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  1. EKOS - Federal race narrowing again.
  2. ISIS Releases Video Claiming To Show Mass Execution In Ancient Palmyra
  3. Whatever happened to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence?
  4. Canada Without Poverty charity challenges Harper govt. audits at UN in Geneva
  5. NDP Praise Greeks for Voting Against Austerity
  6. Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau to address chiefs
  7. Harper Shows Contempt for Workers by Passing Anti-Union law
  8. Conservatives at historic lows in the polls, but still competitive
  9. Ontario gets credit down grade, liberals spin it
  10. Election debate dates set by broadcasters without Conservatives
  11. Green Party 'Stunned' Over Election Debate Snubs
  12. mean while,, south of the boarder
  13. Greece Debt Crisis Becomes Fodder For Tories, NDP To Spar
  14. NDP and Conservatives tied, Liberals fall to third place, poll says
  15. Donald Trump says he likely won’t back a presidential candidate unless their name is Donald Trump
  16. Federal election 2015: Baird, MacKay ridings see hot Conservative nomination battles
  17. Employment minister touts Conservatives’ $3 billion child care benefit as boost to economy
  18. Trudeau and the Liberals worried about his debate performance??
  19. NDP releases its nastiest attack ad yet as part of major push to knock Tories in key ridings
  20. Tory minister Lynne Yelich loses nomination in new Saskatchewan riding
  21. Tom Mulcair's NDP seeks advice on preparing to govern after election
  22. Cunning Tories may plan early election call — with aim of draining opponents’ finances
  23. I'm sorry I told the truth
  24. Canada named the country with the best reputation by global survey — again
  25. NDP candidate Beatrice Zako says she was 'charmed' into running for sovereignists
  26. Jamey Heath: The Liberals are an obstacle to true progressive policies
  27. Learn history before sanitizing it
  28. Judge refuses to stay new voter ID rule; says election too close
  29. Political Funnies
  30. Feds to Wynne: You're on your own with Ontario Pension Plan
  31. Violent serial rapist to call Kingston home
  32. Leger poll - NDP and CPC tied at 32% support.
  33. Threehundredeight just sold out to the CBC
  34. Saskatoon now leads 33 communities on crime severity index
  35. NDP MP will regret saying party’s top priority is toppling Harper government
  36. Harper expected to call for Senate abolition Friday.
  37. Mainstreet Technologies: Conservatives open 11 point lead.
  38. Tories take huge lead in recent poll - SUN
  39. A new NDP low (not a poll)
  40. Want to cut public debt? Bring in the leftists
  41. Conservative defector Eve Adams trounced in Liberal nomination fight
  42. Canada Election 2015: Tories Have Edge Over Rivals' Local War Chests, Analysis Shows
  43. Tories announce $1.5B for Green Line LRT project
  44. JT Entourage Shakeup?
  45. Of course Justin Trudeau wants bilingual judges: he’s the product of bilingual privilege
  46. Ipsos poll conducted for Global News
  47. Longer federal election campaign would cost taxpayers millions more
  48. Backers fear that missing-in-action, Trudeau losing bid to lead Canada
  49. Gilles Duceppe and Pierre Karl Péladeau set off on pre-campaign bike ride
  50. Canadians think they like Thomas Mulcair. But have they listened?
  51. Tom Mulcair campaigns to hold NDP's key Quebec seats as early election looms
  52. Sousa slams feds for lack of pension plan help
  53. NDP raise record $4.5 million in second quarter.
  54. Conservatives’ Trudeau attack ad is prompting NDP supporters to vote Liberal: Forum Research poll
  55. Federal Election 2015: With NDP In Lead, Why Are The Tories Still Targeting Trudeau?
  56. EKOS' Frank Graves donating to the Liberals?
  57. 6 charts show Stephen Harper is the worst
