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  1. Self defense a crime precedent
  2. Trudeau spoke to Wilson-Raybould after prosecutors refused SNC-Lavalin deal – The Globe and Mail
  3. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh proposes new housing measures
  4. U.S. based Devon Energy says it intends to exit Canadian oilsands sector
  5. Liberals defeat opposition call for public inquiry into SNC-Lavalin, as Wilson-Raybould abstains
  6. Wilson-Raybould told cabinet the PMO tried to pressure her to go easy on SNC. Directly implicates Gerry Butts.
  7. Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu's speech on Bill S-6
  8. Trump bars ISIS bride
  9. Top Trudeau adviser Telford targeted in ex-Israel envoy’s lawsuit
  10. 'Somebody is going to be shot': Top bureaucrat says partisan mudslinging has gone too far
  11. Power in Politics
  12. Top bureaucrat says Trudeau, staff pressed Wilson-Raybould on SNC-Lavalin settlement
  13. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh under pressure after widely panned TV interview
  14. Some disabled veterans to receive less Some disabled veterans to receive less financial support under new pension planfinancial support under new pension plan
  15. SNC-Lavalin slashes dividend by 65%, repots $1.6B fourth-quarter loss
  16. Uh-oh Trudeau - Mark Norman's defence team hits Trudeau, Butts with subpoenas
  17. Mean while over at CTV,, breaking news
  18. Wilson-Raybould sought to limit PMO involvement in judicial appointments – The Globe and Mail
  19. 'Can I wear makeup in uniform?': Top Canadian soldier rebukes military recruiting ad on social media
  20. Canadian Army credits Liberals for TAPV instead of Conservatives - new roles for vehicle added
  21. The Orange Wave's last stand? Outremont byelection a critical test for NDP in Quebec
  22. ANALYSIS: An absurd, fascinating, partisan and remarkably helpful tale on Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin
  23. SNC-Lavalin CEO says company plans to vigorously defend itself as political scandal unfolds
  24. Good News Fairy takes the weekend off
  25. Canada renews call to allow aid into Venezuela, stands ‘in solidarity’ with people
  26. Kent Hehr accusers willing to forego privacy to see full conduct report
  27. Doug Fords's PC's out fundraising Horwath NDP and Ont. Liberals combined at 10 to 1 rate so far in 2019
  28. How many times did Jody Wilson-Raybould need to say ‘No’?
  29. How Monday's byelections preview the key themes of this fall's federal election
  30. Liberal chair of finance committee tries to pull Conservative MP’s mic so he can’t talk about SNC-Lavalin
  31. Two more senior army officers in Ontario have been removed from their jobs, bringing the total of those forced to relinquish command of their units to five in the past year.
  32. A glimpse at Justin Trudeau’s Antipathy toward animals and people who fight for them.
  33. Federal Polling - CBC Poll Tracker
  34. Ottawa’s review of Integrity Regime rules opens door for SNC-Lavalin
  35. Trudeau government clears Wilson-Raybould to give details to Commons committee on SNC-Lavalin
  36. REX
  37. NDP's Jagmeet Singh elected MP in Burnaby South byelection
  38. PMO ordered review that spawned measures which could help SNC-Lavalin: memo
  39. Two new polls today - Angus Reid and Nanos
  40. Wilson-Raybould raises concerns over SNC testimony
  41. Liberals screwing with JWR's committee appearance.
  42. Like I said....wait for it ..Now Philpott
  43. SNC paid for prostitutes, partying while Gadhafi’s son visited Canada
  44. Trudeau's reaction to Wilson-Rayboulds testimony......
  45. Well Worth Watching
  46. Gerry Butts requests an appearance before the Justice Committee
  47. Christie Blatchford: Today sounded and felt like a death knell for the Liberal government
  48. How Quebec is reacting to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s bombshell: ‘Nobody is a friend of Trudeau’
