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  1. DISGRACEFUL: Trudeau Compares Climate Change ‘Deniers’ To Supporters Of Female Genital Mutilation
  2. Jason Kenny rips into Trudeau
  3. Travel delays expected, customs agents move from GTA to Quebec to handle migrant surge
  4. I’ll see your $16 orange juice and raise you $548 for coffee
  5. Hang up the phone, pollsters
  6. We don't have enough stupid laws so Contest seeks ideas for new federal laws, MP to turn winner into private bill
  7. Ontario gets taken to the cleaners in casino deal
  8. Horwath forced to admit NDP platform has $1.4 billion math "mistake"
  9. Ontario PC candidate resigns after private 407 freeway confirms ‘internal theft' of data on 60,000 customers
  10. Mainstreet Ontario poll - OPC 41.9%, NDP 29.3%, Liberals 22.3%
  11. Ontario PC's have solid lead, but NDP has some momentum: EKOS
  12. This May Be The Most Bizarre Response To A Canadian Vegan Protest Ever
  13. Kathleen Wynne was the premier we didn’t deserve
  14. CBC article says Climate Change could cause massive volcanoes in Canada
  15. For those of you are thinking of voting liberal.
  16. How governments control behavior
  17. Ontario divided: Anger, economics and the fault lines that could decide the election
  18. Beloved (liberal) former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion endorses Doug Ford for Premier
  19. Plattsburgh flyer tells migrants how to enter Canada 'irregularly'
  20. Polls say Ndp win majority government in Ontario
  21. LOL. Chrystia Freeland says the Ontario Liberals will win on June 7.
  22. Senators vote to remove random roadside alcohol testing from impaired driving bill
  23. LILLEY: NDP leader a fan of chichi shops
  24. Steelworkers in Sault to back PC candidate
  25. Four years after marijuana legalization in Colorado, the black market is still booming.
  26. So we bought a pipeline...
  27. EXCLUSIVE: Liberals ignored green energy advice that could’ve saved Ontarians billions, lead engineer says
  28. Trudeau Liberals invest another $54 million in F-35, a plane they don't want to buy.
  29. Another Ontario NDP candidate doesn't like the poppy.
  30. Physicians group DoctorsOntario endorse Ford and the PC party.
  31. Remember media praising Trudeau's "skill" at getting Canada exempted from Trump's steel tariffs? Umm.....
  32. Trudeau Liberals giving summer jobs grants to ultra left anti-conservative third party groups like LeadNow.
  33. Labour Force Rate - Public vs Private - Canada vs Ontario
  34. Breaking: Wynne Concedes election
  35. GUNTER: Flipping Trans Mountain for a quick and easy profit isn't happening
  36. "Transparent" Liberals Disable Comments in Their Youtube Ads
  37. Nature's path foods elects to support Arab dictators, hilarity follows!
  38. LILLEY: Foreign-funded activist group helping Andrea Horwath's NDP
  39. Mel Lastman Endorses Doug Ford
  40. Not even on the radar screen': Why Big Oil has abandoned Canada's once-promising energy industry
  41. Excellent Video on Ontario's Debt
  42. LOL. Horwath's son "works" in an illegal marijuana dispensary.
  43. F@ck the Toronto Star!
  44. Mainstreet poll: Ontario PC Party on pace to win majority government
  45. Esquire magazine is catching on (even if they get some facts wrong)
  46. Canada Federal Deficit Surplus
  47. EKOS predicts Ontario Progressive Conservative majority
  48. Ummm....Justin? Care to explain?
  49. MPs slam tense committee meeting with McKenna: ‘It was the worst’
  50. Ontario!
  51. How insanely stupid is Justin Trudeau’s team?
  52. EKOS final Ontario seat prediction - with riding by riding forecasts.
  53. That was fast - Ontario PC's win majority government!
  54. Is Andrea Horvath on Drugs Like Her Deranged Son?
  55. "Andrea Horvath Son" is Second On Google Search
  56. Ontario Mining Stocks
  57. Ontario PC Promise Tracker
  58. Karhleen Wynne just now: Ford should give us official party status.
  59. Ontario parties still running Facebook ads during election day blackout
  60. With Doug Ford, there will be plenty of chaos for everyone
  61. Ottawa stands firm on carbon price after Doug Ford’s Ontario election win
  62. Doug Ford win could ultimately be a gift for Justin Trudeau
  63. ‘Just pure luck’ that Toronto cop survived gunshot to the chest in shootout
  64. Would You Take Jack Layton Over Andrea Horwath?
