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  1. John Baird resigning as Stephen Harper's foreign affairs minister
  2. Conservative Youth Conference 2015
  3. Justin Trudeau, babysitter? Poll tests leaders' images on range of questions
  4. Trudeau Has 'Deep Distrust.. Dislike Of The Canadian Military
  5. Justin Trudeau vows to set national carbon reduction targets
  6. Trudeau’s secret plan — Win right-leaning voters by merely adjusting Harper policies
  7. Eve Adams defecting to LPC
  8. Liberal embrace of Eve Adams doesn’t add up
  9. Liberal MPP appalled by Tory defector's plan to run for federal Grits
  10. Harper vows to appeal court ruling allowing women to wear niqab during citizenship oath, calls it ‘offensive’
  12. Sun News Network to shut down permanently tomorrow.
  13. CanadianJihad.ca - A Sun News Primer
  14. Poll says retiring police chief Bill Blair could win Scarborough federal seat for Liberals
  15. The Sun has set - Ezra Levant
  16. Brian Lilley's new podcast
  17. Stephen Harper's Radio-Canada Remark Called 'Petty' By NDP MP
  18. Rick Mercer, Michael Ondaatje demand Harper to intervene in Mohamed Fahmy’s case
  19. Trudeau accuses Conservatives of cutting funding to vaccination program
  20. Justin Trudeau questions decision to appeal niqab ruling
  21. Don't Fall For Harper's Election-Year Economic Rhetoric
  22. You want a top-notch broadcaster, Canada? Show CBC the money
  23. Alberta squandered oil wealth with big spending, Fraser Institute says
  24. Justin Trudeau says Harper's pandering to fears of Muslims unworthy of a PM
  25. Rex Murphy: Trudeau does a fine vague verbal dance on many things. This is not reassuring
  26. Brian Lilley: Union threatens strike if employer doesn't donate to anti-Harper fund
  27. third party spending during an election
  28. Liberals want draft doctor-assisted death law by mid-summer
  29. Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything
  30. The CN-Unifor dispute is less about wages than it is about politics
  31. Anyone else tired of all of these terrorist scares? (BILL C-51)
  32. Liberals, Conservatives still neck and neck in the polls
  33. Canada pulls funding for Palestinian NGO after founder criticizes Baird
  34. Green Party Could Be Excluded From Upcoming Election Debates
  35. Tories consider more debates to trap Justin Trudeau
  36. Oath of allegiance to Queen stays as requirement to obtain citizenship
  37. Why Justin Trudeau is suddenly the underdog
  38. Deborah Coyne, Trudeau leadership rival and mom of half-sister, joins Greens
  39. Ontario Releases Updated Health & Physical Education Curriculum
  40. Magna Carta
  41. MP Cheryl Gallant's sex-ed curriculum comments condemned by Ontario Liberals
  42. Eve Adams already pissing off Liberals.
  43. Canada helping Brits buy ‘Bosnian’ and ‘Somali’ targets for shooting practice
  44. Sick new pro-CBC ad accuses Harper of killing his critics — just like Putin does
  45. Harper Government Sitting On Cash Earmarked For Economic Development: NDP
  46. the Weekly polls are in,,,Trudeau, Mulcair top Harper in approval ratings, but regional swings key
