrick Brown from running under party banner, overturn riding nominations.
  42. What identifiable groups will not be voting Liberal in 2019?
  43. Rex Murphy: Trudeau is Captain Canada to our threatened steel workers. Our oil workers? Silence
  44. Overcoming confusion
  45. Kathleen Wynne tells students to vote or old white people will decide the election.
  46. Ontario NDP go full left retard with election platform.
  47. Justin Trudeau calendar rewards his fans every month of the year
  48. American based LeadNow begin anti Doug Ford campaign trying to influence upcoming election.
  49. UNIFOR's Jerry Dias s--ting bricks Ford's going to be Ontario's next Premier.
  50. Kevin Libin: Trudeau’s carbon tax plan is close to blowing up in his face
  51. Maxime Bernier's take on "cultural appropriation" and "white privilege".
  52. Iran continues persecuting this Canadian family while Trudeau continues not helping
  53. Rachel Notley made mistake of believing in the federal Liberals' 'social licence'
  54. Man who stole truck and killed owner in Red Deer sentenced to 3.5 years
  55. A sit down with Doug Ford
  56. Canadian at centre of Facebook data scandal cut political teeth with Liberals
  57. Progressive Conservatives driving towards majority government, poll suggests
  58. Trudeau has worst approval rating at this point after being elected since Mulroney
  59. No, it’s not you, Peter Pan. It’s the law that prevents you from growing up.
  60. How to shutup SJW's
  61. 'MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN IN CANADA': Prof. Jordan Peterson rips Wynne
  62. Oil pipeline squeeze to cost Canadian economy $10.7 billion in 2018, Scotiabank says
  63. Self-inflicted socialist wounds crippling Canada’s economy
  64. Drop in polls ‘a wake-up call’ for Trudeau’s Liberals who need to ‘work on their game,’ say leading pollsters
  65. Rejection rates for Canada Summer Jobs funding up 12-fold from last year
  66. Canada’s inefficient labour market needs an urgent fix
  67. Remember Barry and Honey Sherman?
  68. Who Backs Canada's Politicians?
  69. Service Canada moves away from calling Canadians Mr., Mrs., or Ms.
  70. Liberals tried pilot project with Facebook data whistleblower in 2016: source
  71. Trudeau warns 'we're moving forward' on legal pot as Conservatives vow to vote against C-45 in Senate
  72. Janice Fiamengo, Another Anti-SJW prof
  73. Ottawa shelving million-dollar job app for veterans
  74. Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May arrested at anti-pipeline protest