  49. Yahoo poll - should Trudeau resign ?
  50. Trudeau : ‘Canada is going to the moon,’
  51. Trudeau to shuffle cabinet Friday.
  52. Media roundup this morning after Wilson-Rayboulds testimony yesterday
  53. Five former attorneys general (attorney generals?) send letter to RCMP commish asking for SNC investigation
  54. The Harper government passed a measure 13 years ago to catch Liberal scandals. It worked perfectly
  55. Prime Minister's Office Directs the News...
  56. “I'm kind of disappointed”: Even Torontonians are souring on Justin Trudeau
  57. Justin Trudeau’s disgrace is like watching a unicorn get run over
  58. Rex Murphy: The Trudeau virtuecrats come tumbling down
  59. Justin Trudeau’s horrible, no good, very bad week just got worse
  60. MacAulay says reassignment to veterans post 'a long place from a demotion' Social Sharing
  61. The Globe canvassed all Liberal MPs on SNC, here are their responses
  62. 5 Key Quotes
  63. Stephen LeDrew discusses the aftermath of Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony and the state of the PMO
  64. FUREY: Get ready for one of the most desperate spin attempts you’ve ever seen
  65. Controversial judge wrongly accused OPP officer of 'non-conscious racism'
  66. Trudeau government denies secret plan to bring Jihadi Jack to Canada
  67. The Rebal and of course what else SNC
  68. MMF leader sides with Trudeau over Wilson-Raybould
  69. Justin Trudeau’s disgrace is like watching a unicorn get run over
  70. It would be immoral for Canada to leave its ISIS members in Syria
  71. Is this political correct
  72. Scheer blasts Liberals’ ‘alternative facts’ on SNC-Lavali
  73. On SNC Lavalin affair, the Liberals have thrown away their credibility
  74. Well it's Saturday Night and the GF is working so I'm unsupervised
  75. Jody Wilson-Raybould says she's seeking re-election
  76. TAGHVA: Justin Trudeau must resign for the good of the nation
  77. Quebec to receive $1.4-billion equalization boost while oil-producing provinces face deficits
  78. OK you caught me asleep at the wheel
  79. What will Butts say?
  80. Prime Minister speaks at Liberal fundraising event in P.E.I.
  81. Conservatives nominate candidate to challenge MP Kent Hehr in Calgary Centre
  82. MacLean's: Justin Trudeau, imposter
  83. Former hospital manager who took $10 million bribe to favour SNC Lavalin bid sentenced to 39 months in prison
  84. Jane Philpott Resigns From Cabinet
  85. What you may not know about David Lametti
  86. Trudeau 'very concerned' as China accuses detained Canadians of stealing state secrets
  87. Government Out of Step on Social Media Ads
  88. Top civil servant 'deeply compromised' in SNC affair and must quit: Angus
  89. It appears Gerry Butts is literally in the Murder business
  90. Robyn Urback: If Jane Philpott doesn't have confidence in Justin Trudeau, why should anyone else?
  91. EDITORIAL: All eyes on Gerald Butts
  92. 4 Graphics That Help Explain Britain's Knife Crime
  93. Trudeau cancels Regina visit, heads to Ottawa
  94. Ford government rejects inquiry into Taverner hiring, Blair firing
  95. National Pharma Care
  96. Lawyer for 2nd charged in shipbuilding leak case says client will plead not guilty
  97. Trudeau considering a statement of contrition over SNC-Lavali
  98. Liberal support erodes in 2 key demographics as SNC-Lavalin affair grinds on
  99. Rex: Drop the Poses Trudeau, You Owe This Country a Real Explanation
  100. SNC-Lavalin: Did Justin Trudeau break the law?
  101. Trudeau's verbal porridge and serene smile have carried him along. Until now: Neil Macdonald
  102. Gould wants Google to change its mind about refusing election ads
  103. Trudeau to apologize for Ottawa’s mistreatment of Inuit during TB epidemics
  104. Butts testimony - pure Bulls--t
  105. CANADA: NATO target threatened yet again by military underspending
  106. LAVSCAM Website Project
  107. Special forces looks at recruiting off the street amid shifting demands
  108. Toronto Star poll shows Conservatives at 42 percent
  109. CBC reporting Trudeau to shuffle cabinet AGAIN next week.
  110. 'Nothing inappropriate': Butts says SNC-Lavalin scandal blew up only after cabinet shuffle
  111. You know things are bad for Trudeau when even Abacus Data shows a 6 point CPC lead
  112. Did Chrystia Freeland Tank SNC-Lavalin’s Stock Price With a Tweet?
  113. Trudeau says 'erosion of trust' led to SNC-Lavalin controversy
  114. Public Prosecution Service of Canada send torpedo Trudeau's way.
  115. Trudeau plays down SNC-Lavalin affair, but negative fallout is already piled deep
  116. John Ivison: Trudeau isn’t feeling it and concedes only to an ‘erosion of trust’
  117. Judge shreds Gerry Butts' testimony.
  118. Canada’s Right-Wing Extremism To Be Focus Of Federally Funded Study
  119. 'The Bank of Canada is on hold,' with little good news to be seen on the economic front
  120. SNC-Lavalin wins $660-million transit contract from Ottawa (the city, not the feds) as bidding future remains uncertain
  121. Lisa Raitt lays out simple legal view on Jody Wilson-Raybould affair
  122. Taxpayers foot CBC Trump attack ads
  123. Prime Minister Trudeau to deliver apology to Inuit this morning in Iqaluit
  124. Being Believed Shouldn't Be A Barrier To Women In Politics
  125. Federal Court of Canada strikes down SNC-Lavalin’s request to review prosecutor’s decision to proceed with charges
  126. Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes says she was met with ‘hostility, anger’ in private Trudeau talks
  127. PMO asks female Liberal MP's to post positive messages about feminist Justin Trudeau. Two just cut an paste the script into their twitter.