  47. With his new ‘life means life’ bill, Harper has found his wedge
  48. #PrenticeBlamesAlbertans Goes Viral After Premier's Comments
  49. Quebec man to fight charge for not giving up phone password at airport
  50. Drew Barnes running for Wildrose Leadership; Leadership Debate THIS Monday
  51. Bill C-51 'May Fail In Its Obligation To Protect' Canadians, First Nations Chief Warns
  52. Even CBC Can Surprise Me
  53. Quebec student activists dreaming of another Maple Spring. This time, they want ‘a true sharing of wealth’
  54. Political rhetoric on Islam risks giving extremists a platform
  55. Justin Trudeau to speak on Canadian liberty, politics of fear
  56. Trudeau Equates Conservative Immigration Policies with Anti-Semitic Policies of ‘30s and ‘40s.
  57. RCMP searches offices of OPP association
  58. Wildrose Leadership Debate youtube
  59. #No2Trudeau: Anti-Abortion Groups Target Liberal Leader
  60. Liberal T-shirt Slogan Challenge
  61. Tom Mulcair enters the battle for Ontario without mentioning niqabs or the anti-terror bill
  62. Thomas Mulcair Remains Open To Coalition With Trudeau Liberals
  63. Support Plummets For Harper’s Anti-Terror Bill, New Poll Shows
  64. Bill C-51: the Good, the Bad . . . and the Truly Ugly
  65. Mulcair Making Up Coalition Discussion, Liberals Say
  66. 'Good luck' trying to reverse income-splitting, Stephen Harper tells opposition
  67. Michael Den Tandt: The Conservatives have Canadians soaking in fear
  68. Justin Trudeau needs to make most of second chance on Iraq: Hébert
  69. Liberals back on top as Harper loses edge on values
  70. Most Canadians want niqab banned in public, poll suggests
  71. NDP source says Manon Perreault ejected from caucus after conviction for mischief
  72. Opposition parties facing an unanswerable question on Iraq mission extension: If not this, then what?
  73. Harper to meet with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg to discuss anti-ISIS mission
  74. National Firearms Association pulls out
  75. Canada’s next first lady? Lunch with Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau
  76. Liberals fall into unhappily familiar pattern in Quebec
  77. NDP, Liberals reject plan for expanded mission against Islamic State
  78. Is the gun lobby giving Harper a pass on C-51?
  79. Timid Justin Trudeau ads not enough to take on NDP in Quebec
  80. democracy, not 50+1 ? Not really
  81. Danielle Smith loses PC nomination bid
  82. has anyone been following Comer Vs The Bank of Canada case?
  83. Why don't people show up to vote?
  84. Conservative Lead in a Newly Three-Way Race - ekos
  85. The budget — and the Liberal response to it — will yield the ultimate ballot question
  86. Weak showing in new poll has some Liberals wondering if Trudeau has lost his lustre
  87. Two great opinion pieces on prentice's true arrogance, smith, the budget and coming election
  88. 'Beautiful, limited-edition’ sketch by Justin Trudeau offered to Liberal donors
  89. Canada’s Access to Information Regime Is Busted
  90. At least 40 current, former senators asked to account for questionable expense claims
  91. MP Adams questions shot down by Conservatives after jumping ship
  92. Liberals fall again in latest EKOS.
  93. Ex-Tory MP James Lunney: Freedoms Under 'Unprecedented Attack' In Canada
  94. Nixon gives advice to prentice - rebel media
  95. Liberals seek probe of dozens of NDP MPs allegedly misusing taxpayer-funded constituency offices
  96. A left wing view.
  97. Rex Murphy: May’s presence at the debates offers protection from Trudeau’s real opponent — it’s not Harper
  98. New Alberta election poll projects slim Wildrose majority
  99. Trudeau plummets as choice to be Prime Minister: Ipsos.
  100. Some media intentionally withholding negative Trudeau polling data???
  101. Ottawa lawyer adds Justin Trudeau to lawsuit over blocked nomination bid against retired general
  102. Trudeau might be open to forming coalition with NDP, but not with Mulcair as leader
  103. Justin Trudeau's Liberals lose lead to Tories for 1st time in 2 years
  104. Justin Trudeau: Two years in, can he stop the slide?
  105. Margaret Trudeau says she dreads 'bullying' attack ads against son Justin
  106. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  107. Justin Trudeau could lose the election and still come out ahead
