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  1. Conservatives Crush Liberals In By-Election
  2. Justin Trudeau’s Donation Of $50M For Global Citizen Event Met With Criticism On Twitter
  3. Rex Murphy: Trudeau bro-tweets to his celebrity friends and charges us $50M for it
  4. Climate Barbie's office spent $17,000 on photographers in November.
  5. Trudeau braces for first ministers meeting, shaping up to be the most acrimonious in years
  6. John Ivison: Any unity at First Ministers' Meeting will come in opposition to Trudeau
  7. Pulling 'Baby It's Cold Outside' is puritanical and absurd
  8. 1962 was a low for the homicide rate, why?(discussion)
  9. Agnieszka Holland: 'Maybe freedom is overrated?'
  10. Immigration minister defends UN migration pact, says it will allow Canada to work with other countries
  11. Lawrence Solomon: If Alberta turns separatist, the Rest of Canada is in big trouble
  12. If the east energy pipeline is already mostly built
  13. Trudeau's neglect of the nation has led us to this place
  14. Alberta yellow vest protests lack violence seen in Paris, but anti-immigration anger simmers
  15. 'If I ran for mayor would you vote for me?'
  16. It's Time For Canada To Truly Open Its Borders
  17. Quebec to receive $1.4-billion equalization boost while oil-producing provinces face deficits
  18. Elon Musk says Tesla may consider buying idle General Motors plants
  19. Trudeaumania in Downtown Kemptville
  20. Quebec gets $1.4 BILLION BOOST to eqaulization payments.
  21. Rex Murphy at Manning Conference
  22. Trudeau's new "Independant" senators - One a failed Liberal Premier in the Yukon, one a failed Liberal Party of Canada candidate from 2011.
  23. The Most Outrageous Ways The Canadian Government Is Spending Our Money
  24. Canadian deficit could reach $30 billion per year; Parliamentary Budget Office
  25. Canadian veteran loses leg, nine-month-old son, now in legal battle Trudeau government
  26. Immigration officials let “honest” illegal migrant with extensive criminal history into Canada
  27. Syrian refugees set to receive Canadian citizenship
  28. Violent act of terrorism could occur in Canada
  29. Vancouver police investigating after six-year-old girl sexually assaulted near school
  30. Quebec bus driver allegedly attacked Ottawa man, got angry that he couldn’t speak French
  31. First Saudi Arabia, now China — Canada has a new foe, and its southern ally isn’t helping
  32. Six key issues Canadians care about that the Trudeau government is ignoring
  33. Luck is nearly impossible to beat, and Justin Trudeau's has no end
  34. PM to cement Senate reforms in statute
  35. Trudeau cancels NATO Air Force exercises in Alberta : RebelMedia
  36. Increased push for free movement between Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand
  37. Just when you thought Elections Canada was non-partisan
  38. Crossing the border illegally into Canada was the only option left for me
  39. Freeland tops cabinet minister ratings
  40. 'I hope they can hear us in Ottawa': 1,500 attend Alberta oilpatch rally
  41. Trudeau's new adviser to make $1,250 to $1,470 PER DAY.
  42. Senate Seats: Quebec, Alberta, BC, New Brunswick
  43. Trudeau answers heated question about pipeline approval
  44. Did Climate Barbie just admit she isn't working in Canada's best interests?
  45. Member Of Trudeau Youth Council Resigns After Trudeau Demonized Canadian Construction Workers
  46. Trudeau's approval plummets as just 27% see him as best choice fo PM: Angus Reid poll.
  47. They WILL hear this in Ottawa
  48. Trudeau has lost his f--king mind - 2019 will be a clear choice between Liberal positiveness and Conserative divisivness
  49. Trudeau has a Christmas present for us!
  50. Philip Cross: StatCan just exposed how worthless ‘green’ industries are to Canada’s economy
  51. Merry Christmas You'All Bunch of Miserable Sods!
  52. Senior woman manhandled by Trudeau’s security guards files lawsuit claiming $95K in compensation
  53. Cheryl Gallant: Has Trudeau rigged the next election?
  54. Finance Department projects federal deficits until 2040
  55. CP NewsAlert: Edmonton judge denies Omar Khadr eased bail conditions
  56. StatsCan planning to ask gender questions in 'pilot' census — and answering is mandatory
  57. New loonie to commemorate end of laws against homosexuality
  58. Trudeau turns Christmas message into partisan Liberal Party ad citing his governments "accomplishments"
  59. Trudeau Blames Trump For Canada’s Illegal Immigrant Crisis
  60. Socialist policies always lead to corruption
  62. Islamic Party of Ontario
  63. Trudeau statue set for Parliament Hill
  64. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Christmas message
  65. Quebecers criticize western oil but buy more gasoline, SUVs: report
  66. BC votes to keep First Past The Post
  67. Quebecers accustomed to Western oil and pipelines
  68. Liberals pick daycare operator to battle NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in Burnaby South byelection