  128. Anybody noticed that single persons are not eligible for Federal Liberals' Climate Action Incentive refundable credit?
  129. AG David Lametti could be SNC-Lavalin's last hope to avoid prosecution
  130. Pierre Trudeau punched his ex-wife according to 1979 news story
  131. AG Interference to win an election? Lametti says "it depends"
  132. OECD will follow Canadian proceedings addressing allegations of political interference in foreign bribery prosecution
  133. Maclean's: Does Justin Trudeau know what he’s doing?
  134. 7 Times Liberals Used Their Majority to Impede the Investigation at Committee
  135. Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion "steps away" from duties for a prolonged period due to "medical issue"
  136. Roseanne Barr Is Blaming Michelle Obama For Her Being Fired
  137. Where's Turdo...?....
  138. Gerald Butts' quarrel with Jody Wilson-Raybould's evidence falls short
  139. Federal budget 2019: Here are the ‘goodies’ taxpayers can hope for
  140. "Trudeau likely to call early May federal election" - Place your bets?
  141. Midway through Florida vacation, Trudeau jets back to Ottawa for day of 'private meetings'
  142. Federal ministries investigate after officials provide Irving Shipbuilding with information about Postmedia journalist
  143. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shuffle cabinet Monday: sources
  144. Conservatives take slight lead over Liberals in latest Nanos tracking poll
  145. After 49 killed in mass shootings at 2 New Zealand mosques, prime minister vows, 'our gun laws will change'
  146. Bell: NDP still think they have a shot at winning
  147. Notley calls Kenney unfit to lead Alberta as RCMP probe UCP leadership race
  148. Kevin Vickers, retired sergeant-at-arms, seeks Liberal leadership
  149. Adm Mark Norman - Go Fund Me
  150. The 2019 “best” (worst) of government waste awards announced
  151. Trudeau and the PMO Have Lawyered Up! Interesting.
  152. Immigration Policy and Support, De--Personing By Google and Trudeau Shuffles Cabinet
  153. Canada's oilpatch needs to stop living in a bubble
  154. Another first term Liberal MP announces he won't be running in October
  155. Rachel Notley declares candidacy for Edmonton-Strathcona, takes aim at Jason Kenney
  156. Here's what's REALLY wrong with Trudeau's Florida vacation
  157. Canada is not doing enough to combat right-wing terrorism
  158. Michael Wernick Resigns
  159. Colombia: 1,000 Venezuelan forces crossed border since Feb.
  160. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fills void in cabinet with B.C. MP Joyce Murray
  161. Budget Day Show Me the Money and Scandal
  162. Opposition MPs in justice committee storm out of meeting after Liberal motion to end SNC-Lavalin probe
  163. Alberta goes to the polls April 16.
  164. Bell: Kenney slams what he calls a 'campaign of revenge'
  165. Liberals look to shore up veterans vote with transition cash
  166. Budget 2019: $1.4B in loans to be forgiven or reimbursed to Indigenous groups for treaty negotiations
  167. Christie Blatchford: Liberals shut down SNC probe with dazzling duplicity
  168. SNC CEO says they never mentioned 9,000 job losses as a reason to be given DPA.
  169. 10 ridings to watch in Alberta's election campaign
  170. Pardon my French Mr. Prime Minister, but you're f&cked.
  171. Who are the winners and losers in the 2019 federal budget? Here’s what you need to know
  172. MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes leaves Liberal caucus following criticism of Trudeau
  173. Philpott faced 'tough' questions from Liberal MPs in today's regional caucus meeting
  174. Jane Philpott - There is much more to the SNC story that Canadians need to hear.
  175. Breaking: Liberals almost lost a vote in the HOC that would have brought down the government. Liberal speaker stepped in to stop it.