  108. Non-firearms police question
  109. Justin Trudeau - The good, the bad and the ugly:
  110. Toronto's new police chief Saunders.
  111. Federal budget 2015: Conservatives dig into contingency to hit surplus
  112. Stephen Harper could set a new "record" by....
  113. Brian Jean and Wildrose keeping the message simple
  114. Trudeau promises to nix Tory tax-free savings boost and balance budget if elected in the fall
  115. Fog of secrecy about to lift on Liberal platform now that Tories have delivered their budget
  116. Bill Blair to run for Liberals in fall election.
  117. Justin Trudeau meets reporters with would-be candidate Bill Blair
  118. Alberta Election 2015 ***OFFICIAL THREAD***
  119. Broadcasters want to double number of leader debates for 2015 federal election
  120. Canadian who went to fight ISIS writes blog from front lines
  121. Liberal lead in Atlantic Canada still wide, but shrinking
  122. The Coming Death of the Liberal Party of Canada
  123. Tories Widen Lead Over Liberals After Budget Release, Poll Suggests
  124. Paul Martin says 2015 budget fails aboriginal Canadians
  125. First quarter 2015 party fundraising totals
  126. Weber steps aside in Scarborough Southwest for star recruit Blair
  127. Trudeau set to reveal Liberal policy agenda focused on middle class
  128. Stephen Harper visits Islamic State battlegrounds
  129. Two More Union Leaders Accuse Trudeau Of Hypocrisy On Labour Rights
  130. Am I a troll?
  131. Interesting - should Wall St be nervous ?
  132. Trudeau: Hike taxes on rich, cut taxes, boost child benefits for middle class
  133. Looks like the Gov. Media Blitz on the CPC proposed tax....
  134. Trudeau risks alienating seniors while wooing the middle class
  135. Liberals’ new high-income bracket may encourage tax avoidance, economists warn
  136. On tax cuts, Trudeau shouldn’t play on the Tories’ turf
  137. Insulting police online banned by Granby, Que., bylaw
  138. Imagine Canada without the Liberal party
  139. Forget the Liberal mythology, Canada’s middle class is not struggling
  140. Alberta NDP newbie sets off Twitter chatter with antic-filled social media posts
  141. Alberta NDP remove platform and candidate bios from website
  142. Alberta election 2015: NDP sings for joy, Harper's caucus like 'morgue'
  143. Why the Liberals’ child tax benefit proposal makes a lot of sense
  144. Patrick Brown wins Ontario PC leadership.
  145. Elizabeth May: "Omar Khadr you have more class than the whole f--king cabinet"
  146. Bill C-51: How Trudeau's support of the anti-terror bill could help the NDP
  147. Criminal record searches being done by employers
  148. Liberals miscalculated cost of Trudeau tax plan by $1-billion
  149. Alberta Unite The Right Group
  150. Conservatives say Harper won’t participate in traditional election debates run by broadcasters
  151. Trudeau warns the rich to watch out, again
  152. Justin Trudeau rewrites defenition of fairness.
  153. Libs slide ndp gain in April polling averages
  154. Kempa drops out: Bill Blair clearly the party's choice
  155. Trudeau targeted with graphic anti-abortion flyers
  156. New poll puts federal NDP ahead of Tories and Liberals
  157. Unifor Running Anti-Stephen Harper Radio Ads In Swing Ridings
  158. Former LIBERAL Senator's HANDGUNS stolen.
  159. Nanos: CPC and Liberals statistically tied.
  160. John Robson: Social conservatives … gross, right?
  161. The issues around muzzling government scientists
  162. The Harper Tories are getting perilously close to irritating people out of voting for them
  163. Abortion Politics Thread
  164. Broadcasters announce debate deal with all leaders except Harper
  165. Bills pile up for Ontario Federation of Labour
  166. Federal NDP Slightly Ahead Of Tories, Liberals, Poll Suggests
  167. Incoming Alberta premier Rachel Notley suspends rookie over photo
  168. Takeoff to government turns bumpy for Notley
  169. Ex-senator’s wife charged after alleged attack with a hand-held fan and a lit cigarette at a medical clinic
  170. Just got to give a big "I told you so" to a friend
  171. Rex Murphy: A message for Mr. Harper — Conservative voters are feeling let down
  172. Calgary constituents of controversial MLA Deborah Drever rally to give her the boot
  173. Notley pledges 'chapter of stability' in Alberta
  174. NDP shifts pre-election strategy in bid to raise Mulcair's public profile
  175. New Conservative ad
  176. Can the liberal party stay relevant?
  177. The Interview