  75. Alberta premier calls B.C. complaints about high gas prices environmental hypocrisy
  76. The Liberals said What?
  77. Bizzaro land: Liberal cabinet minister complains Conservatives wasting taxpayer money.
  78. Conrad Black: Our legal system is failing us every bit as badly as journalism is
  79. Ex-Liberal Party strategist had role with firms at centre of data furor
  80. Liberals spend $150K over 2 years to fly in stakeholders for announcements
  81. FUREY: You'd think sooner or later, Trudeau's going to have to cut Gerald Butts loose
  82. French waiter in Vancouver says he was fired for his 'direct, honest' personality
  83. New Social Media Poll Shows 90% Want Trudeau To Step Down
  84. Liberal approval rating drops to 44% as women, middle-class look to Tories
  85. Auditor-General blasts ‘bogus’ hydro accounting strategies in Ontario
  86. 'We are truly sorry': Trudeau exonerates Tsilhqot'in chiefs hanged in 1864
  87. Ethics loophole keeps Aga Khan's gifts to Trudeau family secret
  88. Is PM Trudeau the most mimed PM or was it Mr. Harper?
  89. Opioid overdose deaths reach record level in Canada
  90. Support this true Canadian.
  91. WATCH: Catherine McKenna fails to answer a basic question
  92. No reason legalized marijuana should prompt tighter screening at U.S. border: Goodale
  93. Liberal MP included his own business affiliate in list of guests to invite to India receptions
  94. Quebec man tortured in Mexican prison wants answers from federal government
  95. University student sentenced to 13 months for 'absurdly easy' $41-M fraud
  96. Pope to Trudeau: Piss off. He won't apologize for church's role in residential schools.
  97. Wynne Liberals won't see a profit from legal weed sales for at least 2 years.
  98. The nitty-gritty of the Wynne Liberals budget
  99. Trudeau Liberals table 556 page omnibus budget bill
  100. Doug Ford is about to change climate change policy for the whole country — and it's about time
  101. Trudeau boasts of tough stance on wealthy at swanky Liberal fundraiser
  102. Morneau focuses on eking out tiny fractions of growth as Canadian economy turns sluggish
  103. Canadians’ love affair with Justin Trudeau is over
  104. Help pay Ontario's debt? That'll only encourage them!
  105. Feds considered how to collect taxes from Netflix, Amazon
  106. Lawyers shred Trudeau's jury selection reforms. Will make jury's LESS diverse.
  107. Ontario Budget 2018: Taxpayers now on hook to bail out private companies failing pension plans?
  108. Liberals announce $500-million investment as official languages plan unveiled
  109. Chief executive officer Mayo Schmidt is Hydro One’s $6 million man
  110. Ontario Liberal budget appears to work: New poll shows PCs unable to capture majority
  111. Credit-rating agencies warn Ontario about planned spending
  112. Kathleen Wynne has been claiming Doug Ford only cares about old rich white guys. Umm.....
  113. Mississauga Liberal MPP - I'm proud we tripled the debt and I'd proudly do it again.
  114. Trudeau now taking in people seeking asylum in other countries. Undisclosed number of African asylum seekers coming from Israel
  115. Second Liberal MP denounces Summer Jobs abortion-rights clause, says it misrepresents the Charter
  116. Trudeau to receive honourary degree, give commencement address at NYU.
  117. Trudeau's trip to Davos cost taxpayers $700,000
  118. Auditor General report spotlights Trudeau government’s job vacancy problem
  119. Trump’s fuel economy rollback leaves Trudeau in a bind: Follow the U.S., or take a stand
  120. Trudeau tweet caused influx of refugee inquiries, confusion within government, emails reveal
  121. Stupid Climate Barbie tweets. A continuing series.
  122. Conrad Black may have illegaly donated to the Liberal Party in 2015
  123. Government of Ontario Commits $5.8 Million To Not-For-Profit Housing Build Factory
  124. Three more Ontario Liberal MPP's (including 2 cabinet ministers) announce they won't seek re-election in June.
  125. Trudeau links Russian diplomats’ ouster with smear campaign aimed at Freeland
  126. Doug Ford Won't Have Media Bus Following Him During Ontario Election Campaign
  127. Wynne Liberals get no bump from budget, OPC lead actually grew slightly after budget tabled: Mainstreet Research
  128. Alberta's NDP Instore rebate program.
  129. Wynne gives Catholic teachers union $31 million to settle legal case they weren't part of
  130. Canada adds 32,300 jobs in March. Again, the devil is in the details.
  131. New CBC Prez seems like a stereotype
  132. POLL: Only 13% agree with Trudeau on pricing carbon
  133. Trudeau government officials can't answer basic question about cannabis "legalization"
  134. Trudeau's Secret 7 BILLION DOLLAR Slush Fund! - What You Need To Know
  135. California’s Shocking “You Must Stay Gay” Bill is A Serious Violation of Liberty
  136. With nothing else working, Kathleen Wynne plays the lesbian card.
  137. Liberal MP Sahota contradicts PM, foreign minister on reason for Russians' expulsion
  138. Way to go Justin!!! Kinder Morgan suspends work on Trans Mountain expansion.
  139. Twitter audit shows one third of Trudeau's followers are fake/bots.
  140. Daniel Jean admits he had no first hand knowledge/evidence Indian government tried to embarrass Trudeau with Atwal affair.
