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  1. NDP MPs on hook for $2.75 million
  2. Ontario union ready to launch 'Dump Harper' campaign as soon as election called
  3. The ***OFFICIAL*** 2015 Federal Election Thread
  4. Harper promises permanent home reno tax credit
  5. So, I was in Ajax Ontario tonight...
  6. 2015 Election Debate Section
  7. Election 2015 - Everything goes here
  8. NDP numbers plateau as Conservatives have strong July: Nanos
  9. Federal Liberal members in eastern Quebec quit party to join NDP
  10. Canada election 2015: Do premiers help or hinder their federal partners?
  11. No leader can afford to treat first debate as just a drill
  13. Conservatives have committed voters, NDP has growth potential, polls suggest
  14. Letter carriers refusing to deliver graphic anti-abortion flyers
  15. Upcoming Events
  16. Former bank robber says prison system changing for the worse under Harper
  17. Kinsella - It's only day 5 and the ooze is starting to seep out.
  18. Jim Smith, The 1000: Election 2015
  19. Harper on "Netflix Tax"
  20. Canadian Natural Resources Ltd swings to $405-million net loss on Alberta tax increase
  21. who win the debate tonight poll
  22. Harper leads national Google searches for party leaders, split with Trudeau in GTA
  23. Warren Kinsella on the debate
  24. Toronto-Centre candidate who said 'Ontarians are idiots' apologizes
  25. I’ll vote NDP because
  26. Trudeau took a picture with a topless woman? Yawn
  27. Justin Trudeau won't commit to balanced budget right away, blames Stephen Harper
  28. Star NDP candidate: Alberta oil may have to be left in the ground.
  29. Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe Won't Predict How Many Seats He Can Win In Fall Election