  178. Catherine Swift resigns from C.D. Howe institute over her involvement in attack ads on Trudeau
  179. Trudeau's Uninspired Platform Makes Mulcair the Obvious Choice
  180. Party mergers a no-go with Alberta voters: poll
  181. Election debates matter and are worth fighting for, polls suggest
  182. CPP expansion: Stephen Harper accused of lacking credibility
  183. Conservatives considering lowering the GST.
  184. Rachel Notley says fiscal challenges bigger than expected
  185. Federal Liberals Lose Candidate In Etobicoke-Lakeshore
  186. A Letter from CSIS
  187. The feminization of Trudeau
  188. Breaking: Peter McKay to leave politics
  189. Royal succession law to be contested in Quebec court
  190. Liberals delaying nomination in Montreal riding to favour Trudeau’s friend, rivals suggest
  191. NDP’s national surge due to popularity in Quebec
  192. Truth and Reconciliation report brings calls for action, not words
  193. Conservative Party director to seek nomination in MacKay's riding.
  194. Liberal candidate for Central-Nova withdraws.
  195. Justin Trudeau commits Liberals to a promise they can’t hope to keep
  196. Debunking the half-truths and exaggerations in the Truth and Reconciliation report
  197. Motorists get the shaft with Bill 31
  198. Senate leaders caught up in AG expenses audit
  199. 3-way federal race would have unpredictable outcome
  200. Who's a GOC?
  201. New EKOS: Mulcair is picking up all the marbles as Trudeau fades
  202. What's your opinion on marijuana ?
  203. Why conservatives, libertarians and gun lobbyists oppose Bill C-51
  204. Front row seat to WW 3
  206. Inaction on Senate reform suggests Harper government’s sole purpose is to get reelected
  207. CTV Exclusive: Breakdown of sums that 30 senators are alleged to owe
  208. Federal parties in dead heat in poll that shows 57% of Canadians would support a coalition government
  209. G7 Summit: Canada, Japan Blocking Consensus On Greenhouse Gas Reductions
  210. General Election - Oct 19th
  211. Political fight brewing with feds over Montreal safe injection sites
  212. Gilles Duceppe preparing comeback as leader of Bloc Québécois
  213. C51 Passed with opposition
  214. What Polititian's Support In Ukraine
  215. Sen. Meredith investigated for alleged workplace harassment
  216. Group begins anti-Harper ad campaign
  217. Has the budget passed??
  218. Liberals losing steam as election approaches, polls suggest
  219. New ad from anti-Harper group all baloney
  220. Justin Trudeau starts to turn the corner
  221. Maclean's Election Debate To Feature All 4 National Party Leaders
  222. Star Tory Recruit, Loses Nomination Battle In Quebec
  223. Liberals Mum After Veteran David MacLeod Quits Candidacy To Protest Bill C-51 Vote
  224. Trudeau announcing plan to kill first-past-the-post by the next election
  225. Angus Reid - NDP slight lead on CPC
  226. Elizabeth May Reveals Green Party's Major Climate Change Election Platform
  227. Trudeau promising to restore door to door mail delivery.
  228. Thomas Mulcair makes two significant errors in two days.
  229. Liberal star candidate looks for scripted talking points during live interview
  230. My Plan For Creating Real Change in Canada
  231. NDP announces hundreds of millions in additional dollars for health, education, other core services
  232. Another Liberal candidate steps down
  233. Justin Trudeau plays down polls and the 'politics of fear'
  234. Harper forced to fight for reelection with far less experienced and more stridently partisan Tories
  235. Sheldon Clare to seek seat in House of Commons
  236. Engage Canada's anti-Conservative TV ad all about timing
  237. Justin Trudeau proposes lifting Mexican visa requirement
  238. Bloc Quebecois passes Liberals in new poll
  239. Justin Trudeau: I'll end ISIS combat mission, restore relations with Iran
  240. Forum: NDP near majority.
  241. Conservative ad uses ISIL propaganda and anthem to attack Trudeau’s foreign policy
  242. HarperPAC shutting down less than a week after its launch and will return all donations
  243. Conservatives move to push anti-labour bill through Senate
  244. Cristmas comes early: Olivia Chow vs. Adam Vaughan?
  245. Mulcair's secret negotiations with the Tories
  246. Trudeau vows Liberal environment plan will ‘be putting a price on carbon’
  247. Fair Elections Act critics seek injunction
  248. Alberta NDP honeymoon already over: Poll
  249. Some media claim CPC's Trudeau/ISIS ad is illegal, violates C-51
  250. Alberta poll suggests support growing for Wildrose party