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  1. COMMENTARY: Lawful gun owners pay the price for gang violence (and public ignorance)
  2. Goodale to table long-sought bill next week to stiffen gun laws
  3. Gun-control advocates fear new federal firearms bill may lack real bite
  4. Liberal MPs call on cabinet to get ahead of attacks on new gun bill, as firearms lobby heads to Ottawa
  5. SHOCKED! Trudeau lies to justify new gun laws.
  6. Firearms legislation posted March 20, 2018
  7. Bill C-71 content
  8. SECU Briefs - Fight C-71 via OneClearVoice.ca
  9. Back Door Registry?
  10. Post C-71 introduction letter sent to Liberal supporters.
  11. Solomon and Wendy
  12. Looks like only certain CZ-858's are going prohibited?
  13. Win the online polls
  14. Holy mother of cz858 rifles for sale
  15. Firearms Lawyer Ian Runkle's take on C-71
  16. Letter text ideas
  17. C-71: Police need warrant to look at retailer records. NOPE.
  18. Rod Giltaca on Gorrmley (CCFR)
  19. Media Response to Bill C-71
  20. rcmp agenda whe they get power to classify firearms
  21. Libs pull funding from group actually trying to get guns off the streets
  22. CBC buried this article because the comments were so overwhelmingly pro gun
  23. opinion goodale Bill C42 C71
  24. Cheryl Galant: The Trudeau Liberals' Anti-Gun Agenda Revealed
  25. OMG, CBC calls bull$#it on Goodale!
  26. Knd of Funny; Rebel Media on C-71
  27. Justin Trudeau had guns stolen from his “country place”
  28. Proposed bill a good thing, says gun shop owner
  29. Liberals' claim of 'steady increase' in gun crime rests on a 'drastic' comparison to a low-crime year
  30. OCV Campaign #2 Brain Storming
  31. Gunnies United Battle Song
  32. @liberal_party tweeted about C-71...