  58. Mulcair pulls out of consortium debates.
  59. Tories launch anti-Mulcair attack ads on eve of election call
  60. Liberal house cleaning blocked by Trudeau.
  61. Harper has a meeting with the GG Sunday morning.
  62. Trudeau - "Ready" to tax the wealthy
  63. No Joke: Jon Stewart became what he once denounced
  64. Forum research at it again: NDP lead by 11
  65. Wynne slams Harper, pledges to campaign for Trudeau
  66. Media Campaigning instead of reporting
  67. Kinsella: winners and losers after campaign launch.
  68. Media failing to provide perspective on Conservatives’ economic record
  69. Trudeau to win debate points 'if he comes on stage with his pants on': Tory spokesman
  70. Child-care benefit could be a potential $43,160 bonanza for B.C. polygamist with 133 children
  71. Senator Patrick Brazeau reveals suicide attempt
  72. Trump banned from Republican event after attack on Fox moderator Megyn Kelly
  73. Rachel Notley - The Sheriff of Nottingham...or Knottingham...or Knothead.....or
  74. Does anyone remember this gem?
  75. Wynne Liberals to cut 50 medical residency positions.
  76. Ontario to start implementing new pension plan in 2017, with full roll-out expected by 2020
  77. Wright Says PM Was Unaware Party Would Repay Duffy's Expenses On His Behalf
  78. Political Polling
  79. Democracy
  80. Why Stephen Harper behaved strangely in Israel
  81. Chris Woodcock, ex-PMO senior staffer, says he didn't know Wright repaid Duffy's expenses
  82. Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is up against his arch-enemy Mark Holland. It’s a fight everyone’s watching.
  83. Canadian Stolen Valour scammer looking for Liberal appointment
  84. Ottawa's arms deal with Saudi Arabia contingent on secrecy
  85. IndefinitelyWild
  86. B.C. conservation officer who refused to kill bear cubs transferred out of job
  87. Nearly 200 applicants for Vancouver’s new marijuana dispensary licences
  88. Czar Notley says major public job cuts would hurt fragile economy
  89. Redmonton city clowncill strikes again
  90. Christie Blatchford: This protester has served 10 years and seven months in jail and no one cares
  91. Alberta NDP lose first by-election test.
  92. Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown cruises to victory in by-election
  93. Ontario will spend $10M to bring Syrian refugees to province
  94. Patrick Brazeau pleads guilty to simple assault, cocaine possession; plans a return to Senate
  95. I voted today
  96. Hydro One Privitization
  97. Beer to be sold in Ontario supermarkets
  98. Ban niqab, burka in all public places
  99. Alberta's NDP just voted for a 7.25% pay raise for their friends -- and a $20,000 junket to Boston for themselves!
  100. Tractors, cows take over Ottawa, Parliament Hill
  101. Albertans support strong action on climate change, including carbon tax: poll
  102. Alberta minimum wage increases today
  103. An Open Letter to Trudeau and Mulcair- Why am I so worthless?
  104. TPP: Explained (from an American perspective)
  105. The Progressives must be getting worried
  106. TPP leaked: Wikileaks releases intellectual property chapter of controversial internet and medicine-regulating trade agreement
  107. Liberals, NDP decline PCO offer to view Trans-Pacific Partnership deal details
  108. Globe and Mail endorses CPC, but not Harper.
  109. Man named Santa Claus elected to North Pole city council
  110. Chamber of Commerce asks incoming government for carbon tax, changes to CPP
  111. I'm calling it
  112. Liberal Promise Tracker
  113. Justin Trudeau to appoint new cabinet with equal gender balance
  114. Alberta balanced budget delayed 1 year: finance minister
  115. Downgraded economic forecast bad news for Liberals
  116. Thomas Mulcair to stay on as NDP leader
  117. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to announce cabinet shuffle
