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  1. C-19
  2. Alberta Elections
  3. Quebec's long-gun registry data spared by court injunction
  4. Vic Toews - Registry is dead, AND, the ammo regulations won't be going through !!!
  5. Canadian GDP numbers adjusted for April
  6. Strict new ammunition regulations, are not to happen
  7. Man charged after gun scare at Saskatoon restaurant
  8. Youth charged after pellet gun scare in Windsor Read more: http://www.windsorstar.com/news/Youth+charged+after+pellet+scare+Windsor/6428435/story.html#ixzz1rYbB1LnI
  9. Mexican art and photo show focuses on weapons and their deadly effects on country
  10. Court News
  11. Ammo won't have to be locked up
  12. New Law may allow Warning shots to be fired
  13. Florida assailed over firearm laws
  14. Masked man robs Glasgow shop with firearm
  15. Arrest made in connection to jewelry store robberies in Kitchener, Guelph
  16. Gun Sales are Booming: Time to Buy Gun and Firearm Stocks? Sturm, Ruger & Company (RGR) & Smith & Wesson (SWHC)
  17. Courts confiscate firearms and knives in east of England
  18. Uganda Government News: Gulu in firearm collection exercise
  19. McMinn County auctions 445 seized firearms, I wish this happened in Canada
  20. Bill Cosby Blames Gun Accessibility For Death Of Trayvon Martin, NJ Mural Causes Controversy
  21. Out of State Guns
  22. Mulcair pledges to restore long gun registry
  23. Calgary police warn of public risk after 5th public shooting in eight days
  24. Tulsa Shooting Cops Probing if Both Suspects Fired Gun
  25. County Armagh child brings gun home in plastic bag
  26. Gun Sales Continue Climb In Indiana
  27. Romney to Address NRA Weeks After Revealing He’s a Gun Owner
  28. 20 firearms seized; 2 arrested
  29. U.S. Border Patrol agent from El Paso, girlfriend arrested for federal firearms trafficking
  30. Memphis Man Found Guilty of Child Sex Trafficking and Firearms Offenses
  31. Alberta election - polls say it's a tie right now
  32. Saskatchewan MP accused of promoting gun-toting youths
  33. The Quebec Hearing On The Registry Continues
  34. Anatomy of a truly liberal Liberal party
  35. NRCan letter and my MP response
  36. First report that the temporary QC injunction will be lifted
  37. Gun registry loss makes work tougher: RCMP
  38. Tories to Push Further Easing on Gun Restrictions at little known Committee!
  39. Private gun control won’t address dangers of police abusing power
  40. A Virginia Tech Mom TKO's Gun Control Idiots
  41. Ammoland: 1st Annual Gun Registry’s Dead Celebration Coming To Quebec
  42. Pot bust uncovers 'cannon' of a rifle (SKS???) ROFL
  43. Fake firearms no fun, say Kelowna Mounties
  44. Cape Breton man fails to show up for court again on assault and firearms charges
  45. Quebec extends long gun registry injunction
  46. Quebec MP up in arms over 'outrageous' firearms fete
  47. Quebec court backs gun registry, sets stage for federal legal battle
  48. Higher Education Analysis of the Day: Blame the Guns
  49. Quote of The Day
  50. Halton Regional Police remind residents ‘it is not illegal to wear a holster’
  51. Bank of America to gun company: Find another bank
  52. MP Bruce Hyer quits NDP
  53. “Turn Tail and Run” Law Proposed
  54. John Lott: Stand Your Ground makes sense
  55. RCMP officer shot in New Brunswick
  56. Guy mistakenly shoots gal pal on romantic hog-hunting date
  57. Germany announces plans for gun registry
  58. My local news
  59. Ontario is registering long guns!!!!!!!!!!!!
  60. Ontario defies order to delete gun-registry data: Lawyer
  61. Kawartha Lakes councillor 'nails' proposed firearms bylaw
  62. Men with gang ties face charges after loaded handguns found
  63. Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  64. CBC POLL HIT IT!! Your Community Should firearm vendors record customer information?