  141. Cheryl Gallant Night News
  142. Cannabis grow-op registry needed to protect homebuyers, association urges
  143. Second (Liberal) polling firm shows Wynne's budget fails to move support to her party.
  144. Alberta willing to buy Trans Mountain pipeline outright to save crucial export route
  145. Bay Street law fim getting 10% of the MMIWG Inquiry budget and nobody will say why.
  146. Liberals paying $6 MILLION to kill deer on Haida Gwaii featuring 5 New Zealand sharp shooters
  147. Pipeline crisis? What pipeline crisis? Justin Trudeau takes a "personal day".
  148. New book reveals Trudeau’s frosty relationship with Stéphane Dion
  149. Coyne: Tories cry foul as Maxime Bernier spills the beans, er, milk on leadership race
  150. Doug Ford will fire Hydro One CEO if elected premier
  151. Liberals spent $577,000 having staff ghostwrite "news" stories and had a "broker" plant them in newspapers across Canada.
  152. Critics pounce on Trudeau for his latest international trip — even before he’s left
  153. Andrew Scheer on trade, Rebel Media and bots
  154. Bureaucrats to Trudeau, hide the immigration numbers
  155. GUEST COLUMN: Expect Russia to pose further challenges for Canadian democracy
  156. Watch: CBC ‘Panel’ Insanely Casts Nora Loreto As A Victim Following Widely Condemned Comments
  157. U of A's honorary degree for David Suzuki a slap in the face
  158. The ‘hidden’ piece of the Liberal crime bill: police may get to skip court
  159. Canada's Liberal party considers decriminalization of all illicit drugs
  160. National security adviser blames 'coordinated misinformation' for Atwal affair
  161. Alberta unveils bill that could wreak havoc on B.C. gas prices in trade war
  162. The Future of Europe is Civil War
  163. Doug Ford drops minimum wage tax cut bomb
  164. Lol! James Comey to speak at Canada 2020!
  165. Trudeau and Macron promise to double down on climate-change fight
  166. Liberals loosen rules that exclude immigrants on medical grounds
  167. Fewer Albertans believe in global warming than any other Canadians, poll shows
  168. Quebec asks for federal help as number of asylum-seekers spikes
  169. Crown proceeds with criminal charges against Green leader Elizabeth May, other pipeline protesters
  170. Hypocrite: Trudeau Threatens To Withhold $62 Million From Saskatchewan For Opposing Carbon Tax, Yet Gave B.C. $4.1 Billion Despite Trans Mountain Opposition
  171. Wynne Liberals try to attack Doug Ford. Fail - TWICE - in spectacular fashion.
  172. Doug Ford promises an outside audit of Wynne's spending to get real picture of the state of Ontario's finances.
  173. Moody's downgrades Ontario's financial outlook from stable to negative.
  174. Bernier's book abruptly cancelled.
  175. If they win in June, NDP would turn Ontario into a "sanctuary province" for illegal immigrants.
  176. CBC joins forces with far left, Soros backed group
  177. Toronto Star claims Ford made "Trump-ian Lock Her Up" threat about Wynne. Except he didn't.
  178. Petition to Support Professor Rick Mehta
  179. New Brunswick man loses his 'free-the-beer' fight
  180. Facebook executive and ex-Liberal adviser defends his access to Trudeau cabinet
  181. Hydro One board increases price tag for Ontario government intervention by raising CEO severance provisions
  182. (MACLEAN'S) Canada is not a country
  183. FUREY: Iqra Khalid story goes from bad to worse
  184. Did Daniel Jean lie to MP's when he claimed there was no co-ordination with PMO in Atwal affair explaination?
  185. Trudeau agrees to help Quebec with illegal border crossers. Stop them from entering? Nope, just ship them to other provinces.
  186. New rules for wood burning appliances in Montreal, two decades after ice storm
  187. Forum Poll: Ontario Liberals would lose official party status if election held today.
  188. Ontario Liberal campaign co-chair says Ford is a dick on live TV.
  189. Toronto Sun agenda
  190. 'Fear and division': Trudeau rips Conservatives in campaign-style speech to supporters
