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  1. Quebec party leaders should sign joint NAFTA declaration: PQ leader
  2. Cheryl Gallant : Only read this if you've had enough of Trudeau
  3. 92 of 96 CPC MP's asked say they will not be joining Bernier.
  4. Kady O’Malley: As local riding associations rake in cash, which ones have the most money on hand?
  5. 'Just watch me:' Couillard echoes PET in defence of dairy industry
  6. Why is Canada helping Jordan when that country declines to support Canada?
  7. Liberals faced closed-door criticism over now-cancelled Super Hornet fighter plan: documents
  8. Evening Update: Trudeau says Canada won’t rush into bad NAFTA deal as talks continue
  9. Environment minister says provinces not on board with Liberal climate plan will forfeit share of fund
  10. Federal court revokes Trans Mountain certificate, all construction halted.
  11. OH SNAP! Notley to pull Alberta out of Trudeau's National Climate Plan over Trans Mountain
  12. Poll shows Trudeau’s Liberals would be wiped out west of Quebec
  13. Total of 61 Alberta private schools running afoul of gay-straight alliance law, minister says
  14. Where faith and beauty bloom: Inside Edmonton’s new Islamic-inspired garden
  15. Ottawa City Councillor recuses himself. OPP launches probe
  16. Where's Wynne?
  17. Trudeau names nine new parliamentary secretaries, removes four from roster
  18. Canada helped pay for program to stop public pooping in Ghana
  19. Develop free speech policies or face funding cuts, Ontario tells colleges
  20. Rex Murphy: How much more can Canadians ask Alberta to take?
  21. 'There is no justice in Canada' say ex-soldiers as Supreme Court declines benefits lawsuit
  22. a-major-recession-indicator-suggests-canada’s-economy-risks-hitting-‘brick-wall’
  23. Doug Ford breaks promise to kill Bala hydro plant, says it would cost ‘an absolute fortune’
  24. Liberals 40, Conservatives 32, NDP 16, Green 7: Nanos
  25. How to drive left wing liberals bat $#!t crazy
  26. Justin Trudeau finally gets the trade trouble he deserves-NY Post
  27. Trudeau official apology tour continues November 7th 2018 - Apology for Canada turning away ship carrying Jews in 1939.
  28. Controversial professor Rick Mehta fired from Acadia University
  29. Indians drop Chief Wahoo logo for Canada stop
  30. China Is Detaining Muslims in Vast Numbers. The Goal: ‘Transformation’
  31. Early federal election rumours build
  32. Jagmeet Singh digging himself a deep hole
  33. Trudeau won't address UN General Assembly this year, sources say
  34. An analysis of Toronto City Council constitutional ruling.
  35. 'Can we invest here?': Suncor CEO warns on confidence in Canada
  36. OMG please let this be true: Several lefty councillors in Toronto missed the deadline for registering as a candidate. Have nowhere to run in the upcoming election
  37. Rex Murphy: Relax. Trudeau is busily solving our most urgent energy crisis: Gender
  38. Liberal Dominic Leblanc found guilty of conflict of interest in awarding of lucrative fishing contract.
  39. TREB sends members cease-and-desist letters over publication of GTA sales data
  40. The Dalai Lama - Europe belongs Europeans. Refugees need to rebuild their homeland
  41. Canadians who smoke marijuana legally, or work or invest in the industry, will be barred from the U.S.: Customs and Border Protection official
  42. Correct the Merriam-Webster definitions of “Assault Rifle” & “Assault Weapon”.
  43. Kevin O’Leary: Now is not the time — why I can't support Maxime Bernier's new party
  44. Doug Ford is fighting the "Court Party"
  45. Trudeau Government Agreed to Pay $3.8 million in Bonuses to Kinder Morgan Execs for Terrible Pipeline Deal
  46. "Non partisan" bureaucrats protecting Trudeau, hiding true cost of Syrian refugees to taxpayers
  47. Bernier says his party is for real Conservatives. Then why is he openly wooing NDP supporters?
  48. Bill C-69 is Trudeau's bookend to his father's disastrous NEP
  49. Toronto-area Liberal MP Leona Alleslev crosses the floor to join Conservatives
  50. Trudeau Liberals leave $372M meant to help veterans unspent since taking office
  51. Canadian Air Force short 275 pilots as attrition outpaces recruitment, training
  52. Canadian man sentenced to prison in the U.S. for conspiring to send tech to Iran
  53. Canada’s Armed Forces, struggling to hit diversity goals, turns to new digital recruiting tools
  54. The Tar Sands Campaign: >400 Payments via Tides to 100 Organizations in Canada, USA & Europe
  55. we have a twleve year old negotiating trade deals: Freeland wears "Keep Clam and Negotiate NAFTA" T-Shirt
