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  1. Unsecured firearms, prohibited ammo magazines seized from Metchosin home
  2. Americans and Canadians: How and why we differ on guns
  3. Guns Will Make Us Safer - National Post August 11, 2012 - US Cop Gets it Right!
  4. Stop registering firearms, start tracking criminals *Letter to the editor*
  5. 3 men fatally shot in Montreal area in last 24 hours
  6. RNC investigating reported theft of firearm in Corner Brook
  7. Emily Gets Her Gun
  8. Registered gun owners not the problem, criminals are : letter
  9. City homicide ruled self-defence, no charges laid in death of Joseph Talbot
  10. There Are Some Technologies We Should Not Have
  11. And That My Friend, Is Why I Own Gold
  12. 9 bystanders wounded in Empire State shooting hit by police
  13. Deaf Child's Name Violates Gun Policy .. Grand Island Preschooler Asked to Change
  14. Gun store, daycare to become mall neighbours
  15. Winnipeg man fined for smuggling non-lethal replica firearms into Canada
  16. Gun swap aims to show long-gun registry was 'useless'
  17. Long-gun registry dismantling is 'well underway'
  18. One dead at Marois Montreal victory rally shooting
  19. Feds shoot down gun show rules
  20. Quebec judge grants injunction on long-gun registry data
  21. sh1t getting real serious out there ,,
  22. Jury set to deliberate weapons-related charges
  23. Quebec shouldn’t be given its gun registry data
  24. Quebec will keep a strict eye on gun stores
  25. Longueuil students face charges after gun scare
  26. Feds will appeal Quebec court ruling on the long-gun registry
  27. Man charged after pointing gun at 2 people, police say
  28. Pembroke Outdoor Sportsman's Club holds open house
  29. Hunters’ federation takes aim at lead ammunition
  30. Omnibus crime bill section struck down by Ontario court
  31. The world's largest army
  32. Gun peddler's mother cries foul over four-year jail term
  33. Police make city's largest gun seizure
  34. Sawed-off shotgun found after gunshots reported
  35. Police arrest intoxicated youth who had a replica firearm
  36. Echo Bay man shoots deer decoy in illegal hunting sting
  37. Fall gun show coming up at Fish and Game
  38. Opinion: Ottawa has a duty to fight Quebec court order about gun registry
  39. Regina north end schools release students after gun scare
  40. 7 Arrested in High Risk Search Warrant
  41. Street crime seize drugs and firearm in two separate incidents
  42. Buy a diamond worth $2,499 or more and get a hunting rifle free: US jeweler offer
  43. St Laurent Ct couple charged with pointing a firearm
  44. Printing 3-D Firearms a Step Closer to Reality
  45. Mounties seize 110 guns, put violent Terrace drug gang out of business
  46. Don't Take Your Gun to Town, Son
  47. Justin Trudeau to announce Liberal leadership run next week
  48. Owner of unsecured gun used in shooting granted discharge
  49. Man, 57, charged in bank robbery
  50. Edmonton court orders that guns used in Mayerthorpe RCMP murders be destroyed
  51. West Van police find gun, body armour after speeding stop
  52. Crown seeks nine years for firearms operation
  53. King couple make unique firearms
  54. OPP dive team fish out three firearms from Lake St. Clair
  55. CTV: Sharpshooting at the Calgary Shooting Centre
  56. man attacks dog zombie style
  57. US man fatally shoots masked teen outside neighbour's home, learns it's his son
  58. Neither candidate gives issue a high priority Why it matters: Gun control
  59. Brits Flock To Big Gun Shooting Range In Vegas
  60. Canadian to get Congressional medal
  61. Zimmerman attorney tells gun fans 'this is a self-defense case'
  62. UK Judges Revive Right to Self-Defense
  63. Canadians mock U.S. tourist who complained about not being able to carry a gun
  64. Cops: Gun trade mimics drug trade
  65. Nunavut, RCMP target unsafe gun storage after dozens of firearm incidents
  66. Gun dealer: A day in the life
  67. Gun killings in Toronto: Intervening to stop them
  68. King revisits firearms discharge bylaw
  69. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews Tables Repeal of the Gun Shows Regulations