  191. 18 spectacularly wrong predictions from the first Earth Day
  192. This is What Waits...
  193. Yet another Liberal MP facing sexual assault allegation.
  194. Stats Can revises holiday season retail sales figures. Much lower than first reported
  195. Quebec gets a pass, Alberta gets the shaft
  196. PBO says Trudeau Liberals deficit to be $8 billion more than projected over next two years
  197. Liberals/RCMP caught lying AGAIN in Atwal affair.
  198. In scathing pre-election report, auditor general says deficit is $11.7B, not $6.7B
  199. Saskatchewan is launching a court reference that just might kill the carbon tax
  200. Ontario Liberals understating deficit by billions: auditor
  201. GOLDSTEIN: Auditor general shatters the fiscal fantasy
  202. FFS. UN says Syrian refugee camps need money. Trudeau immediately forks over $20 million.
  203. Trudeau blames the Conservatives for the illegal border crosser crisis. Seriously.
  204. Ontario’s ‘lost decade’ under the Liberals
  205. Accounting tricks have no place in government
  206. As Trudeau plans to ship illegals to Ontario, Toronto say shelter system is full because of refugees and illegal migrants.
  207. Information Commissioner launches investigation into government over carbon tax data
  208. LOL. Liberal dominated committee recommends tax on Netflix, other e-commerce services.
  209. Refugee agencies seek homes for summer arrivals as Ottawa debates ‘illegals’
  210. Trudeau's disapproval rating high: Poll
  211. Rex Murphy: Grants to anti-pipeline activists a hammer blow to the heads of the unemployed
  212. First quarter 2018 federal party fundraising. CPC trounce Liberals.
  213. Trudeau muzzling CBSA regarding illegal border crossings.
  214. IBM awarded a further $36.5M to 'stabilize' failed Phoenix pay system
  215. Conservative MP Gord Brown dies after heart attack in Parliament Hill office
  216. Doug Ford: Housing on the Greenbelt
  217. Ontario's Financial Accountability Office confirms deficit of $12 billion for 2018, not the $6.7 billion the Liberals claimed.
  218. York Regional Police: Hide, Run, Defend
  219. Buying pot in Ontario in 2018 will be like buying booze in 1928
  220. Senators recommend delaying cannabis bill for a year to address Indigenous issues
  221. The Supreme Court, beer, and me
  222. Controversial Islamic groups receive Canada Summer Jobs Grants
  223. Morneau and Poilievre's tense exchange over carbon pricing
  224. Ford dumps Tanya Granic Allen
  225. Here's some CBC bull$+@# to get you mad.
  226. Five more controversial Islamic job grants recipients emerge: Malcolm
  227. Scheer admits to smoking marijuana in the past, says he still opposes government’s plan for legalization
  228. The 10 Truths All Cops Know
  229. State of federal finances worse than previously thought
  230. NDP MP Christine Moore suspended from duties following veteran's allegations
  231. Trudeau Government Busted Spreading Fake Stats On Illegal Border Crosser Rejections
  232. Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion To Lower Gas & Grocery Prices
  233. B.C. finance minister defends public pension investments in Kinder Morgan
  234. (CSIS) Cops warned to watch for violent MS-13 gang members
  235. Ontario will use electronic voting machines and voter lists for first time in June 7 election
  236. Trudeau Liberals Pass Bill C-48 ‘Oil Tanker Ban’ In House Of Commons, Which Could Crush $16 Billion Pipeline Project
  237. Nigerian sex offender wanted in Texas among illegals crossing into Canada
  238. Ontario's largest teacher's union abandons the Wynne Liberals, throws support to Horwath and the NDP.
  239. Democracy is expensive—and so are the elected officials who make that possible. That’s good.
  240. Illegal border crosser jumps que to receive cancer treatments
  241. Justin Trudeau just handed tens of millions of your tax dollars to the richest company on earth
  242. Warriors off the res: Aboriginal gangs in Winnipeg
  243. Trudeau's pal Jaspal Atwal charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm
  244. Self described ISIS executioner living in Toronto. Liberals don't care.
  245. Liberals reward IBM Phoenix Pay system F**k up with a $500+ million sole source contract.
  246. Not The Feds But.....
  247. Trudeau Liberals budget bill quietly proposes tool to ease penalties for corporate crime
  248. Is he drunk?
  249. WATCH: Trudeau Caught Lying Again About Harper’s Pipeline Record
  250. Egyptian Officials Berate Hamas Leaders For Instigating Violent Clash With Israel