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  1. More stolen guns ending up on streets
  2. TV host under fire for cougar hunt in Alberta
  3. One-legged militant reminds ISIS followers it’s easy to buy guns in the U.S.
  4. CBC News: Hunters in researchers' sights: Study explores what drives them
  5. Amnesty ended yesterday
  6. Large increase in Calgary shootings concerns city police chief
  7. New from the USA: "An overview of Canadian Gun Laws."
  8. Clown masks seized with sawed-off shotgun, submachine gun in central Alberta traffic stops
  9. I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.
  10. Voter remorse.
  11. Tense moments for OPP on Highway 10 near Flesherton
  12. Knives now prohibited weapons
  13. Victim, father handcuffed after man acquitted in shooting involving stolen RCMP gun
  14. CBC Propaganda:"Some people just shouldn't have handguns': Mentally ill allowed to own, buy guns"
  15. MSN Canada Poll - Does Canada need to ttighten up requirements around gun ownership?
  16. Target Sports in Gormley robbed early this morning.
  17. Quebec's long-gun registry to take effect Monday
  18. Man admits to smuggling guns from United States into Canada
  19. Quebec failed to consult Inuit on long-gun registry, Makivik Corp. says
  20. Police seize 25 handguns, 46 rifles from Etobicoke home
  21. Quebec Gun registry boycott: SQ launches warning
  22. Digby County man facing charges of unsafe storage of firearm
  24. Dana Loesch article as published by the New York Times
  25. Burlington bylaw says ‘Trapper John’ can’t shoot coyotes in city
  26. Nunavik Inuit oppose Quebec’s new gun registry
  27. Analysis: These 4 countries have nearly eliminated gun deaths — here's what the U.S. can learn
  28. America's gun problem, explained
  29. Canada hopes to sell assault rifles to Ukraine as country looks to upgrade weaponry
  30. Would Canadian gun laws have stopped America’s worst mass shooters?
  31. Rifles stolen from vehicle on long weekend
  32. Media react to Florida shooting by targeting Trump on guns, and other overt journalistic biases
  33. Angry students protest gun control after Florida school shooting
  34. Shopper's Drug Mart removes Recoil magazine at suggestion of Toronto's socialist X-mayor
  35. Opinion: Canada shouldn’t be smug when it comes to guns
  36. Interview: Gormley - Tony Bernardo - February 21st
  37. Anyone on Linkedin? The Anti-gun rhetoric has reached there now too.
  38. LETTER: It’s time to ban semi-automatic weapons in Canada
  39. Sentenced as Adult in La Ronge shooting
  40. More trash from the State broadcaster
  41. RCMP responded to a property outside of Okotoks for shots fired
  42. Anti Gunner nutbar- Hard to watch.
  43. Sheriff Maketa talks at anti-gun law rally
  44. UPDATE: THE MEC HAS JUST GIVEN IN to pressure to drop a supplier over AR15 issue.
  45. The secret stockpile of deadly weapons recovered from a gas engineer's home
  46. Canada’s gun lobby agrees with NRA
  47. MP sponsored petition against CBSA import ban
  48. Tucker Carlson with Jordan Peterson on the American boy crisis.
  49. Goodale says gun legislation coming in wake of Parkland student shootings
  50. Canada shouldn’t be smug when it comes to guns
  51. Should Homeowners be allowed to use Firearms Defending Property?
  52. CBC -Certified Bullsithe Content
  53. A new, huge review of gun research has bad news for the NRA
  54. Membership in Gun Groups Is Spiking After the Florida Shooting
  55. Are you the owner of this missing rifle? Nanaimo RCMP would like you to call them
  56. Ottawa's Bushtukah stores have snuck into the suck.
  57. How to buy a gun in 15 countries
  58. Goodale says gun legislation coming in wake of Parkland student shootings
  59. Police called when treed cat seen holding an AR15
  60. GUNTER: Self-defence is a right, especially for rural residents
  61. Group Aims to Ban Semi-Auto Rifles, Raises $2,185 From 14 Donors
  62. Spike in gun and gang violence in Canada has experts worried
  63. Ottawa eyes tougher screening of gun owners for mental health, violence concerns
  64. "My boyfriend got snarled in the Quebec long gun registry mess! Need advice!"
  65. Gun polls alert!
  66. Assault rifle seized from Brampton home, 'dangerous' teen suspect being hunted
  67. Wendy Cukier at it again!
  68. Gun control still a key issue for centre-left voters
  69. The left can't win on guns, so now they're trying to silence their opposition
  70. Poll: If there was an election today would you vote Liberal?
  71. Poll CSSA 2018 Semi-Automatic Firearm Survey
  72. It would seem Heidi Rathjen raised the $4000 for her bulls--t poll on semi auto gun ownership in Canada. Results are what we expected.
