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  1. Sale notice thread
  2. Preserving your wealth with gold and silver
  3. Your guys opinion...
  4. Well this is why you should have a generator
  5. What did you do to prepare today?
  6. Buy a wood stove... and a bobcat!
  7. My first aid kits
  8. Making fire with a fire steel a good learning experience
  9. Website - The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond
  10. Value of a pellet pistol in a wilderness survival kit?
  11. Bug Out Bags
  12. Dec 21 2012
  13. emergency food -what brand, preference, and quantity?
  14. Nuclear famine: One billion people would die immediately following a limited nuclear exchange in the world
  15. What areas would could/will be affected by what
  16. H5N1 Flu Virus Could be 'Engineered' to Put Hundreds of Millions at Risk, Scientist Tells Homeland Security Committee
  17. U.S. Building a Domestic Population-Control Grid Based on Military Ops
  18. Gasoline cans - Edmonton area
  19. Yellowstone: New Picture Emerges Of A More Active, Less ‘Super’ Volcano
  20. Average Canadian: Doomed
  21. Alberta Winter survival (january)
  22. Dept of Homeland Security buys 450 million rounds of ammo
  23. Long Term Food Storage
  24. Preppers vs Survivalists?
  25. Bushcraft Skills With FH: Episode 1
  26. Canada as a retreat local
  27. Some useful links for those of us who are "preppers" as it were. NEW LINKS ADDED Friday June 15th
  28. Financial Crisis and Economic Collapse Preparation
  29. Syria and turkey, military advice
  30. A total collapse - what would you miss most ?
  31. Top 100 Items to Disappear First During a National Emergency
  32. Where to find Water in a emergency situation
  33. Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods
  34. The Essential Knots
  35. Foraging in Canada
  36. Home made giant glow stick
  37. How the weather can effect you unless prepared
  39. my 100 sub contest
  40. Chinese Wheelbarrow
  41. Since Zombie threads are allowed, the wife and I were in a zombie movie today
  42. Emergency radio communications
  43. tanning hides, with fur on
  44. Prepping for a beginner - it doesn't have to be scary :)
  45. Get Home Bag vs. Bug Out Bag
  46. Preserving your wealth with brass and copper
  47. Looking for a bulk food place
  48. How did your gardens turn out?
  49. Sh*t happens, first things you do.
  50. Water storage...among a few other things
  51. Starting a fire - Zip cubes
  52. Refilling 1lb propane cylinders
  53. Radiation Detectors
  54. Bleeding internally? Seal it with injectable foam
  55. "The Boreal Herbal - Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North" by Beverly Gray
  56. The "Life Straw" - a water purification unit...
  57. Life-saving clamp
  58. Deer and rimfire lethality?
  59. Has Anyone Checked out 13skills.com
  60. how much water do you have on hand ??
  61. Boil water without leaving the car?
  62. The official 2013 grow your own grub (garden) thread
  63. Good Folding Saw
  64. Survival kit in a can
  65. Edmonton's "prepared in the park"
  66. Mobile Bug Out Prototype
  67. A First-Hand Account of Long-Term SHTF Survival
  68. Things your Burglar wont tell you...
  69. Fire Wood
  70. Car Kit Help
  71. Truck or Car Gun
  72. Road Flares
  73. What did you do to prepare today ?
  74. How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener
  75. Xmas Gift for my sister- Nalgene survival kit-Updated with photos
  76. How to Snare Rabbits for Survival
  77. A New Way To Seed
  78. Where to practice bushcraft?
  79. SHTF bedroom heating
  80. What size pouch for first aid/ survival kit?
  81. Pocket First Aid Kit
  82. Lifesaver Bottle
  83. Free online government manuals
  84. Putting pork meat in the larder.
  85. The Survival Summit
  86. An Ominous Feeling for 2014
  87. Hot Chicks - The Chicken Thread
  88. Discreet storage of handguns:
  89. The stock market and investing thread - read the first post and understand it please.
  90. Generator Transfer Panels
  91. Honda EU2000iTC Inverter Generator
  92. IMP's, MRE's or other Military Rations
  93. More meat for the freezer.
  94. Time to enlarge the garden and stock up on mason jars?
  95. Homemade Air Conditioner
  96. Stay or Go Prepping
  97. $50 gift card for spending $200 at CT. April 24th only!
  98. SHTF Barter Thread Exercise
  99. 1/2 pint canning jars?????
  100. Refrigeration
  101. Prepper Blogs
  102. Home security, property loss prevention, self defence
  103. Meltdown America
  104. Learning all the traps in this site will help.
  105. FEMA Camps
  106. How does one make a start with agriculture?
  107. Fire arm ownership and prepping
  108. More meat for the freezer, awndray edition
  109. What are the guns you'll keep during an economic crisis.
  110. Wasp and bee sting treatment
  111. Nice little survival dirtbike
  112. .50 cal ammo can project.
  113. Prepping for your financial future (Non-rapid SHTF version)
  114. Gas stabiliser
  115. N95 Masks
  116. medical preps where to buy
  117. Preppers will die in WROL
  118. Retirement Planning
  119. Preparing for Ebola - precautions and prevention
  120. READImask
  121. More free meat gathered.
  122. Preparedness -vs- Mob Mentality
  123. Food Storage
  124. Who has got a Berkey ?
  125. EXO: Innovative Disaster Shelter
  126. Packable 3in1 instant coffee
  127. 2015 Thoughts???