  69. Legal weed a boon for black market cannabis
  70. Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought To You By The FBI
  71. Western Canada crowdfunds 700 truck convoy from Alberta to Ottawa in protest of Justin Trudeau
  72. Leaked Louis C.K comedy bit about Parkland shooting angers.
  73. Kevin Vickers considering run for New Brunswick Liberal leadership
  74. Trudeau continues to stack the deck in his favour. Law allows 2.8 million Canadian ex-pats to vote in 2019
  75. Numbers are in. Trudeau's infrastructure plan is largely useless.
  76. Justin Trudeau’s Christmas video has over ten times more dislikes than likes
  77. Brian Pincott, former Calgary councillor, steps down as NDP candidate, citing mental health concerns
  78. Andrew Scheer - This bailout is unacceptable
  79. Harper's dissatisfied public servant more myth than reality, new research shows
  80. Phoenix: The biggest scandal people have stopped talking about
  81. Snow flakes the army needs you!
  82. A taxpayer-funded helipad for PM's cottage?
  83. How dumb are the politicians who want to remove your right to self-defense?
  84. Approval for Trudeau’s performance about the same as it was for Harper’s in 2014, survey shows
  85. Trudeau government cuts $1.8 billion in pension funding to disabled Canadian veterans
  86. Calgary MLA Stephanie McLean resigns Calgary MLA Stephanie McLean resigns
  87. Trudeau’s Paris climate deal to cost billions.
  88. The Islamic Party of Ontario Might as Well Read (It's Either The Islamic Way or The Wrong Way)
  89. Trudeau breaks the rules yet again - Films Liberal fundraising ad in his Parliament Hill office
  90. Radio-Canada parody mocking Trudeau’s India trip blasted as racist, ‘completely disrespectful’
  91. Auditor general investigating city contract to house homeless families, councillor says
  93. Killing Canada
  94. Electric-car sales soaring but Canada still nowhere near goal set in 2009
  95. ‘A day of reckoning is coming for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government’: CIBC