  65. Concealed carry: Why the uproar?
  66. Federal Government to join Prosecution of Ian Thomson
  67. Feds wash hands of Ontario's 'stealth' long-gun registry
  68. Brian Lilley on the Back Door Registry - Flaunting of bill C-19
  69. Toronto city council should back an Ontario long-gun registry
  70. Argonaut offensive tackle Edawn Coughman faces firearms charge
  71. Man, 40, faces firearms charges
  72. Careless firearm use on the rise: RCMP
  73. 18-year-old charged with pointing gun in Moncton
  74. Man charged in northeast Edmonton shooting
  75. South Asian Gangster Arrested With Guns
  76. Provinces take back door
  77. Kenney thanks grocer for inspiring new law
  78. Minister Toew's Statement
  79. Gun owners' saviour
  80. Ted Nugent . . you gotta love'm
  81. Vic Toews responds to CFO defiance
  82. NH, USA: Gun Control: Citizen or Subject?
  83. Ont. following fed rules on firearms: Minister
  84. Toronto needs a gun culture
  85. Coquitlam debating future of gun and bowhunting within municipality
  86. Police offered to trade tickets for guns, court case suggests!?!?!?
  87. RCMP commish under fire over back-door registries
  88. Charges Laid After Firearm Complaint
  89. Solomon Friedman on the federal-provincial gun registry spat
  90. PMO spokesperson's retort sets Twitter ablaze
  91. Kill backdoor registries: RCMP commish
  92. Top Mountie orders provinces to halt ‘backdoor’ gun-registry efforts
  93. Roy Green talks with Tony B about the CFO's refusal to obey the law
  94. Solomon Freidman on the CFO's back door registry May 13/12
  95. Ontario sticking to its guns on firearms sale records
  96. Registry is a sham
  97. Ontario will obey gun law but defy Toews
  98. Poll: What's your view of gun control in Canada?
  99. PEI Is creating a backdoor registry like Ontario.
  100. New Brunswick ends 'backdoor' long-gun registry
  101. Treason Vs Sedition
  102. Confusion reigns over gun data collection
  103. Stop harassing legal gun owners
  104. Black bear illegally shot near Waterton Lakes National Park Public tips sought to help locate shooter responsible
  105. Alberta ‘does not, will not’ have gun registry
  106. Regina police ask for public's help in locating suspects in overnight firearms incident
  107. So what if gun stores keep records?
  108. New Pal fee schedule...:(
  109. Police seize ammunition, firearms in search
  110. No clarity from Mounties on gun shop ledgers
  111. Man pleads guilty to possessing submachine-gun, other weapons
  112. Letters: May 21
  113. On target with the Rod and Gun Club
  114. Indian women turn to firearms against threat of violence
  115. Windsor to join arms race?
  116. Crayon gun dad seeks justice
  117. Gun trafficker gets 11 years
  118. Durham police officer charged after allegedly keeping confiscated shotgun
  119. Gun-registry confusion from RCMP
  120. Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport
  121. Semi-rogue Tory MP shouldn’t underestimate caucus unrest
  122. Vancouver police officer loses gun during chase **updated**
  123. Region to negotiate sale of land to gun club
  124. Guns stolen from rural home
  125. NDP leader has remortgaged his home 11 times since early 1980s
  126. Canada’s gun owners shouldn’t expect much help from Ottawa
  127. End of long-gun registry bumps up sales
  128. Quebec gun raids see 8 arrested and 42 firearms seized
  129. Halifax shootings prompt calls to end gun violence
  130. Toronto Eaton Centre shooting kills 1, injures 7
  131. Burnaby shootings reveal legal void on returning seized firearms
  132. Canada revises stance on UN arms trade treaty
  133. Miami zombie prank viral video called tasteless and racist (with video)
  134. Concealed carry a success in county
  135. Developer sets sights on gun range for Red Deer
  136. Dad arrested for kid’s drawing gets apology
  137. Hamilton: gun destruction capital of Ontario
  138. FN Herstal to Unveil Tactical Variant of FN SCAR-H PR Precision Rifle Next Week
  139. Oxford County OPP officer faces assault and firearms charges
  140. The Malfunctioning Guns That Can Fire With the Safety On
  141. Police hands tied on rifle, lawyer says Weapon used in Burnaby killings
  142. Hudson Bay man arrested after gun incident
  143. 1957: Man took his dog and his gun and disappeared
  144. Firearms may be missing after Tracadie-Sheila break-in
  145. Annie Oakley heirlooms fetch nearly $520,000 at auction
  146. On The Way From Australia
  147. Quebec in court fighting for gun registry
  148. Vigil calls for a gun-free Toronto
  149. Handgun ban sought by Toronto victims’ families
  150. Rezoning allows firearms testing
  151. Vaughan proposes guns and ammo ban for Toronto
  152. CSSA lauds Harper government's new regulations to rein in CFO's
  153. When you’re out of good ideas, call for a handgun ban
  154. Mitchell likely given firearms licence without database search
  155. Man found with assault rifle in car trunk acquitted because RCMP search was unjustified
  156. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews promises action "within days" to end so-called backdoor long-gun registries across Canada.