  70. Cramming Windsor’s history into the basement
  71. Why police could make major gun seizure
  72. Renowned gunsmith creates masterpieces
  73. DISARMING GUN CRIME: Aim broadly, proactively
  74. Man allegedly points gun, chases family
  75. Tony Bernardo, Gun Rights Champion: Canadians Are Terrified As They Watch U.S. Events
  76. Man shot dead in hunting mishap near Osgoode
  77. Mayoral candidates speak to gun violence
  78. Long-gun registry still not welcome in Alberta
  79. Cops seize guns from sons
  80. Vintage Toronto Ads: Guns on the Move
  81. College Says No to Nintendo Guns
  82. Welcome to liberal Canada
  83. Yukon boy severely injured after gun went off inside house
  84. Domestic violence report calls for better firearms control
  85. Solomon Friedman discusses the cancellation of hunting shows (Byline)
  86. The Firearms Act (letter)
  87. Councillors divided on city's anti-gun violence measures
  88. Moose season is heavy enforcement season
  89. Polar positions mark Salt Spring Rod and Gun Club debate
  90. Dozens of guns stolen from Calgary shooting facility
  91. Solomon Friedman - more on the Ajax, ON expropriation gun seizure case
  92. Man shot in foot at Surrey home Friday morning
  93. Firearm-related crime cost Canadians $3.1 billion in 2008
  94. Man arrested on firearms charge
  95. Police in standoff with gunman at Vancouver hotel
  96. Gun markings help police track firearms, say feds who killed gun registry
  97. Dalton McGuinty RESIGNS !!! YEA BABY !!!
  98. BCWF Appointed to Federal Hunting & Angling Advisory Panel
  99. UPDATE: RNC gun policies examined
  100. Ottawa police use teamwork and science to investigate street guns
  101. Father, two children not injured as multiple gunshots hammer Tuscany home
  102. Gun-related crime is costly, but gun control is no answer
  103. Alleged hitman in Toronto facing 37 gun charges in Vancouver
  104. Gun call leads to probe of home invasions, police say
  105. 12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Intruder During Home Invasion
