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  1. 1851 Colt Navy
  2. Cannons and Mortars!
  3. Antique Photos - post em here.
  4. 41 long colt
  5. Snider Enfield Transport box
  6. Fair price for a s&w 1 1/2 new model
  7. Antique identification and evaluations.
  8. Antique Legalities
  9. Good sites for proof references
  10. Target suggestions wanted!
  11. Two Colt SAA photoshoot turns scandalous...
  12. What is this
  13. looking for a antique or a black powder handgun
  14. Colt Bisley SAA
  15. Merwin & Hulbert Single Action
  16. Who's hunting with a traditional muzzle loader.
  17. Kentucky long rifle pioneered accuracy
  18. Black powder percussion for beginners,,,from start to finish NOTE...NOT Modern inline rifles!
  19. Took the golf ball mortar/cannon out again!
  20. Black powder — now and then
  21. The new gopher wacker...more pics added
  22. A pair of C-96 Mauser Broomhandle, both antique ;)
  23. New 1000 yard toy, HAS BEEN SHOT
  24. Found Guns in the Office
  25. new to the BP world
  26. Reloadable .25 and .32 rimfire... any experience?
  27. Looking for a 1851 Navy
  28. Best Brands of Flintlock
  29. Pocket Canon
  30. "New" rifle
  31. Cap and ball revolver loading stand
  32. Black Powder B___h Slap
  33. Left Handed Side Locks
  34. Stuck ramrod, any ideas how to pull it out ?
  35. Cannon Pics from last weekend.....
  36. BPCR Buffalo Rifles
  37. Black Powder Cap'n'Ball Revolvers
  38. Ballistol Oil Retailers in Alberta
  39. cleaning black powder irons?
  40. Has anyone.....
  41. Tactical Black Powder!
  42. Where can I find 11×60mm Mauser Ammo?
  43. looking for someone to rechamber a revolver.
  44. antique flow chart
  45. Who is using the Dutch Schoultz method?
  46. MUST SEE! Here's what NEVER to do with your muzzle loading black powder guns!
  47. Caliber converted antiques under the gun now
  48. Which of these Sharps
  49. Calling All Antique Collectors - Help With A School Assignment!
  50. Inherited ML Shotgun Questions
  51. Haywire becomes a follower of The Holy Black
  52. "Navy Sixes"
  53. added a sharps to the safe
  54. One of the rarest 1860 Army Colt Revolvers
  55. Black Powder kits
  56. Cannon Shoot 2014
  57. Thompson Center Muzzleloaders
  58. Started a mini cannon today
  59. Need Lever Advice: Mare's Leg for Wife?
  60. Factoid
  61. Legality issue
  62. Another Mini-Cannon
  63. Legality of chemical components
  64. Cannon fuse spinning machine - yea I made one
  65. The hand cannon of the 1900s
  66. CVA Accura MR
  67. Unknown Gun
  68. book for long range creedmore sights?
  69. 1897 steyr
  70. 32 rimfire to?
  71. What's your favorite part of shooting Black Powder.
  72. Is it an Offense to Open Carry an Antique Handgun?
  73. I want to import and antique from the US - pardon me if this is obvious...
  74. Pocket Cannons
  75. 1887 Mauser
  76. Cannon fuse
  77. Home made blackpowder....
  78. Request for information on handing down prohibited firearms
  79. More cannon fun
  80. orig 95 win feeding issue
  81. Cannon Shoot 2015
  82. Please help identifying this old rifle. Swiss? Swedish?
  83. Save me from buying a Ross rifle?
  84. Folding stocks aren't new
  85. Girardoni-Style Air Rifle as used by Lewis and Clark
  86. Can't order flintlock kits from the US?
  87. Newbie to Flintlock, teach me your ways masters of the black powder
  88. Walch revolver
  89. Colt Model 1839 Revolving Rifle
  90. Buying BP Rifle Kit
  91. Springfield Altered Sharps Rifle
  92. Moore’s Belt Revolver
  93. What would this be worth?
  94. old rifle
  95. Revolver-rotating wheel, sort of rifle.
  96. Assembling the Jedediah Starr fullstock flintlock
  98. And we thought lights and rails were a new idea...
  99. My first Antique revolver French 1892 marine
  101. How to make trunion straps / cap squares for your black powder mini cannon
  102. Any Canadian dealers for Cimarron?
  103. 1870 TRAPDOOR 50-70
  104. Shooting an 1864 Snider
  105. 58 cal sabots in Canada???
  106. Sharps Percussion loading...paper cart or loose powder?
  107. Rifled liners in a smoothbore, sacrilege or what?
  108. Snider Butt-plate
  109. Cap and Ball Kits...
  110. Attic find Winchester 1894
  111. Kentucky Traditions Flintlock
  112. Martini-Henry Experts
  113. Vernier Sight Question
  114. Popsicle style peep sights (1880's)
  115. Cap and Ball, starting the adventure
  116. Which Of Our Esteemed Suppliers...?
  117. Guns of the West:
  118. Does anyone know the current market value of a Snider Enfield 2 band "sgt pattern" with bayonet and scabbard ?
  119. Wanting to get into bp revolvers.
  120. Ross Rifle company
  121. Cannon /signal mug safety rules?
  122. "Victorian Riflemen" Alberta Shoot. June 24th & 25th.