  56. Canadian dairy farmers say ‘enough is enough’ on NAFTA talks
  57. Ford government introduces legislation to kill Liberals Green Energy Act.
  58. Trudeau's Infrastructure Bank - The next Liberal Billion Dollar Boondoggle
  59. Wynne Liberals left behind a $15 billion deficit independent audit shows.
  60. Edmonton city council votes for sanctuary city status
  61. London mayoral candidate Tanya Park vows to bring back seniors’ bus passes
  62. Jordan Peterson and Maxime Bernier?
  63. Gee, great choice for Governor General there Justin - Failure to launch: Inside Julie Payette's turbulent first year as Governor General
  64. Coalition Avenir Québec SPAM
  65. Canada faces steep odds in battle to join UN Security Council
  66. Bill Blair thinks the "overwhelming majority" of illegal border crossers have left Canada.
  67. New Brunswick Tories win most seats, but Liberals will try to stay in power
  68. Doug Ford accuses Kathleen Wynne of fraud, coverup and getting rich off taxpayers
  69. Romeo Saganash Calls Out Justin Trudeau Again
  70. John Ivison: For a child killer like Terri-Lynne McClintic, there is only retribution
  71. Trudeau's become more of a joke on the world stage
  72. What if Donald Trump has a point with Chrystia Freeland?
  73. RCMP's first female commissioner one of Trudeau's 2 new picks for Senate
  74. Doug Ford announces end to Drive Clean program for family vehicles.
  75. Trudeau Sought Support From Mexico’s President on Nafta
  76. Is Kavanaugh innocent?
  77. It’s heating up for Ottawa Police Service board chair and union president
  78. Looks like CAQ scored huge majority government in Quebec vote tonight
  79. 'Astonishing' clause in new USMCA deal suggests Trump wants leverage over Canada-China trade talks: experts
  80. John Ivison: Trudeau's claim of victory in trade deal is hollow - Canada was played
  81. FACTS: Massive LNG Canada Project Was Approved Under Harper, Not Trudeau
  82. With its new trade deal, Canada surrenders sovereignty to a bully: Neil Macdonald
  83. Expect nasty federal campaign, Trudeau says
  84. Liberals considering "gifting" Trans Mountain pipeline to "natives".
  85. Manitoba drops plans for carbon tax, says feds not respecting provinces.
  86. LILLEY: Trudeau bails on vote to denounce child killer
  87. First Nations fury over child killer McClintic: 'We have children in our community'
  88. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh loses chief of staff for ‘personal reasons’
  89. 'It was very offensive': Father shocked by assignment asking students to classify extreme views
  90. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau officially names first Arctic and offshore patrol ship
  91. Supply management
  92. Kavanaugh floor vote
  93. The future is populist in this age of disruption, Stephen Harper says in new book
  94. Vote Compass launches for Toronto's 2018 municipal election
  95. Kremlin preparing to welcome Kim Jong Un to Russia
  96. Canadian member of Islamic State caught, but it’s unclear what charges he might face
  97. West Nova MP Colin Fraser won't reoffer for next federal election
  98. the polygraph results from Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations against Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.
  99. Bill C-76 Dear Leader Trying to stack the deck....
  100. Opposition leader Scheer meets India's Modi
  101. CARP seniors votes
  102. Trudeau Blames His Voters For The Carbon Tax
  103. The ‘Trudeau Effect’ dragging down Canada’s stock markets just got much, much worse
  104. Supreme Court rules Feds under no obligation to consult with First Nations before drafting laws.
  105. Why Canada’s Trudeau Had to Sign a Trade Deal with the U.S.
  106. Trudeau says Quebec plan to make cannabis legal at 21 leaves opening for organized crime
  107. Lawyers in vice-admiral Mark Norman case take aim at Liberal minister, court documents reveal
  108. Trudeau's perceived inconsistencies.
  109. Stephen Harper speaks
  110. Attack ads
  111. Highly Respected Expert Requests RCMP Investigate Trudeau Government For Potential Funding Of Terrorism With Taxpayer Dollars
  112. Scheer and CPC lead Trudeau with voters: Poll
  113. Climate Barbie unwittingly admits carbon tax is all about government revenue, not reducing carbon emissions.
  114. Scheer CPC headed for majority: Forum Poll
  115. Pot stocks slide on first day of legalization
  116. Winnipeg police issue first driving and toking ticket one hour after cannabis legalization.
  117. Trudeau changes tune on Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, refuses to comment on documents
  118. Canadians considering Justin Trudeau costume for Halloween this year
  119. Father of 'Jihadi Jack' accuses Andrew Scheer of lying about his son
  120. RCMP was pressured to keep attempted extradition of B.C. honour killing suspects a secret
  121. Cannabis legalization could result in more car crashes: reports
  122. Scheer planning to lose votes
  123. Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go.