  65. Kathleen Wynne and how homophobia, misogyny & race played a role in the Ontario election
  66. My Dumbass Liberal Professior
  67. Toronto Pride Parade is Coming Up
  68. Does Justin Trudeau look nervous to you?
  69. Ben Shapiro Destroys the Abortion Argument
  70. Leftist sites
  71. Bill Maher Admits What Democrats Really Want
  72. Jeff Sessions - 80% of asylum seekers fraud
  73. As Trump attacks, Canada goes to Plan B: same as Plan A
  74. A guide to understanding the dairy dispute between the U.S. and Canada
  75. A patriot’s guide to shopping during a Canada-U.S. trade war
  76. Sheer fired Bernier.
  77. Poilievre warns of late-night carbon fight
  78. DECEPTION: Growing Evidence Justin Trudeau Is Misleading Canadians About Trade War For His Selfish Political Gain
  79. Downtown Toronto turning into a 's***hole': Residents
  80. Canadian jihadists are bolder than ever, meanwhile Trudeau weakens our laws
  81. Trudeau approval jumps amid Trump trade spat — but it may not last long: Ipsos poll
  82. As egotistical hissy fits go, the Trudeau-Trump one’s a doozy
  83. Mark Holland, Adam Vaughan considering run for Ontario Liberal leader
  84. Parliament ends Canada’s 95-year prohibition on cannabis
  85. Actor dares Hollywood elite: Bring refugees to Oscars
  86. Ford PC's set to put breaks on electric vehicle rebate program.
  87. Justin Trudeau Condemns US Child Detentions, Even Though His Government Does Exactly The Same Thing
  88. B.C. Government to launch registry of who owns real estate in province
  89. Mark Elyas Fires off at CCFR's Tracey Wilson
  90. Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - NumbersUSA.com
  91. A Message from President Trump
  92. Angry driver tries to punish biker, causes massive accident that flips innocent truck
  93. Canada should surrender to Trump over trade
  94. Barton preaches defence spending, but Sajjan says Ottawa spent $2.3B too little
  95. Lawyer challenges female military officer's story in sex-assault case
  96. U.S. tariffs on steel will drive up cost of military gear: ministers
  97. Canada’s peacekeeping mission to Mali could become a new Afghanistan
  98. That Time the U.S. Almost Went to War With Canada
  99. Why an 18-year-old groping allegation against Justin Trudeau is not a #MeToo moment
  100. BNSF: Estimated 230,000 gallons of oil spilled in derailment
  101. Accidental Honesty
  102. Why must Trudeaus always anger the west? No, really. What's up with that?
  103. U.S. border agents arrest Central American gang member entering via Canada
  104. MALCOLM: Liberals' carbon tax racket is coming to an end
  105. Conservatives attack Trudeau for taking ‘personal’ day
  106. A study by a sustainable energy research group predicts the federal government’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline will add significantly to the deficit next year.
  107. Canada Pension Plan sets record for country's largest green bond in $1.5-billion debut
  108. Federal government quietly writes off loan — but won't reveal sum or say who got it
  109. Ford PC governmet will build public memorial to honour hero's of the war in Afghanistan
  110. Trudeau has boxed himself in with his own zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct: Robyn Urback
  111. Federal environment minister Catherine McKenna files complaint with Twitter over parody account
  112. What Freud would say about Scheer’s swing set petulance
  113. Harper blindsides Trudeau PMO, plans visit to White House
  114. Jordan Peterson Takes On Justin Trudeau In Q&A At Oxford Union
  115. Hilarious incident at Doug Fords swearing in......
  116. Doug Ford unveils his cabinet
  117. Doug Ford sworn in as Ontario premier
  118. Trans Mountain Pipeline Sale To Feds Netted Kinder Morgan A 637% Return: Report .
  119. Uh-oh Justin: Federal budget watchdog to take deep dive into costs of asylum seekers
  120. Nationalism is being forced on Trudeau
  121. End of the Cap-and-Trade Carbon Tax Era in Ontario
  122. As parties prep for the 2019 election, Scheer’s Tories are summer’s early frontrunners
  123. Premier Ford freezes salaries of public service managers, reviews executive pay
  124. Trudeau government reviewing $420 million in transfer payments to Ontario after Doug Ford begins 'orderly wind-down' of green programs
  125. MMIWG inquiry loses another lawyer. Says Liberals undermined the independence and impartiality of the national inquiry
