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  1. Prince George refuses to high five Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  2. Mexico hit by surge of 5K Haitian
  3. Kellie Leitch Getting Noticed! McLeans Covergirl.
  4. Questions arise about computer server after troubling audit at Alexander First Nation
  5. The public’s love affair with Trudeau is undiminished – less so, the media
  6. Ontario Liberals scrap plans for $3.8 billion in renewable energy projects
  7. Ottawa failing to protect law-abiding Canadians from security surveillance, watchdog warns
  8. Ontario building code, garage plugs mandatory in all new houses and condos
  9. StasCan want to scrap short form census by 2026.
  10. Quebec Newspapers Want Government Help To Stay Afloat
  11. Cost of passengers’ food and drinks on Trudeau flights to Philippines, Turkey — $1,300 per person
  12. Sorry we couldn't find that Web page
  13. Canada’s First Nations show signs of buyer’s remorse over Trudeau Liberals
  14. Liberals shelled out $62.9 billion in ‘unprecedented’ first quarter
  15. (book) One Soldier: A Canadian Soldier's Fight Against the Islamic State
  16. Jane Philpott says 3% a 'reasonable escalator' for health-care spending
  17. Petronas weighs sale to exit $27B Canada LNG project: sources
  18. Conrad Black: The first one-on-one between Clinton and Trump was an even, if disappointing, debate
  19. Trudeau Liberals to impose $50 per tonne carbon tax by 2022.
  20. Wynne Liberals quietly trying to buy union support for 2018 election
  21. Libs trying to revoke citizenship of woman who's parents lied on application
  22. ‘The level of disrespect shown by the Prime Minister and his government today is stunning’: Brad Wall
  23. Canada faces choice on international drug treaties over legalized pot
  24. Group seeks $500M from federal Liberals to fund 1,600 ‘Guardians’ to patrol, assert aboriginal sovereignty
  25. First Nations artist wants new name for the province
  26. Winnipeg mother outraged by language used in children’s book
  27. Boycott Telus for supporting New Carbon Taxes
  28. NEW campaign slogan for the next election
  29. Lauren Southern Becomes a Man
  30. Trudeau may change law to protect Monsef
  31. Ambrose Charged Taxpayers For Housing Costs While Living At Stornoway
  32. Stéphane Dion's gesture in the House offends mother seeking kids' return from Iran
  33. Kevin Garratt thanks both Harper and Trudeau teams for his return to Canada
  34. Trudeau doubles Canada Summer Jobs spending, but student employment stays flat
  35. Quebec native affairs minister defends using the term ‘Indian time’ at news conference: ‘It was a joke’
  36. Canada added 67,000 jobs in September
  37. Trudeau calls "carbon pricing" a "tax"
  38. Trudeau government revoking citizenship at much higher rate than Conservatives
  39. Unifor threatens strike if no deal reached with Fiat Chrysler by midnight
  40. The New Non-Working Class
  41. Maxime Bernier Wants To Force Government Officials To Use Uber
  42. Free booze for alcoholics
  43. Ottawa ready to invest in Bombardier
  44. Nathan Cullen Says Overwhelming Number Of Canadians Want New Voting System
  45. Breaking: Federal deficit to be larger than predicted
  46. Trudeau government interfering in university hiring process
  47. Justin & Emma: #HeForShe Hypocrisy
  48. London MPP wants to know how Ontario Liberals made $70M collected from hunters and anglers disappear
  49. Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice among 4 killed in B.C. plane crash
  50. Alberta has a growth industry, in NDP advisory panels
  51. Samson Cree members demand audit of chief and council
  52. [old] Infrastructure funding yet another budget scam
  53. Trudeau in Medicine Hat: Canada’s carbon-tax naysayers are using ’scare tactics’
  54. Canadian On Death Row In Mont., Pleads For Trudeau Government's Help
  55. Manufacturers organize to combat destructive Ontario policies
  56. 3rd Party Candidate Joe Exotic.