  118. No Mulroney 2.0 for Conservatives, at least for the time being
  119. Turning Manitoba Blue (I hope)
  120. Canada is over
  121. Wynne flip flops on Ontario pensions
  122. Canada's New Government Refuses to Use the F-35
  123. The free world has lost its leader.
  124. Needing help from liberals
  125. How to be involved from afar?
  126. Alberta NDp to run record deficits, borrow money for operating expenses, hit taxpayers for additional $300 million
  127. Don’t bet on new pot law, despite what Justin says
  128. Jihadists ecstatic with Trudeau victory
  129. Terror group releases video demanding more than $100M to free 2 Canadians
  130. Trudeau sworn in, new cabinet members being announced.
  131. Rona Ambrose chosen as new interim leader of Conservatives
  132. Trudeau's cabinet ISN'T as equal as he wants you to believe.
  133. Wynne’s personal approval rating hits new low amid teacher troubles and Hydro One sale
  134. Rachel Notley 'Disappointed' By Obama's Decision On Keystone XL
  135. How legalized marijuana could change Canadian cities
  136. Talked to Mike Nickel
  137. TPP deal ‘worst thing that Harper government has done for Canada’: Balsillie
  138. Inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women to begin within two weeks: minister
  139. 25,000 Syrian refugees
  140. Did Liberals use Remembrance Day to collect more email addresses?
  141. Harper government accused of leaving ‘bare cupboard’ for Liberals
  142. Cupboard left bare by the conservatives.....say the libs
  143. Bennett rejects Conservatives’ view that aboriginal men are to blame for missing, murdered women
  144. Paris attack: At least 26 dead
  145. Crude oil tanker ban for B.C.'s North Coast ordered by Trudeau
  146. Mick Jagger's Son Dilema??
  147. Anonymous declares war on Islamic State after Paris attacks
  148. Clock ticking on Canada’s refugee plan while concerns expressed over tight timeline
  149. Western Separation
  150. $500k federal ad campaign to tout refugee plan as a ‘national project'
  151. New Ad from the Wynne Government
  152. Alberta’s English-only laws are constitutional: Supreme Court of Canada
  153. Conservatives Announce Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet and Critics
  154. Ontario Environment Minister Glen Murray blames rise of ISIS on climate change
  155. Thousands take part in marches in France and Italy ‘for civil rights and peace’
  156. Hold on tight, Alberta. Here's your new climate strategy
  157. Troops being evicted for Islamic Migrants
  158. Lobbyist, Liberal strategist gets house arrest, fine for tax evasion
  159. Vancouver Police warning of marijuana derivative called ‘shatter’
  160. Turkish jet shoots down Russian military plane
  161. Liberals 'Assessing' Whether They Can Remove Tory Appointments
  162. Breaking: Liberals back down from 25,000 refugees by December 31st
  164. So much for the science, Trudeau government sticks to pre-determined climate agenda
  165. WATCH: ISIS Releases New ‘No Respite’ Propaganda Video in English
  166. Premier Notley says those not up for a carbon tax rebate can 'reduce their use' if they don't want to pay as much tax
  167. Liberal government announces $2.65B to help developing countries fight climate change
  168. Anne McGrath named Premier Rachel Notley's deputy chief of staff
  169. Trudeau children's nannies being paid for by taxpayers
  170. Budget officer says Trudeau government’s deficit projections are way off
  171. "Mini-Recession"?