  126. Uh-oh Justin - It seems your groping response has angered some of your other victims.....
  127. You know it's getting bad for Trudeau......
  128. Premier Ford begins dropping the axe on Liberal cronies at Queens Park
  129. CBC has been sitting on the trudeaugrope story and is actively spiking it
  130. 'I am confident that I did not act inappropriately,' Trudeau says of groping allegation
  131. Former publisher and editor of reporter who accused Trudeau of groping come to her defense
  132. Fines revealed for Sask. pot legislation
  133. Ontario, Ottawa at odds over refugee housing costs
  134. Ford government is ending co-operation with Ottawa on resettlement of asylum-seekers
  135. Rex Murphy: Trudeau's 'awakening' on groping allegations is (ahem) a bit of a reach
  136. So I’ve been having some fun with JT
  137. Trudeau visits Hehr's Calgary Stampede breakfast as groping allegation lingers
  138. 'Quite frantic:' Employers are scrambling to address the issue of marijuana in the workplace
  139. From social justice warrior to Holocaust-denying hate-monger
  140. Lise Ravary: No one in French Canada cares about Trudeau ‘groping’
  141. Feds spent $30K to rename ‘Future Skills Lab’ — then decided on ‘Future Skills Centre
  142. Outspoken former RCMP officer Krista Carle has taken her own life.
  143. Since 2016, Global Affairs Canada has spent $127,000 on crystal glasses and stemware
  144. First Flare Magazine hit Trudeau, now Chatelaine
  145. Remember last years big announcement of increases in military spending? Yeah, uh, not so much...
  146. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen spoke at venue known as criminal hangout
  147. Another Ford promise kept: Hydro One CEO gone, board to follow.
  148. Another Ford promise kept: Wynne's sex ed curriculum history, work begins on new curriculum
  149. Lefties cry at Doug Ford's pick for special adviser on health care.
  150. RCMP & CSIS bullies - Cost us over $1.3 BILLION dollars
  151. (Maclean's) Harper happenings
  152. Gov Censorship: Liberal MP asks Twitter to look at parody account she believes is spewing hate
  153. Ford government cancels 758 renewable energy contracts
  154. Premier Doug Ford is enjoying a political honeymoon with Ontario voters, a new poll suggests
  155. #WalkAway ?
  156. And It Begins...... The Next Step.
  157. Doug Ford's PCs launching inquiry into previous Liberal government's spending
  158. Trudeau set to reshuffle cabinet before heading into 2019 election
  159. Trudeau government goes silent on Canada's 50,000 Syrian refugees
  160. An under-the-radar move by Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau showed that Canada is ready to get tough with Trump on trade
  161. Rolling Back Government: Lessons from New Zealand
  162. Canada GDP Growth, Conservative vs Liberal years
  163. Why on earth is Trudeau still so committed to the failing carbon tax?
  164. The Liberal government badly needs a Chief Operating Officer
  165. Senate quietly loosens financial accountability rules; critics say honour system leads to spending scandals
  166. Conservatives need to be ultra-mindful of the company they keep, especially online
  167. Why No Intrepid Reporter....
  168. Online censorship is a WAR against human KNOWLEDGE and human CIVILIZATION
  169. Laureen harper applauds death of a hunter
  170. Warnings over Tory’s push for more mayoral power
  171. Ontario formally asks federal government for $200M for asylum seeker costs
  172. Premier Ford throws grenade into upcoming Toronto municipl election. Plans to force council from 47 members down to 25
  173. Premier Ford set to privatize marijuana sales in Ontario
  174. Sweet Jebus: 11% of Ontario's salaried workforce work for the Ontario Government
  175. Why Alberta separatism is the dumbest political movement in Canada today
  176. Second quarter 2018 federal parties fundraising
  177. Ontario PC's announce end of Wynne's guaranteed income pilot project, reduce planned increases to Ontario Works
  178. Tommy Robinson Free
  179. Trudeau Liberals ease carbon tax threshold out of "international competitiveness" concerns
  180. Toronto Mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat busted trying to manipulate Toronto Star poll
  181. Number of top level bureaucrats jumps under Trudeau.
  182. Irregular migrants acting as 'anchor relatives' to help get family into the country: CBSA
  183. Want to Shutdown Environmentalist Argument?
  184. ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING POLL: Canadians REJECT Trudeau Approach, Side With Conservatives
  185. Is real fascism already in Canada's governments?
  186. Veterans Minister O'Regan says immigrants better at creating jobs than Canadians
  187. PATHETIC: Trudeau Gave $50 MILLION Of Our Taxpayer Dollars To The Palestinians. Then They Sided With Saudi Arabia & Condemned Us
  188. Abacus Data has no shame: Two thirds of Torontonians disapprove of Ford's plan to cut the size of council
  189. LOL!! Trudeau Liberals looking to allies to bail them out of the mess Chrystia Freeland created with virtue signalling tweet about Suadi Arabia.