  57. Make a $5 donation????
  58. End to Trudeau-public servants love affair
  59. Internet Taxes Being Considered By Liberals
  60. Ezra Levant: The UN is trying to ban our reporters because it doesn’t ‘approve’ of our views on climate
  61. Federal Cuts To Health Care Spending Prompt Provinces, Territories To Push Back
  62. Cleveland Indians can use name and ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo during ALCS games in Toronto
  63. Trudeau nominates Newfoundlander Malcolm Rowe to Supreme Court
  64. Alert: Justin Trudeau to appear on Breakfast Television Wednesday morning.
  65. Globe & Mail uses pic of polluting plants in China in article praising Trudeau's "carbon pricing"
  66. Canadians split on whether Trudeau government is spending their money wisely
  67. Wynne Liberals move to erase words "mother" and "father" from Ontario laws
  68. Tories say Liberals spent $11.7M on consultants, media for hydro rebate plan
  69. Historic land deal with Algonquin peoples signed
  70. Trudeau may be walking away from promise of electoral reform
  71. Hillary Clinton causes uproar in New York City,, don't look at the pictures unless you have eye bleach
  72. Maxime Bernier's plan to take over the world ;)
  73. Hand-picked crowd ensures a warm welcome as Notley surveys Alberta’s damage
  74. Liberal MP & citizenship fraudster Maryam Monsef missing in action
  75. Ontario set to announce deal to buy electricity from Quebec
  76. Liberals erase CPC changes to judicial appointment process and will force "diversity" in selecting new judges.
  77. Ferry breakdown highlights isolated reserve’s urgent need for all-weather road
  78. Margaret Trudeau Analyzes Donald Trump's Mental Health
  79. Canada’s trade minister Chrystia Freeland walks out of EU trade talks on verge of*tears
  80. Former Green Party candidate taken down after throwing pumpkin seeds at Justin Trudeau
  81. Bombardier to cut 2,000 Canadian jobs over next 2 years
  82. Calgary murderer bruised in riot sues province, jail guard for $50K
  83. Newspaper industry may get help from Ottawa: 'Everything is on the table'
  84. Lululemon warns Ottawa it could move headquarters out of Canada
  85. Trudeau does end run around ethics commissioner to avoid scruitny regarding cash for access fundraisers.
  86. NDP labour minister Christina Gray insists Notley government is creating jobs and plenty of them
  87. RCMP probes $4.2M paid to leaders — belonging to a single family — of tiny B.C. First Nation
  88. Questions about Liberal Maryam Monsef deepen and get more serious
  89. Get used to the ‘job churn’ of short-term employment and career changes, Bill Morneau says
  90. Stampeders to cover up pistol patches on shoulders of third jersey
  91. Jason Kenney says Trudeau carbon tax “an invasion” of Alberta authority
  92. Veterans allowed too much pot
  93. Porn star Jessica Drake says Donald Trump offered $10,000 for a visit
  94. Petition to Parliament calls for end to automatic citizenship to end 'birth tourism'
  95. Steven Blaney joining crowded Conservative leadership race
  96. 19-year-old student wins Niagara PC nomination
  97. CPP Rant
  98. Immigrants! Don't Vote for what you Fled.
  99. Federal Conservatives win reliable stronghold in Alberta byelection
  100. . Maxime Bernier message to, gun owners
  101. Trudeau Booed, Jeered At Youth Labour Forum In Ottawa
  102. silly poll A better legacy: Æthelred or jusin
  103. Nick Whalen Apologizes For 'Eat Less Fish' Remark Amid Muskrat Falls Health Concerns
  104. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will name nine new Liberal senators
  105. Feds may impose gender quotas on corporations if numbers don’t improve
  106. Mark Carney prepares his own Brexit after referendum debacle
  107. Ethics commissioner wants tighter rules on 'pay-to-play' fundraisers
  108. Is THIS why Trudeau came after Vegreville Alberta?
  109. Bills Statistics. Liberals vs Conservatives
  110. Notley stands by NDP promises, unafraid of opposition
  111. Investigation Opened on Liberal Cabinet Miister Maryam Monsef for Citizenship Fraud
  112. Trudeau names 6 new Senators.
  113. Canadians with government student loans who make $25K or less will get some reprieve
  114. 3rd Quarter Political Party Fundraising.