  124. Justin Trudeau’s speech empties out a small gym in Saskatoon
  125. Dart Insight poll: CPC 38% - Libs 30%
  126. 'She's way out of her league': Steel exec slams Freeland's handling of tariff fight
  127. Trump Official Called Trudeau ‘That Little Punk Kid Running Canada’
  128. Have you purchased recreational cannabis since it became legal?
  129. Stroke in marijuana users linked to arterial stenosis
  130. Workers tied up during armed attack on legal cannabis grow-op
  131. How many government workers does it take to buy a TV? About 39 public servants and 300 emails
  132. Design by British firm BAE picked for Canada’s $60B warship replacement program
  133. Ottawa's annual spending breaches $300B for first time, pushing up Canada’s debt ratio
  134. Study aims to diversify Canada’s Armed Forces
  135. Crew told not to rein in drunk, abusive VIP guests on Canadian military ‘party flight,’ probe finds
  136. SCHEER: An open letter to Canadians on why we need change
  137. 365 days to go — and Trudeau's Liberals have the edge on the 2019 election
  138. Conrad Black: Nothing Faith Goldy has done warrants this assault on her campaign
  139. Trudeau Liberal government writes off $1.1B US loan to Chrysler, plus interest, docs show
  140. Trudeau to unveil carbon tax plan Tuesday for provinces that don't comply
  141. Toronto police have shut down 11 unlicensed pot shops since legalization
  142. Ontario PC bill to permanently remove benefits from convicted ISIS fighters ‘unconstitutional’, say experts
  143. Andrew Scheer on how Canada would be different if he were prime minister
  144. Ottawa to run bigger-than-expected deficits over coming years: budget watchdog
  145. Cancelling Saudi Arabia arms deal would cost $1 billion: Trudeau
  146. Federal carbon tax rebates will exceed the cost for most people affected
  147. Opioid crisis may be decreasing life expectancy for Canadians: report
  148. Straight Pride flag puts shameful persistence of homophobia on display
  149. As USMCA details emerge, more Canadians don't like what they're seeing.
  150. N.L. activist receives one of Canada's first gender-neutral passports
  151. Household debt will pose major risk to Canada’s economy for next three years, economists warn
  152. The numbers are in — Canada's border crossers keep on coming
  153. Canada’s civil service has forgotten it's supposed to serve 'us'
  154. Ontarians Could Be Waiting Weeks For Legal Weed
  155. Kevin Libin: Trudeau’s carbon plan is so much worse than just a tax
  156. Manufacturers, small businesses slam Liberal carbon tax rebate, warn of second tax fight
  157. Someone just asked me “What did trudeau and the libs do that’s so bad?”
  158. Thought just occured to me about Junior's carbon tax......
  159. The world of easy money transformed Canada into debt nation. That world is coming to an end
  160. The Liberals must overhaul taxes—or Canada's in trouble
  161. Canada Post
  162. Ford government to bring in mandatory math testing FOR TEACHERS.
  163. http://liberaldebt.ca/
  164. Remember last year Catherine McKenna tweeted praise on Syria for signing the Paris Accord, then claimed it was an accident and blamed her staff?
  165. Is neoliberalism destroying the world?
  166. trudeau-carbon-tax-a-plague-on-overtaxed-canadians?
