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  1. The Ban List: AR-15, AK-47, AR-10, Saiga12, Bushmaster, Ruger, Beretta, HK, Smith & Wesson, Sig
  2. Firearms safety course no longer offered at NSCC as of March 31
  3. Killing long-gun registry saves only $2M a year: documents
  4. Letter: More guns not answer to keeping children safe
  5. Letter: Opposition to gun control in U.S. is hard to understand
  6. Editorial: Gun owners should support Obama plan
  7. "Gunbrellas" prompt police warning.
  8. how many of you boys understand that this thing is actually going hot ??
  9. 8 minutes and 27 minutes ...will change the rest of your life
  10. CHAS gun show... I made the news :)
  11. The most violent country in Europe
  12. Well, Ontario has a new Premier..
  13. CGN member mentioned on Sun News for Ontatio ATT fight
  14. BACKFIRE: Seattle Gun Buyback Turns Into Gun Show; Collectors Waved “Wads of Cash” At
  15. Conservative Party Poll..
  16. Piers Morgan and Newt
  17. Americans, even NRA members, want gun reforms
  18. Vic Toews Not Happy with new regs from Ontario CFO
  19. Piers Morgan Gun News
  20. School coach shoots attacker
  21. Be Careful with Target Practice
  22. Teg Nugent on CNN
  23. Has everybody lost their minds ?? Is Common Sense gone the way of the Doo Doo Bird ? I think so
  24. CFO Vs Common Man
  25. CBC Fifth Estate: Crossfire
  26. MORAN:Obama gun grab based on false assumptions
  27. Joe Biden -"Gun Control Won't Stop mass shootings?"
  28. Obama's real reason for banning guns
  29. PRO GUN MYTHS 'DEBUNKED!-response video
  30. FirearmsSurvey.ca Suspiciousness!
  31. Olympic Arms Tells New York Government to Pound Sand
  32. "Bladerunner" Arrested After Shooting Girlfriend Dead after Mistaken Identity
  33. How come when the Goverment buys them there not Assault rifles?
  34. Quebec prepping its own gun registry -- Sun News
  35. Deer named Bambi, raised by Hutterites, shot by wildlife officers
  36. False alarm at John Lake Elementary
  37. Number of firearm seizures concerning to police
  38. he Second Amendment Is All for Gun Control
  39. Henson Ong at Gun Violence Prevention Hearing
  40. Colo. House Votes On Gun-Control Measures
  41. Québec dépose un projet de loi pour créer un registre des armes
  42. Quebec tables bill to create provincial gun registry
  43. NAVY SEAL vs PIERS MORGAN On Gun Control
  44. Gun Control debate spurs Political Action PBS
  45. Joe Biden's tip for self-defense: Get a shotgun
  46. 44 Gun Companies Have Stopped Selling to Law Enforcement
  47. Why Is This AR-15 Being Called the ‘Most Terrifying Thing on the Internet’?
  48. Piers Morgan lied to me Caty Texas Gunshop
  49. Two charged after allegedly bringing firearms from U.S. illegally
  50. CJME, Z99 hosts take firearms training at RCMP Depot
  51. Gun hoard seized in West Vancouver domestic assault investigation
  52. Three dead in Swiss factory shooting
  53. Wilson Combat Joins Boycott of Anti States
  54. CBC doing something not completely anti?
  55. Thousands swarm Capitol for gun law rally
  56. Boy struck, killed while crossing guard takes break
  57. Gun Myths gone in 5 mins! great video
  58. Lawmakers get violent emails over gun control
  59. Company will move if Colorado approves gun control (Magpul)
  60. Society is screwed as a whole
  61. Gun Culture in Canada - CBC
  62. Sixteen Year-Old FL Student Suspended For Disarming Gunman & Saving Students
  63. Biden Self Defense shotgun
  64. Eric Holder syas that Drone Strikes on US soil against US citizens is LEGAL .. no trial required
  65. Prospects limited for new gun control laws
  66. Study: States with more gun laws have less gun violence
  67. OK kiddies heads up US just went Defcon 4
  68. "deep concealment" standard raised to a whole new level....
