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  1. Ouch Scheer, my back!!
  2. Tories making Trudeau's job easier
  3. Obama meets with Trudeau and does a talk in Canada which show how out of touch Liberals are with Reality!!!
  4. Albertan Aboriginal women murdered seven times the rate of non-aboriginal women
  5. CPC MP's response to Levant's misleading "Scheer supports the carbon tax!" rant
  6. Conservative Party puts Trost campaign 'on notice' over leaked membership list
  7. Greater Canadian job growth expected in May employment report
  8. Trudeau's selling Canada to China begins: We Welcome Chinese investment in oil sands
  9. New York Times Defends Trump Article After James Comey Calls it “Not True”
  10. Calgary man arrested for uttering threats against Ralph Goodale
  11. BC ndp election fund raising tactics
  12. Kathleen Wynne offers public servants 7.5% wage increase to extend contracts to avoid bargaining during election
  13. Politicians killed Canada’s low-dollar advantage by piling on carbon taxes and environmental red tape
  14. Our tax system is now so unfair it will push productive people to leave Canada
  15. Trudeau Liberals approve sale of tech firm that MAKES COMPONENTS FOR U.S MILITARY to CHINESE company
  16. Scheer's Next Challenge Is Unifying A Deeply Divided Conservative Party
  17. Liberal government continued selling off diplomatic buildings amid ‘Canada is back’ rhetoric
  18. Opposition concerned Heritage Minister’s chief of staff lobbied 6 times in 2017 by former employer Google
  19. Tory MP Ben Lobb Asked To Apologize For Calling Ralph Goodale A 'Tool'
  20. Kathleen Wynne warns of the risks of a victory by Patrick Brown and the PCs
  21. Liberals offer more civil servants contract extensions without concessions
  22. Ontario’s $15 minimum wage will have many layers of unintended consequences
  23. Men who lost fingers to frostbite illegally crossing border granted refugee status.
  24. Rumoured Trudeau cabinet shuffle this summer may see Sajjan out as Minister of Defence.
  25. Mr. Trudeau’s FrankenSenate: It’s alive, and it’s dangerous
  26. Civil Servants Free under Trudeau? Yeah, not so much.
  27. Trudeau to "officially" apologize to gays, introduce legislation to strike convictions for gross indecency.
  28. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set to announce $1.28 billion toward major Montreal transit project