  106. Gun owners feel betrayed by continued federal registry
  107. Vernon firearms policy sent back for rewriting
  108. Nunavut HTOs should take part in firearms safety blitz, MLA says
  109. Dutton/Dunwich considers restricting firearm use within urban areas
  110. High-risk search warrant executed in Saskatoon
  111. Sackville Rod and Gun Club trains new hunters
  112. Interlake man gets 6 years for gun cache
  113. Man who stabbed intruder in home invasion goes free
  114. RCMP can't or won't say how much repeal of gun registry will save taxpayers
  115. Gun seizures at border crossings on the rise
  116. Fake Halloween weapon sends Lake Country RCMP scrambling
  117. Gun sport delights fans of the Wild West
  118. Firearms stolen from vehicles in Sussex
  119. Got your firearm licence
  120. Officers confiscate replica gun
  121. Letter: Gun registry was put in place to protect Canadians
  122. Man shot at West Edmonton Mall gun range
  123. Letters: Pipelines, earthquake, tsunami, gun registry, etc
  124. Cameras for firearms
  125. Letter: Ending gun registry allows authorities to target thugs
  126. Oldman Gun Club wraps up for the year
  127. Police surround man, arrest him over fake gun
  128. Durham officer back on job after pleading guilty to stealing dead man’s shotgun
  129. Guns, phones, laptops among items stolen from federal government
  130. Government quietly confirms that registry data been destroyed
  131. Calgary dad turns in guns after son, 12, commits suicide
  132. Toews says long-gun registry data deleted, gun fans cheer
  133. RCMP investigate firearms theft at Eskasoni
  134. Incident leads to firearm ban for Enderby man
  135. Stay safe this hunting season
  136. Nanaimo man gets jail term for having weapons
  137. Colwood bans bows
  139. Gun Trade-In Program Encourages People to Shoot Each Other
  140. Gun registry records destroyed
  141. Government of canada defers marking regulations
  142. Matt Gurney: The end of the long-gun registry isn’t the end of bad gun laws
  143. Conservatives defy UN gun controls
  144. Police recover 258 firearms in first days of Pixels for Pistols campaign... very sad
  145. Gun violence worries Chicagoans even as candidates remain silent
  146. Firearms reported stolen - Nov 7
  147. Bystanders nab would-be thief
  148. Letters - Long gun data erased
  149. Winnipeg guns-for-cameras program nets 426 firearms
  150. Memo warned Toews of risks in dropping gun show rules
  151. Firearms, ATV, snowmobile stolen from residence
  152. Alberta man shot in stomach by unsecured truck rifle
  153. The ‘horrible’ week that was for the Liberal Party
  154. Justin Trudeau calls Long Gun Registry a failure!
  155. 2 gun makers to expand in Ark., adding 70-120 jobs
  156. Ste. Anne ex-officer faces firearms charges
  157. Grande Prairie RCMP find stolen guns during bust
  158. Man guilty of trying to board plane with a gun
  159. Firearms slayings drop to lowest level in half a century, Statscan says, but more knives being used
  160. Justin Trudeau is quickly running out of feet to put in his mouth
  161. obamas gun ban list is out
  162. RCMP concerned as Conservatives consider loosening firearms restrictions
  163. For the 23rd anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre, Amish lessons in mourning
  164. Quebec moves forward on provincial firearm registry
  165. Hipsters Who Hunt: More liberals are shooting their own supper
  166. Response to Costas gun control speech
  167. Homeowner defends family with firearm; NOT charged!
  168. Harper quashes any notion Ottawa will eliminate ‘prohibited’ firearms category
  169. The NRA is the new KKK Response
  170. Gun registry proven worthless - Lorne Gunter
  171. Anti-gun Legislator Faces Weapons Charge
  172. NFA statemenent, Re: Haper's response to gun control reform. Please Read.
  173. Robber shot dead after victim pulls out gun, opens fire
  174. Gary Mauser: Why the long-gun registry doesn’t work — and never did
  175. Valuable WWII Gun at Police Buy-Back
  176. Edmonton police shooting
  177. Connecticut police called to reports of school shooting
  178. Oklahoma student was caught plotting mass shooting
  179. Morgan Freeman on Adam Lanza
  180. Peirs Morgan on Connecticut Shooting
  181. NRA goes silent, removes Facebook page after elementary school shooting leaves 20 children dead
  182. Cerberus to sell gun company that makes Bushmaster
  183. Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown
  184. NRA 'Shocked, Saddened and Heartbroken' by Newtown School Shooting...
  185. Medvedev upholds Russian arms ban after US school massacre
  186. Progressive Liberals alarmed as federal leadership contenders tilt right
  187. Piers Morgan vs Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America
  188. Mark Garneau wants ARs banned....
  189. Bravo Bob Layton (Edmonton)
  190. Gun sales surge across US after Newtown amid fears of crackdown
  191. Funny..
  192. Obama to Give Congress Plan on Gun Control Within Weeks
  193. Canada's gun controls 'work' says Harper post Newton shooting
  194. Canada axes gun show laws on advice of controversial committee
  195. Thousands of AR-15s registered in Canada differ signifcantly from American variants
  196. Reality Check: Are calls for stricter gun laws really about guns?
  197. Communist Chinese Government Calls For Americans to be Disarmed
  198. NRA Live Press Conference, Today @ 11ET
  199. Gun Shooting Media glorification = Copy Cats
  200. "Obama, Reid slam brakes on gun control"
  201. Gun-Free Homes and Communities
  202. 4 firefighters shot at scene of blaze
  203. (States) 14 year old uses dad's AR15 to defend 12 year old sister and home
  204. http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/Houstonarea+police+officer+bystander+fatally+shot+ after/7742140/story.html
  205. Media is now changing its story on what guns were used in the school shooting
  206. Guns pour in at L.A. buyback events
  207. Irony, Sweet Irony
  208. For our Military Men and Women - Way to go Sun news for thr the support -
  209. Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts
  210. New association to help commandos' families in emergencies and in civilian life
  211. Carey Price under fire for tweeting controversial hunting pics
  212. Canadian firearm laws change necessary?
  213. In the Kitchener Record...a column and a reply.
  214. Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Prohib Ruled Unconstitutional - BC Judge
  215. Ten gun bills on Congress's first day
  216. Manager of "FPS RUSSIA" found murdered. Mob style.
  217. Piers Morgan debates Alex Jones
  218. Pissy Piers vs Larry Pratt 2
  219. Piers Morgan's Anti-gun Argument Destroyed in Reality Check
  220. Guns have no place in our classrooms
  221. Walmarts opinion more relevant than mental health pros?
  222. "Obama care amendment forbids guns & ammo registration" ?
  223. Piers Morgan vs Ben Shapiro
  224. If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?
  225. Proposed Gun Laws in New York
  226. Wendy is concerned about 'loopholes'
  227. .50-calibre rifles are non-restricted here
  228. A message from Wayne LaPierre and the NRA
  229. Highlights of NY's Wide-Ranging Gun Control Bill
  230. Obama to lay out gun control plans Wednesday
  231. Mass shootings in USA: 1984 - 2012
  232. NBC Admitted: No ‘Assault Rifle’ Used in Newtown Shooting
  234. Dont mess with Texas or their Guns
  235. Two Hot Chicks debate Piers , and own him
  236. Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial
  237. How the popular press views gun owners.
  238. Nutnfancy is my hero
  239. Koopmans: Time to ban semi-auto firearms
  240. 5 shot dead in Albuquerque, teen charged
  241. 31 Days Later...
  242. Bullet to the Head of the NRA
  243. Groupon Cancels all Gun Deals
  244. The Truth about how people see the information on the internet and papers now adays
  245. Just Up on Twitter: Shooting at Texas Lone Star College
  246. Larry Correia - An Opinion On Gun Control Very long read, but worth it I think
  247. Faking waves: How the NRA and pro-gun Americans abuse Australian crime stats
  248. Piers Morgan and Charlie Sheen on Guns
  249. Dianne Feinstein Gun Bill
  250. How High can you get and still be Vice President?