  69. Feinstein: Legal to Hunt Humans
  70. Government dumps gun enthusiasts from firearms committee
  71. Land mines, grenades, machine guns seized as Ontario police find huge weapons cache hidden home’s walls
  72. And so it begins....
  73. ‘Canadian Armed Forces’ rebranding places emphasis on guns, not people
  74. Senate committee approves assault weapons ban
  75. Mabey NorthKorea has a teenage sence of humor...
  76. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.. think again
  77. Well who the frack thought that this would even be Plausible let alone happening ...
  78. Gun advocates want provincial firearms officers scrapped
  79. Canadian teens are a fiscally conservative bunch: survey
  80. Photo of kid holding gun triggered visit from police, family services
  81. Colorado Bans Most Magazines
  82. Gun Control- What College Does'nt Teach You
  83. Disgusting doesn't begin.
  84. Draconian Gun Laws Creating Black Market
  85. Colt to bolt? Gun maker's boss says company feels unwelcome in Connecticut
  87. So... You Got Your Buck?
  88. U.S. agencies join war against gun owners
  89. AR15s Protect Crops
  90. Cops find 101-gun arsenal in St. B home
  91. ATF Raids FPS Russia
  92. Gunter: Time to shoot down provincial gun cops' ability to harass law-aibiding owners
  93. A mother's journey to bearing arms
  94. Arms Trade Treaty Approved by UN
  95. Customers pack Conn. gun stores after state lawmakers announce deal on gun cont
  96. Magazines: Disposable Items?
  97. CO Democrat Doesn't Understand High-Capacity Magazines Can Be Reloaded
  98. Princeton Shooting
  99. 1 dead after Gatineau daycare shooting
  100. Man in serious but stable condition after being shot during home invasion in the southeast
  101. Firearms Company Relocating To North Texas
  102. Reply to firearms as weapon of choice (article in Ottawa Sun)
  103. Obama makes "last-ditch" push in Connecticut on gun control
  104. Another Loss to the Industry
  105. Joe Biden and Eric Holder to push for 'commonsense' gun control reforms
  106. PoliceOne’s Gun Policy & Law Enforcement survey 2013, USA
  107. Texas stabbing rampage
  108. Spruce Grove Gun Range closed
  109. Toronto Star explains how to buy an illegal firearm
  110. Remington Opts to Stay in New York State & Expand Operations After Getting $80m Govt Contract
  111. NDP push gun control at weekend convention
  112. Bullet kills motorist after ‘freak ricochet’ off boar
  113. License Fees Are Back!!
  114. Solomon Friedman discusses the new gun license fees
  115. Actor Jay Mohr Politicizes Boston Bombing: '2nd Amendment Must Go'
  116. Biden Pledges More Executive Action On Guns “Later This Week”
  117. 8th grade student suspended, arrested over gun t-shirt
  118. Have You had Your Lead Levels Checked Lately?
  119. Two People Shot in West-End Toronto Bank Robbery - National Post
  120. California police train with airsoft guns amid shortage
  121. Vic Toews cancelled big events to mark end of long-gun registry at the last moment without explanation
  122. Quebec soldier faces more than 30 charges in gun-smuggling investigation
  123. "Terrorist" axe, knife and arson attack kills 21 in China's Xinjiang
  124. Gun seizures up but fears of porous border remain
  125. Maker of my first rifle for kids disappears after toddler killed...
  126. Federal Liberals suddenly flush with cash under Justin Trudeau leadership
  127. 3D printed gun shoots real bullets
  128. Conservatives' interest in Canadian history raises eyebrows
  129. New CPC Poll
  130. New Orleans mother’s day shooting: 17 wounded
  131. Man in custody after Gatineau police officer shot responding to ‘bush party’ call
  132. 3 youths given maximum sentence for murder of 5 year old
  133. Tim Bosma found dead
  134. Report Raises Concern About Glock Handguns
  135. Toronto police charge man with 'small arsenal'
  136. Disarming Realities: As Gun Sales Soar, Gun Crimes Plummet
  137. Loss of RCMP firearm labs will hurt police, critics say
  138. Guns on campus bill heads to full Texas Senate
  139. 3 yrs for smuggler
  140. Israel can act fast on gun control, so why not on peace talks?
  141. How I successfully treated my father for Charlton Heston Disorder
  142. Gun lovers gather for build-your-own-rifle parties
  143. Woman-accidentally-shot-by-gun-in-friends-purse
  144. Memorial Day
  145. DISTRICT OF MISSION: Ban on Discharge of Firearms Regulation Bylaw
  146. Canada not among 60 countries signing landmark treaty on world arms trade
  147. Outdated gun rules pose ‘risk to public safety,’ secret government memo warns
  148. Ottawa police shoot man armed with knife
  149. 10 year old boy stops burglary and uses their gun
  150. 69 year old headline
  152. Sun News - Gun owners fight back at RCMP order - Swiss Arms
  153. June is gun amnesty month in Okanagan
  154. Were-gun-control-laws-powerless-to-stop-suspect
  155. The Irrationality of Giving Up This Much Liberty to Fight Terror
  156. Majority of Charges Against MoreGunSupply Dropped
  157. White House vows gun control fight not over
  158. Korean war veteran dodges mandatory three-year prison sentence over forgotten pistol
  159. Tories reject idea of civilian board for RCMP
  160. Saskatchewan premier says Trudeau should return $20K speaking fee to literacy group
  161. Canada ‘going backwards’ on gun control, École Polytechnique survivor says