  157. Top marksman dead at age 78
  158. Reaction to the shooting of a polar bear in Newfoundland
  159. Lead in bullets poisoning eagles, says vet
  160. Security guard now suspect in University of Alberta shootings
  161. Ammunition Ban won’t solve guns and gangs problem
  162. Solomon Friedman on the folly of gun, bullet bans
  164. Feds plan to end requirement for gun sellers to record sales data
  165. Long-gun registry includes hundreds of misclassified handguns
  166. Two charged for possession of stolen firearms
  167. News City of Toronto: No gun or gang problem here
  168. Stolen, dangerous guns seized in Sandy Bay
  169. Solomon Friedman Will be Testifying before the Senate Committee Today **updated with video**
  170. More legal guns mean less violent crime, U.S. figures show
  171. Bullet proof: why a ban on bullets isn’t enough
  172. Gabriola gun club battling civil lawsuit over noise complaints
  173. Back-door gun registry show-down
  174. Gun laws tie farmers' hands
  175. Young man in custody after pellet-gun shooting at Colquitz Middle School
  176. Granny gets a gun, shoots up MacBook, iPhone in viral ad
  177. Livestock shot (Edmonton)
  178. Another savage day at range
  179. Henry Arms Makes Major Donation To The Roger Maris Cancer Center
  180. Fighting for the right to wave the Canadian flag, right here in Canada
  181. Misfiring on gun safety
  182. 11 firearms stolen from home in Upper Loch Lomond
  183. Firearm safety is important part of hunting heritage
  184. Google is banning the sale of weapons and ammunition within its shopping center
  185. Black Gun Article from the Edmonton Journal
  186. MP who fought gun registry still passionate after victory
  187. :smash: Toronto residents support handgun ban: Poll
  188. Black guns red hot in Edmonton (Video)
  189. Out-of-province gun a legal purchase, but wine remains illicit
  190. Woman shot with plastic gun Gun confiscated from 12-year-old
  191. Brandon- 12 handguns stolen from local shop
  192. Outdoor store manager now facing 19 charges
  193. The Harper Government Clarifies Record Keeping Requirements for Non-Restricted Firearms
  194. There should be zero tolerance for gun crime in Toronto
  195. Shooters aim for speed, accuracy at pistol competitions
  196. Edmonton Journal letter : Black gun story was on target
  197. Brian Knight wins appeal!!
  198. Ontario judge strikes down mandatory minimums for firearms trafficking
  199. Push for global control and trade of firearms 'unrealistic,' Canada says
  200. Air rifle recalled
  201. Detroit woman dies after cop's gun discharges during hug
  202. Unbelievable: Iran to lead UN arms trade conference
  203. Restrict sale of ammunition (letter)
  204. Hunting your own dinner
  205. Feds completely shut down long gun info collection
  206. Council reaches ban compromise
  207. Shooting A Q&A with Dorothy Ludwig: On faith, firearms and family
  208. Global gun grab
  209. James Morton: Crime and sensible punishment for firearms trafficking
  210. Matt Gurney: Rare outbreak of sanity sees Toronto vote against banning bullets
  211. CUSTOMS: Guns and criminals turned away at the borders
  212. Toronto wades into gun registry court fight
  213. Wild shootout in Toronto leaves 2 dead, 22 injured
  214. Toews takes swipe at judiciary on gun crime after shooting melee in Toronto
  215. Time for real anti-gun leadership in Toronto
  216. Understanding gun "Crime" culture
  217. Man killed in Toronto's fourth shooting death in three nights
  218. Three in Dawson Creek Face Firearms Charges
  219. Man earns four months in prison for firearms violation
  220. Father, son charged with trafficking guns after big ammunition bust
  221. Dalton McGuinty asks for a reflective response to gun violence
  222. So tell me again how CCW is bad?
  223. Americans with guns at border use 'cultural difference' defence
  224. Toronto’s ‘gun summit’ will go nowhere
  225. A ban on guns won’t curb violence in Canada’s cities - HIT THIS LINK !
  226. How should government try to reduce gun crime?
  227. Handgun ban won’t eliminate gun violence
  228. Gun Control: How About a Special Tax To Be Used for a Victims’ Fund? *blog post*
  229. Colorado Shooting & Gun Control
  230. Firearms treaty not for Canada
  231. Obama pledges to tackle gun violence
  232. What Everyone Forgets When Debating Gun Control
  233. American Charged with "Gun Smuggling" - This guy lost his collection
  234. News that will be ignored by establishment media
  235. Canada has a ‘gun culture’ too
  236. No sensible reason for assault weapons
  237. U.N. ATT Conference Comes to an Impasse
  238. Gun violence in America: What Canadians can learn from the U.S.
  239. Gun ownership around the world
  240. Soldier shot at CFB Shilo; gun not military issue
  241. Man fined $1,000 after gun accidentally goes off at Saskatoon elementary school
  242. U.S. should adopt our gun controls
  243. Man on probation for butt shot
  244. Re-examining gun crime: letters
  245. Man who had Uzi in his garage to serve term in community
  246. Three people arrested after police find grenade launcher in hotel room
  247. Did Canada Sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty on April 27th?
  248. Liberals to Olympic shooter Corey Cogdell: Shoot yourself
  249. Statement From Minister Toews on Firearms Sentences
  250. 'Nose Hill Gentleman' doesn't regret pro-gun letter