  115. Top Liberals face Elections Act charges in Sudbury case (ON)
  116. justin without poppy
  117. PBO: Legal weed revenue won't be as high as government thinks.
  118. Law firm’s event for Liberals draws cash-for-access charge
  119. Liberal Jacques Corriveau found guilty of charges in connection with federal sponsorship program
  120. Fall fiscal update boosts Liberal infrastructure plans but offers no path back to balance
  121. Ontario Liberal party campaign director resigns after bribery charge under Election Act
  122. Trudeau urged to follow in his father’s anti-nuclear footsteps and support UN disarmament treaty
  123. Lisa Raitt joins Conservative leadership race
  124. Clinton declined one-on-one with Trudeau in 2014 after Liberals turned apolitical event into fundraiser
  125. To paraphrase Nixon, when Clinton hides emails, it is not illegal: Neil Macdonald
  126. Grits will sell, sell, sell to balance budget by 2017-18, critics say
  127. Canada adds 44,000 jobs in October. Not as good as it sounds
  128. Erin O'Toole joins Conservative leadership race
  129. Liberals defend fundraisers with cabinet ministers. Contradict themselves.
  130. Jason Kenney supporters showing strength at PC convention
  131. Men On Strike
  132. Trudeal Liberals to mail every household electoral reform postcard to fill out online questionnaire
  133. Place your bets
  134. Kathleen Wynne announces new photo radar legislation for Ontario
  135. Anti-Racism Poster Fights Problem that Doesn't Exist
  136. More than 10,000 document security incidents in Trudeau government's 1st year
  137. Liberals appoint new panel to look at mandate of National Energy Board
  138. CPC Leadership Debate - November 9
  139. Just for fun - Suggestions for Trump Cabinet appointments
  140. Average non-mortgage debt load now at $21,686,
  141. First Brexit, now Trump...what's next?
  142. NAFTA to be renegotiated
  143. Liberals To Repeal Criminal Code Provision On Anal Sex
  144. Ontario judge’s pro-Trump baseball cap causes courthouse uproar
  145. Canada's environment minister leads Canada's delegation to COP22 (UN climate meeting)
  146. Mega-sized Canadian delegation in Morocco for this year’s United Nations climate change conference
  147. Justin Trudeau heads to Cuba,
  148. Soros Prepares For Trump War
  149. signs call for white people to mobilize against multiculturalism in Toronto
  150. David Suzuki looking to include environmental rights in Constitution
  151. Liberal MP Majid Jowhari apologizes for misstating engineering credentials
  152. Stupid question: Did anyone see Question Period in the HOC today?
  153. Leitch loses endorsement of prominent Newfoundlander.
  154. Manitoba natives want to hunt in your yard.
  155. ‘Muslim housing project’ in Montreal says anyone with shared values welcome
  156. Trudeau Liberals ‘trampling’ on women’s rights with new CPP regime
  157. Homer Simpson Philosophy Course To Be Offered At University Of Glasgow
  158. Alberta MLA Sandra Jansen leaves PCs, joins NDP caucus
  159. Liberals restore $25 million in funding to controversial Palestinian aid agency
  160. Kathleen Wynne insists she’ll lead party into next election
  161. ‘No consensus’ among Canadians on particular voting system, Maryam Monsef writes to committee
  162. Opioid crisis should be national health emergency
  163. Rocker Vince Neil Under Fire For Accepting Trump Inauguration Gig
  164. ‘It was my mistake,’ Wynne says of high electricity bills
  165. Fillon and Juppé knock out Sarkozy in French primary
  166. ‘I look forward to working with President-elect Trump’: Justin Trudeau
  167. Health Minister urged to re-examine possible side effects of anti-malarial drug
  168. Jason Kenney Fined For Breaking Alberta Tory Leadership Campaign Rules
  169. Trudeau government to phase out coal-powered electricity by 2030
  170. Selfie deaths are slowly rising around the world
  171. Ontario Energy Minister alleged to have sought ‘benefits’ to run for Liberals: report
  172. Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’
  173. Trudeau attended cash-for-access fundraiser with Chinese billionaires
  174. Dammit: Trump will not proceed with Clinton charges
  175. CF-18 replacement plan could be announced today.
  176. Feminist pours urine all over reporter
  177. Italian surgeon preparing patient for human head transplant
  178. Hamas Co-Founder: Trump May Be A Jew
  179. Liberals public relations cost taxpayers $27 million this year.
  180. John Ivison: Liberals’ jet purchase a political solution to political problem
  181. Students at Queen’s University facing criticism over ‘racist’ costume party
  182. Conservative senators amend Liberal middle class tax plan.
  183. Hydro protesters spotlight Wynne 'mistake' at Queen's Park
  184. "Community concerns" about black and white police cruisers being "too menacing"