  162. Chicago body count a monument to gun control failure
  163. 1 arrested after gun rights, gun control activists clash at N.H. rally
  164. MILLER: Bloomberg, Obama and liberal media muzzled about gun crime decline
  165. Wearing a mask at a riot is now a crime
  166. The cause of the Swiss Arms mess
  167. Tories file conflict of interest complaint against Justin Trudeau
  168. Got $30,000? You can be one of the world's deadliest snipers...
  169. Genesee range closed due to flooding - picture intensive !
  170. Turner Valley and Black Diamond Bridges GONE - Official.
  171. Conservative Cabinet Minister Vic Toews to retire from politics: report
  172. Toews departure could spark big changes at Harper's table
  173. Feds win latest round in legal fight against Quebec over gun registry
  174. Disappointed in Quebec Court Ruling, the Coalition for Gun Control Vows to Keep On Fighting for Sensible Gun Laws
  175. It can't happen here? Police outrage in Alberta by out-of-control RCMP
  176. Secret weapon in gun control battle?
  177. Gun control advocate wants to ban forks, knives, and glass
  178. Focus on More Important Tasks
  179. 19 Firefighters Killed In Arizona On Sunday
  180. RCMP Commish asks for investigation of his own force
  181. At Colt's Connecticut factory, no apologies for arming America - CNN
  182. Toews announces retirement
  183. Month Long Gun Amnesty Over. 1500+ Guns Turned In.
  184. Unarmed Man Shot 16 Times While At Home In Bed By Police
  185. George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon Martin's death
  186. Jumping the gun
  187. Man shoots and 17-year-old after argument over loud music
  188. U of O student loses guns
  189. Dog shot by police officer during traffic stop
  190. The George Zimmerman case says more about gun control than about race relations
  191. Reloading: the booming gun hobby and what it could mean for the ammunition industry
  192. America’s gun culture killed Trayvon Martin
  193. Is the Justin Trudeau honeymoon over?
  194. Judge rejects Quebec’s attempt to block Ottawa from destroying gun registry data
  195. Zimmerman and gun control
  196. Sheriffs speak out on gun control measures in Brush
  197. Gun Control Group Wants Ted Nugent Removed From NRA Board After Racist Comments
  198. Cabelas is opening a new store in Barrie, ON
  199. Crime rate lowest since 1972
  200. CO Anti-Gun Group Cancels Gun Buyback Due to Background Checks
  201. Smart Guns = Dumb Idea
  202. From the Makers of Nervous Legislators, Now a Canadian 3D-Printed Rifle
  203. StopNRA.org... Ha!!!
  204. Translating Anti-Gun Propaganda into English - NRA-ILA
  205. Green Berets take on anti-gunners at annual meeting NRA-ILA
  206. Arkansas high school arming some teachers
  207. 72-year-old gunman arrested after 20-hour standoff in Cote-Saint-Luc
  208. Armed American police officers will now operate on Canadian soil.
  209. Gun control advocates handbook on how to lie to the public (unbelievable )
  210. Ruger to open new factory
  211. Interesting happenings this evening...
  212. New Gun Control Bills Could Make California Strictest Gun Control State
  213. Newtown gun permit requests on pace to double in wake of massacre, tougher laws
  214. Replica weapons cause fright at B.C. zombie event
  215. Senior charged for shooting
  216. PM promises to retire 70-year-old Lee-Enfield guns for northern Rangers
  217. Harper shooting Lee-Enfield
  218. US army buying up AK magazines??
  219. George Zimmerman Went Shopping for a Tactical Shotgun
  220. Trudeau's pot 'actions speak for themselves
  221. Newer Media works of the recent Syria issue, and allegations of chemical weapons use....thoughts, concerns, standpoints....
  222. Restricted firearms registrations increasing in P.E.I.
  223. Police arrest 63 year old man for. . .something?
  224. CZ 858's Sent Back - Called Prohibited
  225. .22 caliber shotguns now available in Edmonton
  226. Man charged for defending himself .... what's wrong with our system?
  227. Guns for the blind?
  228. Florida police question Zimmerman after wife reports gun threat
  229. This is baaaaaaa d news.....
  230. CIA delivering light weapons to Syria
  231. Chicago abolishes gun registry in place since 1968
  232. Cops can't protect him, [Ian Thompson] wants special handgun permit
  233. RCMP hid $1M cost estimate for killing long-gun registry
  234. Starbucks is becoming a gun-free zone
  235. University of Calgary Firearms Association
  236. Justin Trudeau enlists retired general Andrew Leslie
  237. Glorious Prank! Buddies plan a party at a buddies place.... cheers!
  238. CNN prints unbiased firearms article...mind blown.
  239. The High River gun grab story gets deeper...
  240. Cukier wants High River gun owners charged
  241. NRA's LaPierre on Navy Yard shootings: 'There weren't enough good guys with guns'
  242. Reasonable Force
  243. Global News: Canada pressured to sign UN ATT
  244. Man makes threats to west Ottawa school
  245. Rye prof among Canada’s most influential women of 2013
  246. All hail the Chief.
  247. Black Range Rover runs over bikers in NYC
  248. Man acquitted of having sawed-off shotgun in car after judge rules police search was illegal
  249. Ottawa police offer digital cameras for guns
  250. Senate Strongly Rejects UN Arms Treaty