  33. CCFR email update
  34. PAL verification - records kept
  35. CSSA Report on C71
  36. Personal history goes back for LIFE, not 5 years, after C71 - scared?
  37. A Resource to Combat Bill C-71
  38. OCV Brainstorming
  39. CCFR (via CPAC) on C-71
  40. Ralph Goodale's Facebook page - post your thoughts to the Minister re Bill
  41. Useful Talking Point
  42. New PALer
  43. Time until this goes into effect?
  44. No automatic ATT for collector category
  45. C71 Up for Second Reading March 26
  46. So does C-71 make a partial AR prohib possible?
  47. Compliance Cost Estimate
  48. Liberals pass time allocation motion to limit debate on C-71
  49. Misinformation about C71: Range ATTs for prohibs, Grandfathered groups, Section 12(9)
  50. Anti Bill C-71 Parliamentary Petition
  51. How should we judge firearms legislation?
  52. The response I got from Mike Bossio
  53. Response from my local MP
  54. MP Response (Conservative)
  55. Win? Lose? Draw?
  56. How is This Applicable to C-71?
  57. Order Declaring an Amnesty Period (2018): SOR/2018-46
  58. Response from Andrew Scheer on C-71
  59. Liberals Making a Difference. A tale of 858s
  60. Bill C59 2015
  61. Response From Senators
  62. Yukon Fish & Game Association blasts proposed gun rules - CBC
  63. ‘Huge Rush’ on Bill C-71 Could Make It Law by Fall, MP Motz Says
  64. Excellent Infographic
  65. My Letter To SECU
  66. MP's roundtable targets firearms bill
  67. Liberals May Back Down on C-71 If Strong Outcry, MP Zimmer Says
  68. David Anderson Speaks on Bil C-71
  69. Gary Mauser: Bill C-71 is a Red Herring
  70. Phone campaign via Gunblog ( Anti-C71)
  71. Heard back from Liberal MP COLIN FRASER for my area.
  72. Cheryl Gallant: How to stop Trudeau's back door registry
  73. C-71 analysis and summary by Guy Lavernge
  74. Self-registry is available at RCMP web site
  75. SECU - Bill C-71 Briefs April 18th
  76. Larry Miller, MP Owen Sound
  77. Retailer picking up the fight - Wanstall's
  78. CSSA AGM 2018 Seminar 3 - Ed Burlew & Tony Bernardo on Ruger Magazines & Bill C-71
  79. Scheer tweeting about C-71
  80. Retailer picking up the fight - Al Flaherty's
  81. Minister of Justice - Charter Statement - Bill C-71
  82. Retailer picking up the fight - Wolverine Supplies
  83. Canadians are largely supportive of the Liberals’ proposal to toughen gun control laws
  84. Liberals, Tories lay groundwork for turning gun control into wedge issue
  85. Retailer picking up the fight - Bullseye London
  86. Goodale LETTER: Gun crime bucking trend
  87. Opinion: Canada's government is clearly uninterested in finding innovative solutions to gun violence
  88. Bill C71 - negative public safety benefit
  89. C-71 vs C-75 Graphic from CPC
  90. SECU start
  91. Meme fight! - Infographic/Meme Repository
  92. SECU's first meeting on C-71 - May 8th
  93. RCMP Bill C-71: An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms
  94. CCFR is testifying at SECU
  95. Not sure if anybody has seen this yet...
  96. Goodale defends firearms bill against criticism it does nothing to address gun crime, mass shootings
  97. Estimate of effects of Amnesty programs in Canada
  98. A message for firearm businesses
  99. OFAH - Survey Results on C-71
  100. West accounts for half of petition signatures against Liberal gun bill
  101. OCV Campaign #10 - Evidence-based Policy
  102. SECU meeting 115
  103. Liberal MP clashes with gun coalition over assault rifle shootings
  104. Anti C71 on Float
  105. Disrespect - OCV #11
  106. Bill C-71, The Book
  107. Glen Motz...raised point of privilege today regarding RCMP contempt of Parliament
  108. Police officers are on our side
  109. Phone Call Friday!
  110. Legal Gun Owners are "thugs" ?
  111. SECU Meeting 118
  112. Thug Life! - OCV Campaign #12
  113. SECU meeting 119
  114. CZ Rifles
  115. SECU meeting 116
  116. hypothetical FRT delays
  117. Ontario CFO - Verify PAL Onus on Seller
  118. Cheryl Gallant - History Lesson for Liberals
  119. Liberals amend gun bill to extend background checks to threats of violence
  120. Glen Motz - Liberals pass the buck
  121. An evening of C71 with MP Finnigan and Mark Holland
  122. Section 5 of the Firearms Act
  123. CPC MP Harold Albrecht on C-71
  124. CZ registered
  125. Mr Wolverine's Brief to SECU - including attachments
  126. Past present future
  127. CZ not registered
  128. Wolverine - CZ receivers
  129. House Committee passes recommendations targeting businesses
  130. Liberals think gun owners have mental problems.
  131. Bill C71 third reading
  132. Will current applicants needs to redo the application process?
  133. Canada’s legislative process hijacked by the gun lobby’s agenda
  134. NFA Video
  135. Restricted CZ858 purchase problem
  136. I Wrote My MP
  137. Will the Liberals' 'common sense' gun law changes do anything to address the spike in gun violence?
  138. Redux: Campaign #9 - Conflict of Interest and Ethics Violations
  139. Canadian Tire already doing C-71 requirement
  140. Handgun Ban - Easily Accomplished?
  141. No discussion of firearms legislation is complete without...
  142. Legal Prescedent
  143. OCV #18 - The Senate
  144. The Civil Disarmament Agenda, on Schedule!
  145. What Happens When a Liberal Tries to Ban Guns
  146. Independent Senators Talking Points Rebuttal - OCV 19
  147. Senate Debate, 2nd reading
  148. Maxime Bernier response to C-71 vote
  149. Individual Strength - final OCV campaign
  150. Did you know it was Write the Senate Wednesday?
  151. C-71 and Gun Ban E Petition
  152. Dialogue on Reducing Violent Crime
  153. Gun Problem or Gang Problem
  154. Senator Pratte insists CZ/SA owners not owed compensation
  155. Expose the Hypocrisy to the Senate
  156. Bill C-71 Should Fail With Real Answers to Senator’s 8 Questions
  157. Your Mission - Should you choose to fight!
  158. Attacking Gun Owners in the Service of Fantasies
  159. Senator Dean twists statistics
  160. Another Wednesday, another note to the Senate
  161. Bill C-71 Is ‘Piece of Crap,’ Senator David Tkachuk Tells Senate
  162. Some are in the fight, others?
  163. Remembrance Day Letter to the Senate
  164. Wednesday Came Early This Week
  165. Speaches in the Senate, Thursday November 8 2018
  166. CCFR's Tracey Wilson's anti C71 sticker makes it on the air
  167. C-71 Letter to Senate
  168. CPC Fundraising Email “This is an insult” - My Reply
  169. New Gun Marking System Planned
  170. Polytech, and C-71
  171. Bill C-71 Passes Second Reading in Senate as Plett Does Takedown
  172. Senator David Richards (Non-Affiliated, New Brunswick) speech
  173. Goodale $327.6 million over five years
  174. A bit of general concern maybe?
  175. Manitoba MP Response to OCV Campaign #16
  176. Hiil Times: Senate Conservatives plan to ‘gut’ Liberal gun bill, and they may have the numbers to do it
  177. Reminder to the Senate
  178. Toronto - burglary to steal a firearm, gangs, police realignment
  179. Marathon of 21 Senate witnesses in one day for Liberal gun bill
  180. Did the CSAAA Just Stop C-71?
  181. SECD Senate Meeting Monday March 18 2019
  182. Email to polititions
  183. Bill C-71 Senate Committee April 3, 2019 Meeting
  184. BCWF speaks to The Senate on C71
  185. OCV: One Big Push Before Last C-71 Vote
  186. C71 Senate Committee Video, Maritime speakers
  187. Response from Senator Dalphond
  188. Senator McPhedran - Bill C71 amendment to Prohibit Handguns
  189. OCV: C71 what happens next and what to do
  190. Conservatives gut Liberal gun bill in committee voting
  191. Dangerous Fallacies at the Heart of the Gun Debate
  192. PPC platform for repealing Bill C-71
  193. That Gungrabber Out There Knows a Couple of Things that Gunnies Should Know
  194. Bill C-71 Final Reading in Senate Set for May 9, Pratte Says
  195. Liberal gun bill finally set to clear Parliament
  196. Last Chance!
  197. Bill C-71 CPAC live
  198. Senate Votes
  199. Transcripts from Bill C-71 May 8th and 9th.
  200. Pretentious Prattling Pratte
  201. The Goal - The Enemy - Belief
  202. video Senator Don Plett - in Senate
  203. Senate sitting 2019/5/27 - vote deferred
  204. info from RCMP for those affected by C-71
  205. Royal Assent status
  206. Bill C-71 small print allows prohibited rifles at shooting ranges, gun clubs
  207. Why Do I Bother?
  208. Bill C-48
  209. RCMP update info
  210. RCMP Sent A Notice About Changes For C-71. Of Course, It Has Errors.
  211. Interesting opinion piece about possible election