  30. Kenney says Justin Trudeau’s ‘arrogant anti-Alberta attitude’ is as bad as Pierre Trudeau’s
  31. Mulcair's Minimium Wage Lie.
  32. Ian Lee: Teaching Economics to Politicians
  33. Harper pandering with plan to make it illegal to travel to terror-stricken zones
  34. Stephen Harper pledges $9M for religious freedom in Middle East
  35. Kathleen Wynne helps no one with her outbursts about Harper
  36. Protesters Interrupt Mulcair Book Launch
  37. Lighter side of CDN Politics
  38. Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled
  39. Stephen Harper 'delighted' to slow down Kathleen Wynne's pension plan
  40. Harper Says Majority Of Canadians Oppose Legalizing Marijuana
  41. Oshawa conservative targets Orono shooting range as fundraising venue
  42. Former candidate says she has proof ex-MP blocked her nomination bid in Richmond, B.C.
  43. Oops Mr. Mulcair, you just flunked your recession history
  44. NDP steal Conservatives anti-Trudeau advertising theme
  45. Trudeau Says He'll Grow The Economy 'From The Heart Outwards'
  46. Prime Minister Stephen Harper vows limit on foreign home buyers if needed
  47. Justin Trudeau's Care Bear Economics.
  48. Justin Trudeau promises $2.6B for First Nations education
  49. The nerd who came from nowhere: Stephen Harper knows you don’t need to like a politician to elect him
  50. NDP was paying some Punjabi phone canvassers $13 (four bucks less than their English*counterparts)
  51. With most voters looking ready for change, Mulcair laughing to the ballot box
  52. Gilles Duceppe Says Blue Bloc Wave Can Replace Orange
  53. Are gun confiscations next on the NDP's agenda?
  54. Justin Trudeau urges Stephen Harper to fire staffers aware of Mike Duffy payment
  55. Leger: NDP would win minority, CPC THIRD.
  56. Why Harper (and friends) are a bigger threat than IS: Burman
  57. Opposition to Ontario pension plan growing as support for scheme softens, provincewide poll finds
  58. Canada regains title as most reputable nation in the world despite Harper derangement frenzy
  59. Veterans launch ‘Anyone But Conservatives’ campaign during Harper stop
  60. Justin Trudeau holds rally with Kathleen Wynne in Toronto
  61. Stephen Harper pledges expansion of military reserves
  62. Care Bears Trudeau ???
  63. The Rhinoceros Party Promises Nationalization Of Tim Hortons
  64. Liberal candidate wished Israel supporter had been aborted with coat hanger
  65. Liberals lose Quebec candidate.
  66. Reporters Called 'Lying Pieces Of Sh*t' At Tory Campaign Event, Spokesperson Apologizes
  67. Life Means Life
  68. Den Tandt: Justin Trudeau puts Liberals in position to emerge from election with more*influence
  69. Nice to see Trudeau getting asked tough questions.
  70. Liberals mum on Trudeau's mosque meeting.
  71. How the Alberta government is trying to downgrade the*oilsands
  72. Trudeau promises flexible working conditions for federally-regulated workers
  73. My FB Comment to an undecided voter.
  74. Duffy-Wright-Harper: Does it matter? Abacus poll
  75. Colby Cosh: If there’s a scandal in the Duffy affair, why can’t I spot it?
  76. Thomas Mulcair Sang Praises For Margaret Thatcher's Right-Wing Politics In 2001
  77. The Closing of the Canadian Mind
  78. Two Quebec only polls.
  79. The Gargoyle: Tories trailing or tied in several swing ridings, says advocacy group's*poll
  80. leadnow launch Vote Together to defeat the Conservatives.