  29. National Aboriginal Day Should Be A Statutory Holiday: NDP MP Georgina Jolibois
  30. Liberal scum use cheap translation of CPC job posting to smear Andrew Scheer.
  31. 27 people in Trudeau's PMO making more than $100,000 per year
  32. Increase in asylum seekers expected to cost at least $2.97 Billion.
  33. The unbearable smugness of Chrystia Freeland
  34. Justin Trudeau is like a crazy cat lady
  35. Vancouver’s drug strategy has been a disaster. Be very wary of emulating it
  36. PM says unelected senators have no business re-writing federal budget
  37. Jagmeet Singh Takes Stand Against Kinder Morgan, Energy East Pipelines
  38. Canada's Cuba Stance Not Changed By Trump Change Of Policy
  39. Bill Morneau, provincial finance ministers to start deep dive on pot taxes
  40. Prime Minister Ella-Grace Trudeau?
  41. Calgary coyote encounters spark calls for change
  42. Trudeau breaks another promise. PMO and Cabinet offices won't be subjected to ATI requests.
  43. Wynne's naked attempt to buy re-election is failing........spectacularily
  44. The real legacy of Trudeau’s Syrian refugee program
  45. Remember Trudeau's new rules for fundraisers saying media are welcome to observe everything? Yeah. Not so much.
  46. Taxes could 'kill' Canada's energy industry: Birchcliff CEO
  47. Oilpatch support for Notley climate deal running on fumes as CEOs depart
  48. Terry Glavin: The Liberal government has become a pro-China propaganda machine
  49. Editor, publisher of ‘highly offensive’ publication face criminal charge, couple says
  50. Canada Goes Full Retard
  51. Why the Political Left Feels Emboldened to Shut Down Free Speech
  52. Senate caves and passes Liberal budget unamended.
  53. Auto crashes are on the rise in marijuana states
  54. The most popular political Facebook group in Ontario targets Kathleen Wynne
  55. RCMP lay charges following lengthy investigation into 2015 homicide on Ermineskin First Nation
  56. Hello To The Sisters Upstairs
  57. Activists distribute Muskrat Falls water bottles outside premier’s speech to demand action on methyl mercury
  58. Toronto Star shuts down Star Touch app, lays off 30.
  59. Seattle's Minimum Wage Has Been a Disaster, as the City's Own Study Confirms
  60. Canada’s Secret to Resisting the West’s Populist Wave
  61. When the rules don't matter
  62. Justin Trudeau refuses to set date for balancing the budget
  63. Social media abuzz over Justin Trudeau’s Pride appearance with ‘Eid Mubarak’ socks
  64. Justin Trudeau says Liberal gov’t is fiscally responsible, blames deficit on Tories
  65. Trudeau to speak on gender equality at Global Citizen festival, ahead of G20 in Hamburg
  66. 10 Reasons Why Trudeau Will Win The Next Federal Election
  67. Prime Minister announces new Ambassador for Climate Change
  68. Philippe Couillard’s tone shift on Islam stuns Quebec Muslims
  69. Trudeau's plan for refugee backlog? Amnesty for all!
  70. The SOCKS are wearing thin!?
  71. Is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Teasing An X-Men: Dark Phoenix Role?
  72. Andrew Coyne shreds Trudeau's blaming others for his actions.
  73. Indigenous protesters: So Much LOL
  74. Justin Trudeau thinks immigrants make better Canadians than those born here.
  75. Chrystia Freeland explains the world for you
  76. Trudeau forgets Alberta in Canada day speech.
  77. US Police nationwide shot and killed 492 people in the first six months of this year ...
  78. Nationwide Firearms Turn-in Not Enough for Australia’s Gun Haters
  79. Omar Khadr
  80. Now, for something completely different
  81. After forgetting Alberta in Canada Day speech, Trudeau will skip the Calgary Stampede
  82. Indigenous candidates likely to be overlooked in choice of next governor-general
  83. Kim Jong-un calls missile test a ‘gift’ to ‘American bastards’
  84. Kathy Griffin Questioned By Secret Service About Trump ‘Beheading’ Photo
  85. Ottawa announces $1.2 billion Strategic Innovation Fund
  86. As carbon pricing becomes reality, fewer Canadians support such schemes: Angus Reid.
  87. Onion Lake First Nation appeals ruling ordering it to publish financial records
  88. Head of Canada's Indigenous veterans group hopes Proud Boys don't lose their CAF jobs
  89. El Salvadoran asylum seeker takes Canada to court over refugee law
  90. Barbara Kay: Canada's new sexual assault law is a 'catastrophic attack' on the rights of the accused
  91. The Trudeau government redacted the details of its own transparency plan
  92. So called anti-fascist fascists applaud Hitler
  93. Cheryl Gallant: Trudeau says all Canadians have to pay for Liberal guilt
  94. Jorge Vinicio Sosa Orantes Fighting Canada's Attempt To Revoke His Citizenship
  95. We need a theme song for Justin.
  96. Angus Ried: 71% disagree with Trudeau government's payout to Omar Khadr
  97. stop_the_indoctrination_white_privilege
  98. Marilyn Poitras Resigns As MMIW Inquiry Commissioner
  99. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flip flops, now slated to attend Calgary Stampede
  100. Ex-Gitmo detainee praises Canada's deal with Khadr as setting the bar
  101. Lobby group full of Liberals offers access to Minister of Environment for $10,000.
  102. Notley just sent me a check for $75.00
  103. Former astronaut Julie Payette to be Canada's next governor general
  104. 'We're not leaving': Tempers flare between First Nation, RCMP amid wildfire evacuation order
  105. Justin Trudeau just gave $241 million in taxpayer money to the Clinton Foundation.
  106. Canadian Regulatory Agency Tells Alcohol Retailers, Distributors To Stop Selling Some Israeli Wines
  107. TRUMP: Reverses State Department Denial Of Visas For 6 Afghan Girls Entering Robot Competition
  108. Judge dismisses request from soldier’s widow to freeze Omar Khadr’s assets
  109. Former PM Stephen Harper reaches out to Khadr victim
  110. Trudeau Suggests He Won't Intervene In Troubled Inquiry Into Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women
  111. Brawl erupts in Taiwan parliament as lawmakers attack each other with chairs
  112. Rex Murphy: Trudeau must explain how Khadr payout was ever the honourable option
  113. Trudeau says he did not reach out to soldier's widow
  114. Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami
  115. GITMO LOTTERY Canada makes millionaire out of terrorist who killed US soldier (Fox News Fron Page)
  116. Trump administration reveals goals ahead of NAFTA talks with Canada, Mexico
  117. Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux - the truth about Justin T ...