  190. Buck a beer is back, but Doug Ford's plan for cheaper suds is falling flat with some brewers
  192. Twice As Many Ballots Cast As There Are Voters In Georgia Precinct
  193. Hmmm.... Many of the micro breweries complaining about Ford's buck a beer plan have received Ontario government corporate welfare in the past.
  194. New Zealand politician seeks to reclaim 'c-word'
  195. Ottawa mosque loses charity status for promoting ‘hate and intolerance’
  196. Quebec City couple faces $1,000-a-day fine for synthetic lawn
  197. Fewer than one in 20 street robberies and burglaries are being solved by police, new figures reveal
  198. TRADE TROUBLE: Trump Tweets “Canada Must Wait” On NAFTA Deal
  199. 'The new norm': Diplomat says Canada may need to get used to being alone on world stage
  200. EU seeks details on human rights arrests in Saudi Arabia amid Canadian spat
  201. Fantasies won't fix Ontario’s broken welfare system
  202. Masked anti-hate demonstrators show no love at Toronto rally
  203. TransMountain Pipeline already $1.9B over budget.
  204. When a plane was stolen, Seattle officials promptly told the public. That wouldn’t be the case in Canada, expert says
  205. Maxime Bernier slams Justin Trudeau for promoting ’ever more’ diversity
  206. Federal Immigration Minister REMOVED from task force on asylum seekers.
  207. ClamScam: Trudeau's #FAIL costs jobs
  208. Canadian soldiers won’t have to buy their own combat boots anymore
  209. Plan to outfit Canadian troops with U.S. uniforms a waste of $500M: top camouflage designer
  210. Canada to buy more used Australian fighter jets - number goes from 18 to 25
  211. Rising rents and cutthroat competition: Inside Ottawa's booming rental market
  212. Canada Adds Part-Time Jobs, Sheds Full-Time Ones
  213. Federal shipbuilding program poorly managed and lacks oversight, government adviser warns
  214. Kitchener- Waterloo area Libertarian Meeting
  215. Liberal flier
  216. Alberta minimum wage increase blamed for 25,700 service sector job loses in Calgary alone
  217. Trudeau Liberals to create a new holiday to remember "tragedy" of residential schools.
  218. Toronto Police Raise Alarm After Series Of Overdose Deaths
  219. GUNTER: NDP civil war between Notley and Singh a minor skirmish
  220. Tesla sues Ontario Government
  221. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid accused of giving award to purveyor of anti-Semitism
  222. Toronto councils legal battle against Doug Ford's downsizing "a hopeless case" - City solicitor (UPDATE post 91 - Appeals court issues stay. 25 ward election to proceed)
  223. Winnipeggers slam Bernier for tweet about city park named for Pakistani leader
  224. "Pocahontas" Warren wants to nationalize US comapnies
  225. Feds to allow charities to engage in political (but non-partisan) activity
  226. Turks burn American dollars
  227. Kofi Annan dead at 80
  228. Trudeau says 2019 Canada election is fight against polarization
  229. Why Alberta separatism is the dumbest political movement in Canada today
  230. Trudeau Holds Firm On Accusing Quebec Heckler Of Racist Commen
  231. Calgary MP loses appeal of House of Commons harassment investigation
  232. Historic high to number of Canadians, 49% say immigration level is too high: Angus Reid
  233. Premier Ford cancels Wynne Liberals planned increases to drivers licence, road test fees
  234. Philippines president questions whether Trudeau understands history, politics
  235. Ready to get mad? Mexican negotiator suggests there is no need for Canada to rejoin NAFTA talks
  236. Bernier leaving CPC to start his own party???
  237. Delete: Duplicate
  238. GUNTER: Bernier's self-centred move will give the Libs another mandate
  239. Justin Trudeau's TOP 10 Fails in the past year
  240. Bernier: Conservative MP's attacking me action typical of losers.
  241. A Reform Party originals thoughts on Maxime Bernier
  242. Scheer's speech to the CPC convention
  243. Top Conservative aide seen speaking to Rebel Media, who are banned from party convention
  244. EDITORIAL: Premier Ford, please, kill Drive Clean
  245. [Edit]: Justin Trudeau Quotes
  246. CPC Convention resolution: No guaranteed citizenship to babies born here if a parent isn't a citizen or permenant resident - passed.
  247. Roy Green: As coups go, Maxime Bernier’s is a collision between Hindenburg and Titanic
  248. Breaking: Trump announces U.S.-Mexico deal he says will replace NAFTA
  249. Justin from Canada Painted His Country Into a Lose/Lose Trade Corner – More Details of U.S-Mexico Deal…
  250. Privy Council "think tank" want Federal agencies to pay small business owners to hire immigrants and refugees