  185. PM's reno to cost $38M
  186. Toronto Mayor Tory to support tolls on DVP and Gardiner today.
  187. Liberals table bill reversing most of CPC Fair Elections Act.
  188. Andrew Coyne: Cracks start to show in Trudeau*Liberals
  189. Liberals force 235 officials to sign permenant non disclosure agreements re fighter jets.
  190. video Rex Murphy | The Liberal mindset fundraising
  191. Poll: Ontario PC's would win Supermajority if election held now.
  192. Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets can all fly past 2025, RCAF commander says
  193. Defence Minister lies about RCAF 9/11 response to justify buying Super Hornets
  194. EKOS Poll: Libs down 5 points, CPC up 5 points
  195. Fidel Castro dies. Justin Trudeau issues statement. Much hilarity ensues. #TrudeauEulogies
  196. Public Safety (green paper)
  197. Trudeau’s turn from cool to laughing stock
  198. Twitter users heap scorn on PM after his kind words about Fidel Castro
  199. Justin Trudeau won't attend Fidel Castro's funeral
  200. CBC/Radio Canada asks for $400M in increased government funding to go ad-free
  201. Auditor General report slams Wynne Liberals.
  202. Elizabeth May Ready To Go To Jail Fighting Kinder Morgan Pipeline
  203. 'Just Say No' To Giving CBC $400M In Additional Funding
  204. Electoral reform committee kicks Trudeau in the nuts.
  205. Women should be allowed to pepper spray and mace attackers, Leitch says
  206. Trudeau raises flag for World AIDS Day, then cuts funding to 40 AIDS organizations
  207. Mexican visa lift expected to cost Canada $262M over a decade
  208. Marijuana report to urge Liberals to strike at the black market
  209. Liberals changed jet requirement to justify "capability gap" and purchase of Super Hornets
  210. Liberal Minister: We will call in the military to deal with unlawful pipeline protesters.
  211. Liberals failed to explain stand on holding referendum: Paul Wells
  212. Trudeau insists election reform still on table
  213. Trudeau urges police to ‘enforce the law’ on marijuana
  214. Not firearms related but I figured it would get a lot of support here.
  215. Ralliers call for Notley to be locked up
  216. National Chief Perry Bellegarde faces divisions over pipelines as AFN meets
  217. Canada cannot ‘sit back’ in a dangerous world, Justin Trudeau says
  218. Iraqis finally grant permission for Canadian shipment of small arms to Peshmerga fighters
  219. More people should engage in politics, Justin Trudeau says
  220. MyDemocracy.ca Questions: with my personal results.
  221. Young people facing drop in job quality, wages, StatCan study finds
  222. Electoral reform survey sparks online backlash
  223. Trudeau Skipped More Question Periods Than He Attended In First Year As PM
  224. Grave Dancing Day
  225. CUPE launches lawsuit against Wynne over Hydro One sale
  226. Protesting Ontario tradespeople 'mad as hell' over budget bill
  227. Trudeau government spent $416K to renovate new office building
  228. Trudeau Needs To Fire Himself As Youth Minister
  229. Environmentalists have impoverished First Nations, pro-pipeline chief says
  230. Be afraid: The brains behind Ontario's energy disaster are now advising PM
  231. Michael Moore predicts ‘something crazy’ will keep Donald Trump from presidency
  232. Algonquins file land claim for Parliament Hill
  233. Liberals trying to blame Electoral Reform Committee for disasterous mydemocracy.ca questionnaire?
  234. Ontario and Hydro Rates
  235. Canada’s elite ‘useful idiots’ endorse the Liberal
  236. Message to GOC: Please stop referring to the F35 as a "stealth" jet.
  237. B.C. teacher fired for having the wrong opinion
  238. Trudeau Liberals drop 9% in support from November: Forum Poll
  239. Dion: We'll use economic levers to push Trump on climate change
  240. Money began to rain on Trudeau Foundation once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows
  241. Kevin O'Leary Tells Tories He Can Beat 'Surfer Dude' Trudeau In 2019
  242. Billions of litres of raw sewage, untreated waste water pouring into Canadian waterways
  243. Federal government's Canada.ca project 'off the rails'
  244. Sky high energy prices will hurt people this winter
  245. The Carbon Tax in Australia
  246. Marijuana committee recommends everything Trudeau DOESN'T want.
  247. Year end Premier approval ratings. Wall first, Wynne worst: Angus Reid
  248. Taiwanese Animators Making fun of Trudeau
  249. Senator John Wallace to resign to fulfil 8-year pledge — but others won't follow suit
  250. Kevin O'Leary Can't Lead Tories If He Can't Speak French