  73. Why I hunt with black guns, and you can too
  74. Upcoming gun bill ‘scaring the hell out of the Liberal caucus,’ and Trudeau’s response to Harvey’s concerns puts a chill on backbenchers, say Liberals
  75. Fake Firearms Advisory Committee
  76. Andrew Scheer’s gun policies include firearms ombudsman, taking power from RCMP
  77. Anti-Gun Laws Would Help Liberals Win Election, PR Advisor Says
  78. Justin Trudeau says changes to legal system expected in 'coming weeks'
  79. Why Guns Are Political: A Case Study
  80. Seaside High teacher accidentally fires gun in class, students injured
  81. CTV News posts leaks about Liberal Party's new gun laws
  82. Stolen handguns in Canada rise along with gang gun shootings
  83. RCMP sitting on requested contents of firearms registry
  84. Where did the thread go where trudeau lost it on an mp ? HUFF post
  85. Roy Green Show: Tony Bernardo and Edward Burlew
  86. New federal gun control bill expected this week. CBC website
  87. GUNTER: Rural communities under the gun
  88. possible US ban
  89. Deleted due to thread already existing
  90. N.B. Liberal Considers bucking own party's gun plan.
  91. CBC? Liberals' claim of 'steady increase' in gun crime rests on a 'drastic' comparison to a low-crime year
  92. LOL - Toronto Star owns company behind dozens of American pro firearm websites.
  93. London police to hold gun amnesty program in April
  94. Matt Gurney: Trudeau gets tough on gangs by hassling target shooters
  95. Globe editorial: Canada’s gun advocates should stop playing the victim
  96. Alberta couple drops lawsuit against RCMP for seizing guns during 2013 flood
  97. Asian Assassinz gang purchased legal guns police document says
  98. Coalition for Gun Control launched a poll on their Facebook page. It did not go well.......
  99. How do you mess up good Canadian gun laws? Ask the Liberals
  100. Global News: Lawful firearms owners are an easy target
  101. VICE: I’m a Veteran In Favour of More Gun Control
  102. NP View: How do you mess up good Canadian gun laws? Ask the Liberals
  103. This is the next tactic to disarm us
  104. Videos about Florida Shooting
  105. Illicit gun sales made to Canadians through the dark web, RCMP warns
  106. Accused in Quebec City mosque shooting pleads not guilty
  107. How quitting the ####ing MEC paid me big happy bucks.
  108. Toronto sun columnist: dumbing down the gun control debate
  109. Need some history on the old ATT
  110. Somerset: The Liberals take their shot at gun control — and satisfy nobody
  111. Two teens arrested on firearms charges in Kensington Market
  112. Marlborough Park murder suspect shot dead by police west of Edmonton
  113. Is your money supporting U.S. gun makers? Here’s what you can do about it
  114. March for our lives
  115. Passing out 30 rnd mags at protests against new gun laws in Vermont.
  116. Alberta firearm enthusiasts say Canada has 'too much gun control,' decry proposed legislation
  117. Reality Check
  118. Edmonton police officer accidentally shot at gun range
  119. Mom says armed guards yanked her off Disney cruise for being too pregnant
  120. 'These Things Add Up': Silicon Valley Canadians Reflect On U.S. Gun Culture
  121. Man allegedly aims replica handgun at Saskatoon police officer
  122. Moving towards using more lead-free ammunition
  123. RCMP Corrects Website to Say We Can Buy Guns Without Showing PAL
  124. Gun control impasse leaves thousands of prohibited devices on the street
  126. LETTER OF THE WEEK: Security theatre, not public safety
  127. London's Mayor Declares Intense New 'Knife Control' Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings
  128. Spectacularly stupid double ND, no injuries but sweeper scared.
  129. He stashed a loaded gun in a limo. A Toronto judge called him ‘brave’
  130. Bank Of America Chooses A Side
  131. Gun bill battle grows after ‘Canada’s NRA’ reference in Liberal fundraiser
  132. Widows gasp, survivor leaves room during sentencing hearing of Quebec City mosque shooter
  133. Response from Pam.Damoff@parl.gc.ca
  134. Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?! WTF?!?!?!?!