  118. Siemens closes wind turbine plant in Tillsonburg — 340 green energy jobs gone
  119. PMO has no comment on Julie Payette's expunged 2011 assault charge
  120. Shared Services Canada to begin talks on allowing federal departments to 'opt out' from centralized IT service
  121. Liberals and guns
  122. Alberta government 'not going to wait' for feds to close First Nations child welfare gap
  123. Billions wasted and jobs lost as Ontario's Green Energy Strategy continues to fail
  124. Wynne Liberals lose 3 MPP's to resignations.
  125. It took the Liberal 5 MONTHS of planning to send one tweet.
  126. New documents on Trudeau’s Bahamas trip raise fresh questions on long-running ethics investigation
  127. John Ivison: Scheer does good job with new leadership team — but where is Bernier?
  128. Jagmeet Singh Explains How His Federal Racial Profiling Ban Could Actually Work
  129. Hawaii prepares for possible North Korea missile attack
  130. In historic 1st, transgender inmate wins transfer to women's prison
  131. Trudeau Asks Conservatives To Keep 'Domestic Squabbles' In Canada
  132. Not even Europe's tumult can distract from what's happening in Trump's America
  133. Government revokes group’s charity status, audit cites possible funding of Pakistani militants
  134. Ontario businesses eye fleeing over minimum wage hike
  135. Trudreau punked into signing Nazi flag!!
  136. Quebec's Politicians Want to Maintain Milk Poverty
  137. Ultra Left Leadnow.ca lauch public campaign to support Omar Khadr
  138. Andrew Scheer is right to steer the Conservatives clear of controversy
  139. So now that it's a done deal are you going to ensure that it doesn't go off the rails?
  140. Magna warns Ontario at a ‘tipping point’ amid mounting costs
  141. Peel police charge Mississauga man with hate crime
  142. Trudeau Liberals rewrite citizenship guide. Remove section on no tolerance for barbaric cultural practises
  143. CBC's Neil Macdonald strikes again: Conservative politicians flock to U.S. media to whip up ignorance and bile
  144. Justin Trudeau geeking out on West Wing podcast this week
  145. Petronas cancels Pacific NorthWest LNG project in Canada.
  146. Conservative hypocrisy more damaging than the message: Harper
  147. and from the same liberal hugging Star Flawed strategy of making Alberta great again: Steward
  148. Just Found Out That The Irish Support The PaliMurderers!
  149. Canada's Pot Growers Won't Be Able To Keep Up When It's Legalized, Exec Warns
  150. Trudeau, free worlds best hope
  151. Hydro One on hook for U.S. cleanup?
  152. Liberal hypocrisy on display again.
  153. Justin Trudeau had a choice on Khadr settlement: Andrew Scheer
  154. Botched procurement delays inflatable boats for military
  155. Canadian officials praise U.S. leaders for scrapping border tax proposal
  156. Canada's GDP expanded by 4.6% in the year up to May, strongest pace since 2000
  157. Canadians Are Pretty Much Done With America Fawning Over Trudeau
  158. 'Privileged' Justin Trudeau accused of colonialist attitude over boxing match
  159. Stop running from the truth: Justin Trudeau is playing us with his PR stunts
  160. Reports Canadian made LAV's being used by Saudi regime against civilians
  161. Toronto man accused of spying for China and Taiwan
  162. Time to reinvent Canadian Conservatism or keep losing.
  163. Trudeau announces $35 M for diversity gardens at Assinboine Park
  164. Bill Whittle on justin - The Glamour Trap
  165. Ontario Environment Minister Glenn Murray to announce resignation.
  166. MALLOCH: Europa, Eurabia and the Last Man
  167. Trump dumps Scaramucci as Communications Director.
  168. Canada’s real strength? It’s not diversity
  169. Political party fundraising second quarter 2017.
  170. Trudeau says feds WILL NOT match donations to Red Cross for BC wildfire victims
  171. Ontario PC's at 49% support IN TORONTO: Mainstreet Research poll.
  172. Palestinian Authority now uses half of all foreign aid to reward terror
  173. Toronto lawyer donated $1800 to the Trudeau Liberals - then he was appointed a federal judge.
  174. Google And YouTube Ban Prof Who Refused To Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns
  175. United Conservative Party will obliterate Notley's NDP
  176. Trudeau says Canada not looking to decriminalize harder drugs, experts call that ‘irresponsible’
  177. Caroline Mulroney, Daughter Of Former Prime Minister, Running For Ontario PC Nomination
  178. Venezuela Slides Toward Civil War
  179. Cannabis Grower Buys California Town to Build Pot-Friendly Outpost
  180. Shutting down the backcountry
  181. Arabic most common mother tongue in Windsor other than English, French Italian is next most popular, followed by Mandarin and Polish