  96. Liberals around the world are struggling to define themselves
  97. More people are going broke in Canada as interest rates rise
  98. Oil-price rout doubles Canada’s trade deficit to $2.1B in November
  99. Disappointment emerges as Canada's Mali mission nears halfway mark
  100. Open border policies just don't work, despite Trudeau's denials
  101. Canada can afford new fighters or new frigates — but not both at once: report
  102. Littel Jerry Dias of UNIFOR went to Detroit to save Oshawa GM. As expected, he failed.
  104. Breaking: Scott Brison resigns from Trudeau cabinet. Won't seek re-election.
  105. LOL. 12 weeks after legalization Cannabis New Brunswick lays off 60 employees
  106. StatsCan: Leagl weed 49% more expensive than black market weed
  107. Stephen Harper says ‘a smart Canadian PM’ finds a way to get along with Trump
  108. Metrolinx removes a electric car charging stations citing lack of demand and high cost
  109. Now Even The Media Is Calling Andrew Scheer A Clown
  110. New Alcohol Powers + Justin Trudeau Answers Questions Pushing Trump Off Cliff...
  111. Pro Pipeliner Destroys Trudeau
  112. Canada will grant asylum to Saudi woman fleeing alleged abuse: Trudeau
  113. Convoys of pipeline protesters slow traffic on Ontario's busiest highway
  114. Ottawa looks for new ways to tax dormant accounts
  115. Venezuela's opposition leader 'detained'
  116. A man 'cannot do that to a woman': Why polygamy in Canadian Muslim community could be another #MeToo moment
  117. FCP Calgary rally
  118. Trudeau is the Captain of a Sinking Ship
  119. In the Trudeau government, what’s a cabinet shuffle for?
  120. Tom Mulcair Calls Jagmeet Singh's Response To China Spat Question ‘Shocking’
  121. ‘Albertans are furious’ at state of province and Canada: Former Wildrose leader Brian Jean
  122. Trudeau should consider buying GM and making electric cars
  123. Climate change to cause more damage to Canada’s northern roads than previously feared: study
  124. PELOSI GROUNDED! House Speaker Finds Out En Route to Airport That Flight is Canceled
  127. Analyzing The Media Narrative of The Danforth Shooting
  128. PRAGER: The Left, The Wall, The Truth
  129. Doug Casey On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Evil On A Basic Level"
  130. Roxham Road residents near Canada-U.S. border to be paid for asylum seeker disruption
  131. Canada pushes back as U.S. Congressman flags threats along 'totally wide open' northern border
  132. Keep it positive in a campaign year, Trudeau tells MPs while attacking Tories
  133. Jody Wilson-Raybould on her exit as justice minister
  134. Canada’s most polarized voters really, really hate Trudeau
  135. This is what’s wrong with Canada’s Left
  136. Canada’s economy may soon endure something it hasn’t faced in 68 years, according to BCA
  137. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson pressures feds to help 'vulnerable' emergency housing system
  138. Canada's ambassador to China says Meng has strong defence to fight extradition
  139. Why PM Justin Trudeau is feeling the wrath of Alberta, just as his father did
  140. Want to learn whose Indigenous land you're on? There's an app for that
  141. Navy seeks to extend lives of Canada’s four submarines into the 2030s
  142. Soaring demand for $100 bills; Canada’s money laundering problem
  143. Andrew Coyne: Shameless bidding war for Quebec votes is only going to get worse
  144. Hussen lashes out at Conservatives' 'half-baked' border plan
  145. CBSA charges woman with taking money to help refugees into Canada
  146. Justin Trudeau Says Canadians Should Be Wary Of 'Fear-Mongering' About Immigration During 2019 Election
  147. Eugene, Oregon
  148. Ryerson Students' Union under pressure to explain 'baffling' $250K credit card bill
  149. A compilation of our PM Justin Trudeau's dumbest moments.
  150. Former Liberal Raj Grewal says he's staying on as MP following gambling debt admission
  151. McCallum fired as ambassador to China.
  152. BOMBSHELL REPORT: San Francisco-Based Group Linked To U.S. Billionaires Caught Trying To Hide Strategy To “Land-Lock” Canadian Oil & Influence Our Elections
  153. China's facial precrime recognition
  154. More Indoctrination: BC MoE introduces Social Justice 12 Course.
  155. Manitoba Mayor apologizes for graphic description of what he’d like to do to Trudeau.
  156. Liberals refuse to reveal details of six-figure fundraiser for MP with millions in gambling debts
  157. PBO: Liberals may have overpaid for Trans Mountain by up to $1 Billion
  158. Work to start on first phase of CH-146 Griffon upgrade and life extension
  159. Canada's Air Force: Destined to Become Old an Obsolete?
  160. Amid cries of 'traitor,' Canada's Trudeau set for ugly election
  161. If you close your eyes and plug your ears, there's nothing shady about the Raj Grewal affair: Robyn Urback
  162. Maxime Bernier on the Rubin Report
  163. Trudeau’s Taskforce To Secure Your Smartphone
  164. The Conservative connection that could be critical to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman's case
  165. Maxime Bernier is the difference between a CPC win and loss - recent poll
  166. Raj Grewal for finance minister!
  167. A new regional political party in Western Canada would be popular with voters, poll finds
  168. Controversial Grewal fundraiser earned almost $300,000, MP claims in new statement
  169. Why You Can't Argue with a Leftist
  170. Lawrence Solomon: Why Trump’s State of the Union speech will ruin Trudeau’s night
  171. Why Has The Trudeau Government Treated Omar Khadr Better Than Vice-Admiral Mark Norman?
  172. Trudeau Silent as Trump Bans Canada from US infrastructure projects
  173. Omar Khadr tries new way to get out from under 'indefinite' sentence and bail
  174. Liberal plan to keep CF-18s flying until 2032 could cost an extra $1.5 billion: report
  175. Ottawa LRT inspections reveal drainage system gaffes, concrete-filled sewer
  176. Ottawa police budget proposes $18-million increase — with some creative accounting
  177. DND deputy minister also attended RCMP briefings on Mark Norman case — and also took no notes
  178. Ghost immigrants: Paying for Canadian citizenship - The Fifth Estate
  179. Bernier's top advisor (and PPC spokesman) Defends Nazi Sympathizers, Promotes Conspiracy Theories: B'nai Brith Canada
  180. PMO pressed Wilson-Raybould to abandon prosecution of SNC-Lavalin
  181. Trudeau: Conservatives don't understand tax breaks don't help low income Canadians because those people don't pay taxes.