  172. Alberta Premier says bureaucrats are to blame for "misinformation" around Bill 6
  173. Mulcair faces tough odds in his fight to survive
  174. Syrian refugees lukewarm on coming to Canada by December 31, officials say
  175. GST
  176. Alberta’s energy minister says laid off workers could go to B.C.
  177. Alberta’s energy minister says laid off workers could go to B.C.
  178. not so subtle narrative
  179. Canada's new marijuana laws must attend to business
  180. Far right National Front dominates first round of French regional elections
  181. Liberals need to keep an eye on Dougie, Steve and Heather
  182. Conrad Black: The great climate conference charade playing out in Paris
  183. Canada's youth call out Justin Trudeau before the world's cameras at Paris climate talks
  184. Donald Trump calls for ‘complete shutdown’ of Muslims entering the U.S.
  185. Mackay,Charest, or Kenny ?
  186. Suicide rate in Alberta up 30% in wake of mass oilpatch layoffs
  187. Justin Trudeau lays out plan to reset Canada's relationship with indigenous people
  188. How Trudeau will take Calgary (and Toronto) in 2019
  189. Canada Just Warned That Negative Interest Rates Are Coming
  190. Liberals face data deficit in deciding on infrastructure spending: documents
  191. Liberals accuse Tories of ‘abuse of process,’ ask 33 hired in end-of-regime patronage binge to resign
  193. AB NDP MLA says she was cyber bullied over Bill 6
  194. Rachel Notley assassination chatter 'needs to stop,' Wildrose leader says as Bill 6 anger mounts
  195. Brawl breaks out after Ukraine PM manhandled in parliament
  196. 'Ambitious and balanced' climate change pact announced in Paris
  197. Tony Clement organizers meet to discuss possible leadership bid | Toronto Star
  198. Caroline Mulroney could be Tories heir apparent
  199. Debt-to-GDP ratio can come down even with deficits, economists say
  200. Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report points to 'growing crisis' for indigenous youth
  201. I'm disgusted - halal meals.
  202. CAUGHT ON CAMERA: "Two-faced" Notley laughs about her "favourite bill" -- anti-family-farm Bill 6 -- while NDP partiers cheer
  203. Multiculturalism remains 'a lie' Merkel
  204. The Stunning Explanation How "That Ford Truck" Ended Up In ISIS Hands
  205. Lights on, nobody home
  206. Toronto Star closes commenting on thestar.com
  207. Key Dalton McGuinty staffers charged in connection with gas plant scandal
  208. How Stephen Harper’s open federalism changed Canada for the better
  209. A muslim explains Islam
  210. The Baltics to Trudeau: Yes, we’re a ‘thing’
  211. S&P downgrades Alberta’s credit rating
  212. Lisa Raitt: The only real surprise is just how quickly Liberal promises crumbled
  213. Vancouver Mayor Robertson puts PM Trudeau in his place
  214. Never thought I'd see Terry Milewski write this
  215. Liberals drop sanctions against First Nations that didn’t comply with financial-transparency law
  216. Liberals agree to revoke spanking law in response to TRC call
  217. Federal-provincial finance ministers talk about fresh equalization figures
  218. First Nations 10 times more likely to die in house fires
  219. Tory insiders weigh in on where to go from here
  220. Conrad Black: In defence of Donald Trump
  221. Why can't the truth just be result enough?
  223. Canadians with marijuana convictions call on Trudeau to offer pardons
  224. Canada positioned to become Islamic banking hub
  225. Liberals to miss reduced target of 10,000 refugees by year’s end
  226. I HATE Social Justice Warriors
  227. The prime minister's Christmas message
  228. The Liberal government does not have the right to unilaterally change our voting system
  229. Quebec Politicians' Pay May Increase By More Than 50 Per Cent
  230. Federal Liberals rule out referendum on electoral reform — despite recent precedent
  231. Door knobs and dimwits!
  232. Kinsella: Ten reasons why it's wrong to change the electoral system the way the Liberals are proposing
  233. Liberals miss reduced year end Syrian refugee target. Badly.
  234. Annoying phone calls from the CPC
  235. Mississauga - 2016 Stormwater Charge
  236. Alberta Wildrose Will Continue Efforts To Unite With PCs
  237. Ray Heard: “Canada today has one of the most radical socialist governments in the Western world”
  238. MP Seamus O'Regan enters 'wellness program' for 'alcohol-free lifestyle
  239. Liberals scrambling on family-immigrant targets after promising to double intake ‘immediately’
  240. Legalizing marijuana will violate 3 treaties "Trudeau Warned
  241. Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Natural Law vs. Tyranny
  242. Ex-police chief Bill Blair to handle Liberals' pot legalization file
  243. Trudeau urged to strengthen ties with Saudi Arabia.
  244. Federal finance minister paints bleak picture of economic growth prospects
  245. Supreme Court hears Ottawa needs more time for comprehensive plan
  246. How Ontario cabinet ministers moonlight for money: Cohn
  247. Kevin O'Leary offers $1M if Notley resigns
  248. Loonie set for unprecedented plunge to 59 cents
  249. Kevin O'Leary circling as key Conservatives test Tory leadership waters
  250. Who Would Have Thought.....