  135. Gerald Stanley to pay $3,900 and receive 10-year ban on gun ownership for improper firearm storage
  136. Mark Holland: Andrew Scheer's Platform Is A Gun Fetishist's Dream
  137. Ontario CFO puts plan in place to address transfer wait times
  138. Firearm Legal Defence invests $50,000.00 in Canadian Shooting Rangers Youth Shooting Program
  139. Welcome to the 'fight deck': Air marshals still updating their training 17 years after 9/11
  140. A Goodale mental health snitch system in the works?
  141. Valentine's Day shooting plot sentencing on Columbine anniversary?
  142. Photos of illegal TEC-9 submachine gun factory operating in Montreal
  143. School shooting survivor: CNN told me to stick to script
  144. P.E.I. firearm owners say federal bill will not reduce violence
  145. Gun group clashing with Ottawa over effort to eliminate lead from ammunition
  146. Facing jail time, Eddie Maurice fights for his freedom
  147. Grandma, 70, shoots alleged home intruder: 'Kill him before he kills me'
  148. Quebec City mosque shooting survivors urge federal Liberals to ban assault weapons
  149. Ontario CFO on track to reduce backlog of restricted transfer requests
  150. St. Louis-area resident fires gun during break-and-enter
  151. Florida School Shooting Story Changes Again
  152. U.S. trucker arrested for trying to bring multiple guns into Canada
  153. US Firearm Exports
  154. POLL: Should police make the gun restriction laws?
  155. After mistakenly letting people buy prohibited guns, RCMP tells owners to give them up
  156. FBI Report on Active Shooter Incidents 2016-2017
  157. Owner of Silverdale gun club passed away.
  158. CBSA saves Canadians from prohibited weapons
  159. WAPO: It’s not just the United States: Canada also has a festering gun-control problem
  160. Quebec City mosque leader urges Ottawa to ban assault weapons - Global News
  161. Centennial College opens dorms to refugees as part of city contingency plan
  162. Rocco Zito granted gun permit after being convicted for manslaughter in 1986, court told
  163. (Ottawa) Man dead, woman rushed to hospital after shooting
  164. (Scarborough) Man found shot dead at high school
  165. The wife of the arrested man contacted Castanet
  166. Manitoba will let firearm owners unload their guns
  167. To counter domestic homicide, tighten gun control - Toronto Star Opinion
  168. Ottawa looks at regulating imitation guns after police shootings
  169. Four wounded in shooting at Pickering, Ont., rib event
  170. Alberta sheriff accidentally shoots herself at northeast Edmonton gun range
  171. Two people charged after a weapons-related incident in Cambridge
  172. PC Majority in Ontario.... new CFO?
  173. How to stop gun violence in Toronto - Toronto Star Editorial June 8 2018
  174. Toronto on pace for another ‘Year of the Gun’ - Toronto Star June 3 2018
  175. Police sweep aims to stomp out gun violence and give Toronto a 'peaceful summer' - CBC Toronto
  176. Toronto: two children rushed to hospital after shooting in playground
  177. Tories call on government to make LGBTQ refugee pilot project funding permanent
  178. Armed civilian kills gunman and stops shooting spree at Washington Walmart
  179. RCMP web posts on gun bill “careless” and could be contempt of Parliament: Speaker
  180. caught when he tripped and fell because a loaded sawed-off rifle was falling down his pant leg
  181. Shooting down gun stigmas
  182. C-71 did not reach a final vote
  183. Charges dropped against rural Alberta homeowner accused of shooting trespasser
  184. Huge Gun Bust in Toronto
  185. Egan: 1989 Hill hijacker won pardon, legally obtained 17 more guns
  186. NFA UN Arms Trade Treaty June 2018
  187. 3 dead after separate shootings in Toronto - Global News
  188. Toronto Sun Poll Ban Handguns? Yes/No?
  189. Canada Ranked The 2nd Best Country For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse
  190. New gun control bill doesn’t go far enough to address ‘disturbing trend of gun violence’, critics charge - Toronto Star
  191. 60 firearms seized from St. Catharines home - The St. Catharines Standard
  192. Québec Registy ATIP: # of Registered Firearms to Date
  193. Peter Khill not guilty in shotgun shooting of unarmed Indigenous man
  194. Two people shot dead in Woodbridge - CP24 Toronto
  195. 'This is not who we are': police chief's open letter on gun violence in Surrey - CTV News BC
  196. LaSalle gun manufacturer sentenced to seven years in prison - Montreal Gazette
  197. One dead, two seriously injured in Queen West shooting - Toronto Star 2018-06-30
  198. 4 injured, 2 seriously, after shooting in Toronto’s Kensington Market - Global News 2018-07-02