  167. Nolte: NBC News Hid Information that Would Have Cleared Kavanaugh of Avenatti Rape Allegations
  168. Conservatives preparing to battle with reporters as they go ‘for the jugular’ in the 2019 federal election campaign
  169. Liberals pitch new rules on payments for surrogates, sperm donors
  170. Dead or not dead? Scheer compares Trans Mountain under Trudeau to Monty Python
  171. Justin Trudeau Says Immigrants Are More Canadian Than Natives
  172. Mark Norman - Show him your support and send a message to Ottawa.
  173. Charlie Angus To Liberals: Tell Saudi Crown Prince 'We Don't Apologize To Tyrants'
  174. NDP fumes as Trudeau calls byelection in Ontario, but not B.C.
  175. NPC Meme
  176. Canada IS Big Brother
  177. Trudeau government to spend $5.5 million to create Election Debate Commissioner position.
  178. StatCan scooped up 15 years of personal financial data from Canadian credit bureau
  179. Former governor general Adrienne Clarkson still bills more than $100,000 a year in expenses
  180. Opposition parties 'like to shout' at 'respectful' Liberals, Trudeau tells students
  181. Political Party fundraising 3rd quarter 2018
  182. New Brunswick's Liberal government falls after throne speech defeated
  183. One-quarter of Ottawa’s homeless are refugees and immigrants, survey suggests
  184. 'It's okay to be white' signs posted around Halifax
  185. This Liberal MP hasn’t been seen on Parliament Hill since September — his colleagues aren’t sure why
  186. Scheer names former Quebec town mayor to face Maxime Bernier in Beauce riding in 2019
  187. Democrats on track to take House - but Senate might be out of reach
  188. Bernier getting riding officials in his new party to sign 'no embarrassment' pledge
  189. Trade deal anger puts Liberal in tough spot
  190. Free Flags from the Gov't!
  191. Liberals unveil new anti-poverty law with targets to reduce poverty rates in Canada
  192. Conservative MP Tony Clement resigns Commons duties over sexting scandal (Update post #21)
  193. President Trump fired AG Jeff Sessions. Replaces him with Meuller critic.
  194. Bombardier cutting 5,000 jobs, selling Q Series aircraft
  195. Conrad Black: Trudeau's high-tax, high-deficit, low-growth plan is doomed
  196. In 2017, Canada's CO2 emissions increased under Climate Hero Trudeau.
  197. BC NDP's parliamentary secretary for Poverty Reduction took a $19 a week food budget challange, and billed taxpayers $61 a day for meals
  198. Alleged white supremacist kicked out of UCP joined Bernier's People's Party
  199. Public not allowed to attend new Trans Mountain hearings
  200. Tanzania's anti-homosexuality purge is making Ottawa anxious
  201. Liberals planning national tourism strategy as part of election-year economic pitch
  202. GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's high horse a nag
  203. LEVY: Feds never really had a plan for irregular migrants
  204. PM warns of politicians misusing social media
  205. CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta
  206. Ontario PCs to increase number of seats needed for official party status
  207. TRANSPARENCY: Ford Government To Show Taxpayers How Much Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Takes Away From Them
  208. Catherine McKenna joins communist Chinese environment council
  209. Canadian war vet denied access to N.S. veterans hospital
  210. Shocking enviro news...
  211. Kevin O'Leary suing Elections Canada over fundraising limits
  212. Petition aims to have Rex Murphy uninvited from Yukon Geoscience Forum
  213. Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic assault.
  214. Rideau Cottage - Oh Sophie where art thou?
  215. The Trudeau family history you didn't know: 'Singaporean blood'
  216. Nenshi slams provincial, federal officials for handling of Olympic file
  217. 50,000-strong climate march in Montreal targets Legault government
  218. French protests sparked by gas tax leads to one death and over 200 injured
  219. Canada facing election meddling: Sajjan
  220. Military has no documents about fighter jet 'capability gap,' a claim used to justify aircraft purchase
  221. Opinion polling in the 43rd Canadian federal election
  222. Mainstreet Research: If the election were held today, Maxime Bernier woul LOSE his riding
  223. Ben Shapiro Sunday Special Ep 28: Stephen Harper
  224. StatsCan made $113 million selling data to businesses
  225. Photo shows accused murder, gang leader eating steak and lobster, talking on iPhone in Toronto jail.
  226. Kinsella: How Andrew Scheer can win the next election. You’re welcome.
  228. ‘What kind of PM would condone this?’ NDP calls for ethics probe into absent Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio
  229. Free speech in Canada died today
  230. Liberal MP resigned this week for gambling problem
  231. A federal agency, created to fight poverty, spent $500,000 on a name, logo and branding
  232. Canadian environment ministers aim to cut garbage output by half by 2040
  233. Ottawa City Councillor charged with corruption
  234. Controversial anti-Trudeau hoodies draw attention from demonstrators and RCMP
  235. Feds pay Facebook $40,000 to run an ad on the proper way to cook chicken nuggets.
  236. Fall economic statement confirms Trudeau government committed to deficits of choice, not necessity
  237. Canada Post union threatening members if they accept overtime during strikes
  238. Seven candidates in Saguenay byelection
  239. Green Leader Elizabeth May is engaged to B.C. man
  240. The Liberals need to offer some government for the people
  241. The ex cops, politicians and friends of Bill Blair cashing in on legal weed
  242. LOL. Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking event bombs in Toronto.
  243. Alberta considers cutting oil production, announcement coming in days: Notley
  244. Parliamentary Budget Officer report: Every illegal border crosser cost the federal government over $14,300.
  245. Does Kanada have the Cojone’s......
  246. George H. W. Bush dead at 94
  247. Byelection preview: Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes
  248. Just a heads up, Monday may be a bad day for Justin Trudeau.
  249. Liberals claim they can't release documents to Vice-Admiral Norman's defence team because they're from Harper government.
  250. Liberal gov't making little progress on backlogged veterans' disability claims