  81. NDP lead by 5 points: Forum.
  82. (French) CROP/La Presse: Quebec has no clue
  83. VICE News Interview: Justin Trudeau
  84. Cheezy internet survey on how you should vote
  85. Heard something interesting...
  86. Liberal candidate admits he broke spending laws to win nomination
  87. Stephen Harper unveils tax credit plan for service club memberships
  88. Ontario Disputes Mulcair's Claim On $15 Day Care Plan
  89. Mulcair scales back magnitude of NDP’s promised corporate tax hike
  90. Thomas Mulcair Is A Ruthless Dictator Like Harper, Says Green MP Who Left The NDP
  91. Liberals set to unveil plan to court veteran vote
  92. Stephen Harper warns NDP, Liberals pose threat to economy amid market worries
  93. Loonie Hits 11-Year Low As China Crashes, Oil Slides
  94. More than 22,000 federal inmates eligible to vote
  95. New Nanos numbers.
  96. Paul Martin showcases Liberals’ economic credentials in the teeth of Conservative attack ads
  97. Former Liberal MP says party didn’t probe allegations of membership fraud in recent nomination battle
  98. Mulcair: NDP won't need to run deficit to keep election promises
  99. Mulcair Let Harper 'Off The Hook' By Declining Women's Issues Debate
  100. Trudeau can't define middle class
  101. Michael Ignatieff b--ch slaps Trudeau
  102. Finance Minister Joe Oliver cancels speech at Toronto men’s club amid controversy
  103. Liberals promise tax refund for teachers’ out-of-pocket school supplies
  104. Brampton man sees donation given to Conservatives without his consent
  105. Conservatives looking for veterans to sing praises of Harper: email
  106. Liberal who lost Montreal riding nomination to Trudeau-linked candidate appeals results
  107. New Forum poll - you're going to LOL
  108. Trudeau promising at least 3 years of "modest" deficits under Liberal government
  109. New Ipsos poll
  110. Harper government ran $5-billion surplus over first quarter: Finance Canada
  111. Kinsella's take on Trudeaus deficit plan
  112. NDP Riding President, Denounces Party For 'Antidemocratic Practices'
  113. Election 2015′s social media casualties (so far)
  114. New EKOS poll
  115. Military spending might be NDP’s secret weapon
  116. Politician Control
  117. Tom Mulcair too right, says left wing of his own party
  118. Canada's prime minister wants to make it harder for people to vote against him - The Guardian
  119. Debating NDP supporter on FB...ya ya I know...
  120. Vote Compass Lets hit it hard!
  121. Look another Vote compass,,
  122. Oakville mayor apologizes for suggesting veterans were brownshirts to Stephen Harper’s Hitler
  123. NDP's hidden immigration pledge a concern
  124. New Abacus poll
  125. Peter Foster: The increasing pile of bizarre examples of Harper Derangement Syndrome
  126. Thatcherism and socialism are fundamentally irreconcilable
  127. NDP ignore Global's request to remove footage from ad.
  128. New Liberal ad: Trudeau on an escalator
  129. Ryan Leef handcuffs, puts vandal under citizen arrest
  130. Did NDP MP lie about drowned Syrian boy for political gain?
  131. Mrs. Universe 2015 Ashley Callingbull calls for First Nations to vote out Harper
  132. so much for the orange wave
  133. Justin Trudeau takes infrastructure pitch to key GTA riding
  134. Canadians divided on how to help refugees - poll
  135. Justin Trudeau wears $20,000 watch to Tim Horton's middle class photo op.
  136. Can a cat be any better for PM?
  137. Liberal party website main page has an interesting question
  138. Conservatives slip to third
  139. Stephen Harper Interview with Peter Mansbridge
  140. Justin Trudeau Interview with Peter Mansbridge
  141. New Ipsos poll
  142. Greens release full platform
  143. 49 seconds: Preview of Tom Mulcair interview with Peter Mansbridge
  144. Thomas Mulcair interview with Peter Mansbridge
  145. Daily Nanos - Gotta love the analysis
  146. Liberals threaten to pull out on Munk debate.
  147. this will get the polls moving for MP Harper
  148. Trudeau: Most small business owners are just wealthy Canadians looking for tax savings.
  149. Tom Mulcair promises quick end to Iraq mission
  150. Harper sends campaign manager back to Ottawa
  151. Libs lose another candidate.
  152. Canada will welcome refugees, but won’t stop screening them: Harper
  153. NDP candidate’s husband posing gangster-style with handgun
  154. Nanos nightly rolling poll (UPDATED post #293)
  155. New Forum poll
  156. Conservative candidate shares advice on drunk women, latent homosexuality and "being a man"
  157. New EKOS poll, Sept 11.
  158. Elizabeth May Interview with Peter Mansbridge
  159. "Harper sponsored terrorism" NDP Candidate
  160. Election Jokes/memes/ect
  161. (2013)Michael Den Tandt: Trudeau can reinvent the Liberals with a 'modern' take on libertarianism