  182. Rimouski mayor's attempt to ban La Meute event leads to human rights complaint
  183. Canada to set up border camp as number of asylum seekers swells
  184. MMIW Inquiry Loses Director While Families Ask To Start Over
  185. Breaking: Brad Wall calling it quits, retiring from politics.
  186. Natives just blocked Argyle St. in Caledonia - again.
  187. Marriage decline is bad for our children, economy
  188. Liberals target fall for release of federal homeless veterans strategy
  189. Legal opinion on the Khadr payout
  190. David Coletto: "I despise Donald Trump. There I said it."
  191. Liberal MP Darshan Kang accused of sexual harassment
  192. Calgary Liberal MP Darshan Kang facing sexual harassment investigation
  193. Small business owners say they are unfairly targeted by proposed tax changes
  194. Osoyoos shopkeeper says he’s being threatened after he confronted Harjit Sajjan
  195. Liberals caught trying to re-write history to justify changing name of Langevin Block?
  196. Liberal 29 Steps Forward
  197. The fat kid is missing
  198. Ben Shapiro slams Trudeau!
  199. No more Grizzly Hunt (BC)
  200. illegal pot business is going up in smoke
  201. Cabot Mackenzie: How to beat Justin Trudeau
  202. The New Yorker: Steve Bannon and GERALD BUTTS have become friends.
  203. Andrew Scheer’s inclusive appeal shouldn’t leave room for alt-right
  204. Illegal Hatian immigrants b**ching about living conditions in Montreal
  205. "Multiple" illegal Hatian border crossers found in possession of child pornography
  206. 62% believe Ottawa isn't in control of illegal border crossing issue.
  207. Anonymous vows to take down white supremacist sites, Confederate symbols
  208. Speculation running rampent as Kathleen Wynne set to deliver closed door speech to entire caucus Thursday
  209. The week’s news that wasn’t
  210. Concerns grow over white nationalism rallies in Canada
  211. RCMP says it has intercepted 3,800 asylum seekers crossing illegally into Quebec since Aug. 1
  212. Ezra Levant fires Faith Goldy from The Rebel. Gavin McInnes leaves for "competitor".
  213. Even Noam Chomsky says Antifa is just a bunch of dopes
  214. ‘Antifa’ Grows as Left-Wing Faction Set to, Literally, Fight the Far Right
  215. Breaking now: Trump fires Steve Bannon
  216. Non-profit suing CBC for defamation over series of articles
  217. United Conservative Party application rejected by Calgary Pride parade
  218. B.C. premier and jobs minister sued by fired LNG advocate claiming $5 million
  219. Scott Adams: How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble
  220. March against racism drowns out 'Free Speech' rally in Boston
  222. The 45 Goals of Communism for taking over the US
  223. Trudeau basically calls anyone concerned about illegal border crossings a racist.
  224. New Statesman article from 2010 on history of eugenics
  225. Alt-Right and Alt-Left? The Time Has Come for the Alt-Middle.
  226. Somalis with criminal records coming to Canada from US, intelligence report warns
  227. Former Liberal candidate, personal friend of Gerald Butts gets diplomatic appointment for double the official pay scale
  228. Liberals break promise to close CEO tax loopholes after being lobbied by Bay Street documents show.
  229. Liberal Judy Foote to resign from cabinet Thursday, resign as MP later this year.
  230. Canadian Dollar, Cons vs Lib years
  231. Trudeau’s border deflections are just getting silly now
  232. Asylum seekers get health-care benefits first, eligibility questions later
  233. Healthcare for Average Canadian Family to Cost $12K This Year
  234. My new problem with immigrants
  235. Canadian teachers want first prime minister's name removed from schools
  236. Transgender Canadians can choose ‘x’ option on passports, starting Aug. 31
  237. Black Bloc/ANTIFA types threaten more violence against Canadian journalists covering their protests
  238. Average Canadians pay 42.5 per cent of their income in taxes: report
  239. Trump pardons controversial sheriff, Joe Arpaio convicted of criminal contempt over racial profiling
  240. MMIWG draft report ready.............After only ONE hearing.
  241. Trudeau clearly LYING when he says "irregular arrivals" have no advantage: Canadian Council for Refugees
  242. Dinesh d'Souza ... conservative commentator and best-selling author and movie maker ...
  243. Everything is offensive: Here are Canada’s other politically incorrect place names
  244. Justin Trudeau finally responds to border crises
  245. good news everyone,, Jason Kingsley, Calgary Pride President, Says Conservative Politicians Can't March In Parade
  246. City’s safe injection site sees 36 clients in first week
  247. Trudeau government fearful a massive refugee surge could hurt 2019 re-election campaign
  248. LOL!! Ont. government commisioned poll says Liberals are making a comeback.
  249. Omar Khadr wants unsupervised contact with his pro-al-Qaida sister, more freedom to travel
  250. If John A. Macdonald has to go, why not Pierre Trudeau too?