  128. Best place to buy FAK gear online?
  129. MRE's
  130. NVG's handy in SHTF?
  131. What do you prep for?
  132. Hidy-Holes vs. Safes
  133. Alternate to freezing fish
  134. Are you prepped for fire?
  135. SW1, SW2, AM, FM Radio Frequencies for Emergency Radio - South West Coast/Lower Mainland
  136. QuikClot and the like
  137. Debunking a deadly myth
  138. Too much human poo on Mount Everest, says Nepal
  139. 2015 Thoughts??? (cont'd)
  140. What frostbite looks like
  141. AED for Home?
  142. Bit of a food find
  143. 2015 Gardening
  144. Need VAULT DOOR Ideas/Supplier help.
  145. From the past to the future [Bluestone]
  146. Bug out?
  147. Alternative to liquid fuels
  148. Gathering stuff.
  149. Wattle and daub hut
  150. Building a shelter with primitive tools
  151. Fire Starting: Teepee vs Log Cabin
  152. Took the big plunge.
  153. Vehicle Fire Extinguishers
  154. The Really Big One
  155. First Aid supplies
  156. My Survival Kit... Thoughts?
  157. Perimeter Security
  158. Rabbits
  159. Canning your own soups and chili
  160. Man abandons 30-day solitary wilderness trek after 7 days (NB)
  161. Canning Borscht?
  162. Prepping for a dismal future...
  163. Ted Koppel - Lights Out
  164. Power inverters
  165. Google Pro/Satellite Mapping
  166. Norwegian adventurer spends 6 months alone in the N.W.T. wilderness
  167. Earthquake Tonight - Who Felt It and Who Is Ready?
  168. 2016 Thoughts???
  169. 2016 Gardening
  171. Waterproof Dryer Lint Fire-Starter
  172. Canada is flirting with a bizarro world of negative interest rates
  173. SHTF Kit must have - 11,000 seed pack
  174. Hydroponics
  175. Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight Review – Worth Trying?
  176. How Urine Can Be Used to Make Gunpowder -
  177. (Graphic!) Nunavut man faces amputation after severe frostbite
  178. Arizona woman, 72, rescued after 9 days lost in forest
  179. Just gonna put this here....
  180. What does a year of food look like for those working hard in adverse conditions
  181. Czech woman survives a month lost in frozen New Zealand wilderness
  182. Just add pigs
  183. NatGeo's Superstorm New York: What Really Happened
  184. If you wondered about those rations/mre
  185. Expired drugs - keep em
  186. And baby makes three... in a canoe... for two months
  187. Uhm... Anyone home at the Mint?
  188. Canadian Old Quarters not the only thing to collect for Scrap Silver Value
  189. Is financial preparedness futile?
  190. Mountain House
  191. Making cleanser
  192. Stirling Engines
  193. Tinfoil hat on: Has anyone ever assayed RCM stuff?
  194. Why Are We Still Using Cash?
  195. Pig Feed Formula Advice Please
  196. Ham radio class in Calgary
  197. Prep for biological threats?
  198. 2017 Thoughts???
  199. 2017 Gardening and Back Yard Critters
  200. Interesting read on Reddit
  201. Wrecked your car in the desert? Make it into a motorcycle and drive out!
  202. FMI, GMA agree on wording of the date by which a product should be used
  203. ESEE advanced quality survival kit
  204. 5 myths about tourniquets
  205. 'Skinny Medic' videos about emergency trauma first aid
  206. Eye Protection and Shooting Glasses Review
  207. Vanishing knowledge department- Fallout (1950s film)
  208. Botulism and the home canning of meat
  209. This corpsman has 10 useful tips to assist a gunshot victim
  210. How 1,600 people went missing on US public land
  211. Best place to buy AAA batteries?
  212. Pencil sharpeners for survival.
  213. LED solar security light system on sale at Costco this week
  214. The 4 most likely apocalypse scenarios
  215. Comparing 2 commercial tourniquets.
  216. Rescue wolverines, seriously
  217. And this is why you always wear ballistic eye protection
  218. 'What it's like to be stalked by a bear." Happy ending included.
  219. How to build a foxhole radio.
  220. The apopacalypse is nigh!
  221. Setting up UV 5R
  222. What firearm would you choose as a survival weapon given one choice?
  223. Prepping on the cheap - and by cheap I mean free
  224. Bear bait by smell! Or heat for cheap
  225. Hydroponics and Indoor Growing
  226. Seed potatoes
  227. Hot water for a year!!
  228. Power from woodstove
  229. No power needed solar tracker
  230. Basement/workshop/cabin cheap heating
  231. OPEC and Big Oil thought they had 50 years. At best they have a decade
  232. Seed Banks
  233. House related ideas?
  234. PVC Emergency Capsules
  235. Prepping for storms and such
  236. Alternative heat and cooking
  237. RIGID propane heater
  238. Worked at the cabin Saturday.
  239. Non-centralized messaging system
  240. Canadian Prepper
  241. Regular maintenance
  242. Power is out
  243. The best battery powered lantern
  244. WVO & VO - non-diesel for diesels
  245. Hydro power without a natural water supply
  246. Advise on building a new greenhouse
  247. How to survive a vicious dog attack
  248. Documentary on The Great Influenza of 1918
  249. Are you prepared if theres an economy colapse.
  250. Turner Classic Movies survival movie nights in January