  123. Round Ball Count From Roof Jack Lead Flashing
  124. Do I really have an Antique?
  125. Hudson's Bay percussion rifle
  126. Guess I'm getting my cowboy on
  127. Muskets
  128. Pietta 1851 Rebel Navy bp revolver parts?
  129. Cap and ball revolvers
  130. Black Powder Choice
  131. 1851 Navy Colt
  132. Harley Grice and the Great Vermont Target Shoot
  133. Mowrey Gun Works Inc muzzleloader kit ( Allen & Thurber)
  134. Cimarron Man with no name
  135. Imagine if these Antique revolvers were still easily available today
  136. Rifles found
  137. Lyman recall on BP Rifles and Pistols - safety first
  138. Old Timey Shot Shell De and Reprimer
  139. 1869 Vetterli
  140. Trying to identify antique cap and ball rifle.
  141. The Puckle Gun: Repeating Firepower in 1718
  142. 1886 Lebel, the rifle that changed the world
  143. Shooting the .451 Whitworth civil war sniper rifle
  144. Maxim Pom-Pom 37mm Machine Gun
  145. W.A.R. - the Winchester Automatic Rifle
  146. BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle
  147. M20 75mm Recoilless Rifle: When the Bazooka Just Won't Cut It
  148. A Swarm of Angry Bees: The American 180 .22LR Submachine Gun
  149. M3 and M3A1 Grease Gun SMGs
  150. Pritchard's 19th Century Precharged Air Gun
  151. .22-06 Duplex M1 Garand
  152. Shooting the Yugoslav M49/57 Submachine Gun
  153. America's First Assault Rifle: Burton 1917 LMR
  154. M1918 BAR: America's Walking Fire Assault Rifle
  155. Lancaster Four-Barrel Shotgun With Double-Action Trigger
  156. Some of Ian's Gun Collection, on a Matrix Armory Display Wall
  157. America's First Assault Rifle: Burton 1917 LMR
  158. Mondragon 1894 Straight-Pull Bolt Action Rifle
  159. Armalite AR-17: A Shotgun from the World of Tomorrow!
  160. Britain Goes From Trainer to Competition: the No 8 Mk I
  161. Evans New Model Carbine: High Capacity in the Old West
  162. William Soper's Direct Action Breech Loader
  163. SIG's World War Two Semiauto Rifle: The Model U
  164. Germany's First Smokeless Carbines: the Kar 88 and Gewehr 91
  165. Czech vz61 Skorpion: History and Mechanics
  166. Warner Carbine
  167. Schmeisser's MP-18,I - The First True Submachine Gun
  168. Confederate Whitworth Sniper: Hexagonal Bullets in 1860
  169. M1915 Villar Perosa
  170. Scoped Sharps 1874 Buffalo Rifle
  171. Inglis High Power: How a Chinese Whim Became A British Service Pistol
  172. M1903 Sniper Rifle with Warner & Swasey M1913 Musket Sight
  174. Apache Knuckleduster Revolver
  175. Orvill Robinson's Innovative Rifles
  176. First Public Look! 132 Year Old Winchester Rifle Found in Nevada Under A Tree !!
  177. Pak-40 German 75mm AT Gun Firing
  178. Forgotten History: World's Biggest Black Powder Cannon - a 100-Ton Gun
  179. German Railway Gun That Shelled Britain
  180. Kaiserliche Schutztruppen G98 - for the German Camel Corps
  181. The Greene Carbine: Too Tricky for the Cavalry
  182. Pistola PRESSIN: Llama's Sneaky Self-Defense Weapon
  183. Darne "Canardière Portatif" Shoulder-Fired Punt Gun
  184. The St Etienne Mle 1907: France's Domestic Heavy Machine Gun
  185. Prototype Winchester WW1 .50 Cal Antitank Rifle
  186. America's WW1 Trench Rifle: The Cameron-Yaggi 1903
  187. Reproduction 1877 "Bulldog" Gatling Gun
  188. Heavy Machine Guns of the Great War
  189. 1851 Navy Sheriff
  190. Whaling bomb lances
  191. Matchlock project
  192. Hunting with flintlock gun
  193. 200 grains of FFF......
  194. Any idea what this is?
  195. Baker bleepin' rifle ... That is all ...
  196. Anyone heard of a «Cavalier» brand shotgun?
  197. Webley MK II Classification
  198. Samuel Pauly Invents the Cartridge in 1812
  199. interesting
  200. breechloader
  201. Lube those breech plugs........please.
  202. New Wallet Group!!
  203. 1887 webley MK1 royal navy revolver
  204. Any Flintlock Rifle Builders in Canada?
  205. Another future project
  206. CVA Mountain Pistol
  207. Goex fffg is oos in Abby Cabelas. Where else to go?
  208. The world's oldest revolver
  209. Baker Gun Info
  210. Trail boss powder in BPC
  211. 1911 Winchester 94, value?
  212. Academic question about an antique single shot pistol
  213. Anyone have an idea of what pistol this is..?
  214. Looking for round balls in AB
  215. Good place to buy antique pistols?
  216. Large frame rolling block receiver - looking for a Canadian barrel maker
  217. How many here own and shoot the antique Mauser Model 1871 or Gewehr 71 rifles?
  218. Goex closure
  219. Vetterli rifles – Advice please
  220. Goex 3F and 4F Available
  221. GOEX sale ?
  222. legalities about ammo for antique pistols
  223. GOEX seems to be sold.
  224. Need help making sure this Mauser C96 is actually a prescribed antique
  225. My TVM Tennessee is Finally Done…..
  226. Question about antique through mail
  227. Gun supposedly presented to Bill Ruger?
  228. The search continues... Mauser C66 prescribed antique.
  229. Stainless worth it in a muzzle loader?
  230. Lyman Tang Sight Use
  231. Had anyone any background with “old guns Canada”
  232. Will powder coating help?
  233. Looking for second, third opinions
  234. Double charging your 45-70 ?
  235. Flintlock pistol kit in Canada
  236. 1892 Winchester Markings
  237. Thomas Turner 3 band civilian marksmanship Snider