  176. Canada Gold Reserve == ZERO
  177. ‘Let her speak and we will let you sleep’: Tories filibuster over Wilson-Raybould motion
  178. Philpott and Wilson-Raybould can speak freely on SNC-Lavalin in Commons, says former law clerk
  179. In Memoriam - the Liberal balanced budget promise (2015-2019)
  180. Newsflash: Trudeau’s budget is aimed at Canadians who don’t consume the news
  181. Jordan Peterson's popular 12 Rules book banned by New Zealand booksellers because of Christchurch mosque massacre
  182. Breaking: JWR to make written submission to Justice Commitee
  183. Socialism: Be Careful What You Wish For
  184. Rex Murphy: The Liberals are now at the edge of a cliff
  185. Motor Mouth: Why you won’t want Trudeau’s $5,000 EV rebate
  186. 'Unwilling to move forward in partnership': Trudeau, Morneau slam Ford government in post-budget tour
  188. 'Put up or shut up': Liberal MP challenges Philpott and Wilson-Raybould over SNC-Lavalin
  189. Don Braid: Senate cuts Alberta out of tanker ban hearings in 'unprecedented stampede of stupid'
  190. Thunder Bay-area MP says he won't run again in upcoming federal election
  191. Liberals’ water pledges ring hollow for some B.C. First Nations still without drinking water
  192. Federal byelection set for May in B.C. riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith
  193. Is the West fed up with Canada? What a new survey shows about the federation’s growing fault lines
  194. LOL. Liberals now claiming Trudeau lost faith in Wilson-Raybould in 2017 when she questioned his Supreme Court pick..
  195. Michelle Rempel : China canola, peas, wheat. $27 billion/year lost
  196. Angry Canadian Students Shutdown Justin Trudeau in Town hall
  197. Leak detailing Supreme Court appointment rift only shows how little Trudeau’s camp respects the rule of law
  198. BREAKING NEWS - a House of Commons committee is demanding answers
  199. Kenney rips Toronto councillor's attack on oilpatch
  200. Operation killswitch UPDATE the canadiann goverment funding terrorism
  201. Notley promises second route out of Fort McMurray, $1.35 billion to expand Alberta high load corridor
  202. If Kenney Wins, Be Ready for a BC-Alberta War
  203. 338 Alberta: Massive Advantage For the UCP At the Starting Line
  204. At a Trudeau event today.........
  205. Wilson-Raybould calls for investigation into confidentiality breaches in the Supreme Court appointment process
  206. Conservatives plan to mass-text voters in four provinces to campaign against carbon tax
  207. As Liberal support bleeds to other parties, CPC vote stays solid
  208. Smug, arrogant:' Opposition lashes out against Trudeau after he thanks First Nations protesters for their Liberal Party donations
  209. 'Every right to use reasonable force': Kenney puts self-defense laws on the table
  210. HSAA - Union advertising on MLB.TV
  211. A JWR / Lavscam question
  212. Trudeau now has a lower approval rating than Trump, with Tories way ahead: Ipsos poll
  213. Hmmmm.... Online version of Budget 2019 is different than the print version Morneau introduced in parliament......
  214. We're finally told what the carbon tax will cost us. Are you sitting down?
  215. PM scores a direct hit on the core of Brand Trudeau
  216. Neo-Nazism and Islamophobia among the 'gravest threats' facing the world, Freeland tells UN
  217. SNC planned U.S. move if no deal: documents
  218. Wilson-Raybould recorded conversation as she faced pressure over SNC-Lavalin file
  219. A provincial dipper showed up at my door today
  220. CPC candidate Claire Rattee
  221. The cost of a home in Vancouver and Toronto is criminal
  222. New CPC Candidates
  223. My Resignation From The PPC
  224. mean while in Toronto 905 at a standstill
  225. Canada Inverted Yield Curve (financial)
  226. Tips for Manitobans to prevent damage due to flooding
  227. Feast hosted for Jody Wilson-Raybould on Vancouver Island
  228. ‘The sun is setting on Justin Trudeau’: Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on ‘arrogant’ PM response to protesters
  229. Re-Newed my CSSA
  230. Scary media manipulation
  231. Notley unveils Alberta NDP election platform
  232. What's next for Turd ?
  233. Anti Trudeau Groups
  234. Trudeau’s woes show B.C. becoming rising federal political power
  235. The rise of gas prices means the fall of Trudeau
  236. APAL - Alcohol Possession and Acquisition License
  237. petition for trudeau to resign
  238. Liberals condemn Wilson-Raybould's covertly taped call as they consider fate of 2 ex-ministers
  239. Why you can expect more spam texts from Andrew Scheer and what to do
  240. Metro Vancouver drivers set to pay record high gas prices
  241. What Jody Wilson Raybould found out about SNC?
  242. Breaking: UPDATED: JWR kicked out of caucus. Can't run as a Liberal in upcoming election.
  243. Jane Philpott's statement after being kicked out of Liberal caucus. Ouch.
  244. McKenna’s office tried to plant friendly questions with senators on committee
  245. "He's toast": B.C. Indigenous leader slams Trudeau for booting Wilson-Raybould from caucus
  246. SNC-Lavalin insider's bribery allegations spark probe by Crown agency that loaned the firm billions
  247. Atlantic Canada goes from stronghold to point of vulnerability for Liberals
  248. Alaska governor asks Trump to grant rail extension to Canada
  249. CBC poll tracker reports a 41% chance of a Conservative majority
  250. It's been less than 24 hours, and Trudeau has already forgotten jane Philpott's name.