  199. Woman charged after she allegedly fired shotgun at pedestrian, cyclist - CBC Toronto 2018 07 03
  200. Spate of Toronto shootings setting off the 'panic button'
  201. Toronto Mayor pleads for help from Ontario, Ottawa after 10 shot in five days
  202. Will the Liberals' 'common sense' gun law changes do anything to address the spike in gun violence?
  204. Mapping shootings across the city of Toronto - Globe and Mail Toronto 2018-07-04
  205. Toronto police investigating officer's scathing letter to mayor on gun violence
  206. Toronto mayor meets members of hip-hop community to talk gun violence solutions
  207. Man dead after shooting in Toronto’s north end - Global News Toronto 2018 07 09
  208. Toronto shootings take toll on hospital staff, emergency room doctor says - CBC Toronto 2018 07 09
  209. Arrest made after shooting in The Annex leaves victim with serious injuries - Toronto- CP24 2018 07 09
  210. GROPE T-shirt
  211. Mayor John Tory won't apologize for calling gunmen who wounded 2 young girls 'sewer rats'
  212. A futile shouting match on Toronto’s gun violence - Marcus Gee (Column) Globe and Mail Toronto 2018 07 11
  213. Media advisory, Thursday, July 12, 2018, 8 a.m., Police headquarters, media gallery, Gun Violence Reduction Plan announcement - Toronto Police Service news release 2018 07 11
  214. 'Absolutely we were not consulted': Firearms organization dismayed with Liberals' gun bill consultation claims
  215. Gun smuggling nets $30,000 fine
  216. One man dead after ‘targeted shooting’ in Oakville - GTA - Toronto Star 2018 07 14
  217. City urged to consider new approach to address gun violence - CBC Toronto 2018 07 16
  218. Lobbying commissioner rejects complaints against firearms panel member
  219. Mother of two children shot in Toronto playground vows to fight gun violence - Globe and Mail Toronto 2018 07 16
  220. Ammonopoly: General Dynamics’ sweet deal to supply Canada’s ammunition
  221. Brampton shooting leaves one person dead - CP24 GTA 2018 07 16
  222. Two hurt in east Toronto shooting - Toronto Sun 2018 07 17
  223. Chief Saunders commends officers after handguns seized in separate arrests - City News Toronto 2018 07 17
  224. Mayor John Tory announces $12M in measures to address rising gun violence - CBC Toronto 2018 07 18
  225. Toronto police to ask city to double public cameras, install gunshot detectors - Globe and Mail Toronto 2018 07 19
  226. Shooting of B.C. hockey dad in driveway was case of mistaken identity: police - CTV News 2018 07 19
  227. Bill Blair should fix Canada’s gun law
  228. Male seriously injured after shooting in Pickering parking lot - CP24 GTA 2018 07 20
  229. Brampton mother wants city to introduce gun amnesty buyback program - CBC Toronto 2018 07 20
  230. Man seriously injured in midtown shooting - CityNews Toronto 2018 07 19
  231. Canadians Are Hating A Brampton Woman's "Gun Buyback" Proposal, Where People Would Get Paid For Turning In Their Guys - Narcity - Toronto 2018 07 20
  232. 'Protection' is the key reason Toronto youth turn to guns, a new report finds - CBC Toronto 2018 07 20
  233. Canadian-made assault rifle turns up in hands of terrorists as Turkey warns of weapons being diverted - National Post - Ottawa Citizen 2018 07 22
  234. Alberta teen's gun law petition nears 83,000 signatures as it reaches final stretch - Calgary Herald 2018 07 21
  235. 10-year-old girl, 18-year-old woman killed in Toronto mass shooting - Globe and Mail 2018 07 22
  236. John Tory address to City Council
  237. Toronto Sun's the only outlet telling the truth about Danforth shooter.
  238. statcan crime statistics 2018-07-23
  239. Legal Canadian gun owners selling their weapons illegally on the rise: police
  240. Gun crackdown was being considered before Toronto shooting, minister says
  242. Illegal guns sourced in Canada are surging, compared to those smuggled from the U.S.
  243. Disappearing VICE article
  244. Just got the name of the person who actually wrote the Danforth shooter "family" letter.....
  245. Christie Blatcford reporting Danforth shooter had no gun licence
  246. Toronto returns to the do nothing political grandstanding days of David Miller.
  247. Ouch. CBC has to admit Danforth shooters gun came illegally from the USA AND another gun was found in his apartment.
  248. 10 year old victim of Danforth shooter identified
  249. Toronto Mayor Supports Handgun Ban
  250. ISIS claiming responsibility for Danforth shooting - Toronto Sun 2018 07 25