  182. The SNC story is bad. It may be about to get worse for Justin Trudeau.
  183. Buts to run for Cape Breton riding?
  184. Federal public prosecutor asks court to strike SNC-Lavalin plea for deal
  185. PMO admits discussing SNC case with Wilson-Raybould, but, you know, nothing to see here.
  186. Liberals begin character assassination of Jody Wilson-Raybould
  187. Liberals to block opposition attempt to get SNC scandal to committee.
  188. Saskatchewan, Ottawa carbon tax case 'monumental' for Constitution: expert
  189. Andrew Scheer: Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canadians
  190. Liberal MP's beginning to go public with their anger over JWR's treatment/SNC allegations.
  191. Worst consumer spending in a decade might give Bank of Canada pause on rates
  192. New accusations of political interference surface against the PMO in trial of a suspended Vice-Admiral
  193. Trudeau says new Liberal candidate will win Burnaby South, the riding where Jagmeet Singh seeks seat
  194. If you were a big company
  195. Trudeau says he discussed SNC case with Wilson-Raybould
  196. Wilson-Raybould resigns from Trudeau cabinet in wake of SNC-Lavalin claims
  197. Canada's forests, once huge help on greenhouse gases, now contribute to climate change
  198. Budget Office rejects Bill Morneau’s suggestion to alter report that shows govt overspent by $1B
  199. Anyone watching Turdeau answer questions on JWR's resignation?
  200. Butts is spilling his guts to avoid jail
  201. TORONTO STAR EDITORIAL!!! - The damage already done by Jody Wilson-Raybould’s resignation
  202. Francophone pundits on Jody Wilson-Raybould and SNC-Lavalin
  203. Federal government official at centre of Mark Norman case charged for allegedly leaking information
  204. John Ivison: Justice committee becomes a farce not seen since Liberal sponsorship scandal
  205. Former Attorney General says by commenting publicly on the SNC scandal, Trudeau has waived his solicitor-client privilege
  206. Trudeau moves to shore up Liberal caucus support as SNC-Lavalin controversy continues
  207. Woman found guilty of terror charges sentenced to 7 years in prison
  208. Liberal MP says Wilson-Raybould might have lost justice post because she doesn’t speak French
  209. Uh-oh Justin..............
  210. Mean while at the CBC
  211. Quebec premier wants Ottawa to ‘settle’ with SNC-Lavalin so firm avoids trial
  212. Ryerson Student Union president impeached after allegations of financial mismanagement
  213. Jody Wilson-Raybould: Three ways this could be a problem for Trudeau
  214. Crown appeals privileges for Toronto military centre stabber
  215. The smell of Liberal Hypocrisy
  216. Trudeau now admits Wilson-Raybould challanged him on SNC
  217. Conservatives vault ahead of Liberals in new poll: Campaign Research
  218. Is Trudeau’s management style the problem in the SNC-Lavalin case, or is the nature of modern politics to blame? Readers discuss
  219. 'Just the worst': Gym teacher investigated for insulting Trudeau
  220. Quebec premier wants feds to 'settle' with SNC-Lavalin so firm avoids trial
  221. MacDougall: Why Justin Trudeau will not sacrifice his PMO come hell or SNC-Lavalin
  222. Wilson-Raybould resignation stokes anger, frustration within veterans community
  223. Conflicting news: Buffet buys suncor, Alberta govt doubles down on solar
  224. Whats Wrong With People
  225. Former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell being investigated over allegation of sexual assault
  226. ‘We need to hear from the attorney general herself’: Navdeep Bains on SNC-Lavalin affair
  227. Austria, how Hitler rose...
  228. Scheer urges senators to investigate SNC-Lavalin affair
  229. Canadian Press NewsAlert: Trudeau's principal secretary, Gerald Butts, resigns
  230. Wild rumors of the day - JWR to lead the NDP? Cabinet wanting a confidence vote in Trudeau's leadership?
  231. Gerald Butts resigns
  232. Another juicy rumour of SNC fallout......
  233. Why does Trudeau desperately want to save SNC-Lavalin?
  234. Truck convoy set to snarl traffic in Ottawa Tuesday
  235. Instead of protecting Trudeau, Butts put him in grave danger
  236. 'They know an accusation is coming'
  237. Hits Keeps Coming: Sajjan Photographs cost $161,000
  238. Ipsos: Trudeau Liberal drop 4 points since December 2018
  239. One term Liberal MP T.J Harvey announces he won't seek re-election
  240. Rumours out of Ottawa, Dominic LeBlanc won't seek re-election.
  241. Trudeau government leaks support in wake of SNC-Lavalin, Wilson-Raybould matter: Ipsos poll
  242. LOL. Pollster Nick Nanos ever the good little Liberal soldier
  243. Liberal games continue at Justice committee.....
  244. Jody Wilson-Raybould says 'I am a Liberal member of Parliament' as SNC-Lavalin affair continues
  245. British ISIS bride is stripped of citizenship
  246. katie telford resignation letter
  247. Did Liberals purchase Trans Mountain Pipeline because Wilson Raybould refused to offer BMO deferred prosecution agreement on US fraud charges? Looks like it.
  248. Fraud and bribery case thrown out against former SNC-Lavalin executive Stéphane Roy
  249. Federal Liberals - who's quitting
  250. Wilson-Raybould to testify at justice committee — but Liberals block move for PMO staff to appear