  162. Jean Chrétien says Stephen Harper 'has shamed Canada'
  163. The Most Powerful Attack Ad Ever
  164. Michael Harris: Party of One
  165. Justin Trudeau, Jean Chrétien slam NDP's stance on Quebec secession
  166. Send Harper a Message....
  167. Canada had $1.9 Billion surplus in 2014 - 2015.
  168. Mulcair delaying release of NDP platform until after economic debate.
  170. NDP believes Trudeau’s in trouble in home riding
  171. The Leap Manifesto
  172. David Akin SHREDS Trudeau
  173. How Jean Chrétien is still getting it wrong
  174. Stephen Harper Will Soon Earn His Four-Millionth Dollar As A Federal Politician
  175. Conservatives, NDP and Liberals will be in Munk Debate on foreign affairs
  176. Harper promises new aid to seniors, defends boutique tax credits
  177. C-51 was the final straw
  178. New Ipsos poll Sept 15.
  179. Despite Criticism on Handling of Syrian Refugee Crisis, Tories Lead on Issue
  180. Mainstreet Technologies poll of Ajax and Spadina Fort York
  181. NDP victory in Alberta gives Justin Trudeau belief province is ready to change status quo and listen to Liberals
  182. NDP release fiscal plan.........
  183. Conservatives made deal to quiet dissent on C-51, gun group says
  184. New Forum Poll September 17th
  185. Chris Austin, Liberal candidate, pulled for views 'irreconcilable' with party values
  186. Federal leaders' debate 17 Sept
  187. Poll: Trudeau in trouble in Home Riding.
  188. New Ekos September 18
  189. Gretzky's endorsement of Stephen Harper divides social media
  190. Pollsters fear dubious NDP poll on Trudeau hurts credibility of their industry
  191. Poll: Liberals lead Toronto/GTA by 10 points.
  192. Kinsella - KCCCC DAY 49: CAN YOU SPOT THE THEME?
  193. Justin Trudeau says he would consider airlifting refugees from Syria
  194. Rex Murphy - Thomas Mulcair, Alberta oil sands are bad for the Canadian economy
  195. Justin Trudeau vows to ditch F-35 in favour of ‘more affordable’ fighter jets and a ‘leaner’ military
  196. Justin proves he's a tax and spend Liberal
  197. News article Donate to Alberta Libertarian’s campaign, get chance to win gun
  198. New Ipsos poll for Global News.
  199. Maps & Stats & Colors & Things
  200. Justin Trudeau promises more waste
  201. New Forum poll September 21st
  202. 'No circumstances’ under which Trudeau would support Harper continuing as prime minister
  203. Third-place finish will wipe out Liberals
  204. If you were forced to choose....
  205. Notley sides with Clinton on her opposition to Keystone.
  206. Auschwitz?
  207. New EKOS POLL - Conservatives open big lead.
  208. Federal leaders' French-language debate: 5 elements to watch for tonight
  209. Gilles Duceppe To Target Mulcair In French Leaders' Debate
  210. Anti-CPC Venn Diagram
  211. Federal NDP Says Accused Fundraiser Is Trudeau's 'Bagman'
  212. NDP candidate in Saskatchewan drops out of election citing financial burden of long*campaign
  213. Rob Anders people still don’t like Ron Liepert
  214. Poll ordered by Harper found strong support for niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies
  215. Vanishing Canada?
  216. Liberals say they can add $146.5B in new spending and still balance books
  217. Trudeau dismisses Suzuki’s climate views a “sanctimonious crap” and Suzuki calls Trudeau a “twerp”
  218. 2 New Innovative research polls
  219. Ontario doctor's urged to vote against Federal Liberals
  220. Kathleen Wynne’s support for Justin Trudeau may now be a liability: Walkom
  221. Liberals offer a clear choice: Deficits for an economy already growing
  222. Conrad Black predicts NDP will 'slip' in Quebec
  223. Moderator asks Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair to skip talking points in upcoming foreign policy debate
  224. Election 2015 Seat Projections: What Happens If Tories Win A Minority?
  225. Trudeau Says Terrorists Shouldn't Be Stripped Of Citizenship In Leaked Audio
  226. New Abacus poll Sept 27
  227. Munk leaders' debate
  228. New Ipsos poll Sept 29
  229. There Were No Clear Winners in the French Debate, But One Loser
  230. Look whose agenda is hidden now
  231. CBC hits back at Stephen Harper over funding cuts
  232. NDP sets sights on Trudeau in bid to recapture momentum
  233. TPP. Why now ?
  234. Canada's July GDP grows more than economists predicted.
  235. Union asks NDP to keep Saudi armoured vehicles deal ‘under wraps,’ fearing ‘significant’ job losses
  236. Metro’s Q&A with Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  237. The Agenda with Steve Paikin - What's Happening to Canada?
  238. Quebec Liberal and NDP candidates back away from parties niqab policy
  239. Libs lose another candidate
  240. Change is in the air in Conservative Alberta and opposition parties stand to gain
  241. Conservatives out in front, new poll finds
  242. Analysis: Trudeau's home riding to benefit most with Liberal child care plan
  243. Failed government policies sinking Ontario economy: Fraser Institute
  244. Justin Trudeau perceived winner in foreign policy debate
  245. NDP Is 'The Only Party With A Clear Position For Peace'
  246. Trudeau pledges to work on pot legalization policy 'right away' if elected
  247. New Angus Reid poll October 1st
  248. What to expect from the final leaders’ debate
  249. 'Harperman' Singer Tony Turner Retires From Environment Canada
  250. New EKOS October 2nd.