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  1. Banker charged with blasphemy for allegedly insulting Muslim colleague in Dubai
  2. Sunken Australian warship HMAS Perth ransacked by illegal scavengers
  3. Van Ploughs Through Crowd in London
  4. 'Exceptionally dangerous' Transcona dog to be euthanized after owner loses appeal
  5. Northcliff High’s concession cards for Muslim learners compared to dompas
  6. 'Islam is a cancer on the planet': Australian academic slammed by his university for calling for the religion to be 'destroyed' after London terror attack
  7. Why You Should Be Skeptical of Global Warming Alarmists
  8. Ontario owes teachers more than $100M for interfering with their bargaining rights
  9. First Aust gun amnesty since Port Arthur
  10. Vulnerability of households with debt to hit 'historic' levels
  11. Leaked report suggests one in five Alberta school boards may lack completed LGBTQ policies
  12. Fresh terror in Brussels: Suspected suicide bomber threatening train passengers 'shouts Allahu Akbar and triggers an explosion' at city's central station as he is shot dead by soldiers
  13. 'EVERY MUSLIM SHOULD BE A TERRORIST' Durham University Islamic Society hands out booklets ‘encouraging terrorism’ written by radical preacher banned from UK
  15. Luka Magnotta Marrying a Male Inmate in Prison
  16. Gay Pride?
  17. Quebec now has a better credit rating than Ontario and Alberta
  18. Something to think about re carrying in the USA
  19. 'Allahu Akbar'; Canadian allegedly stabbed cop in neck in possible terror attack at Michigan airport
  20. BBC Targets Kids with False 'Islam Means Peace' Claim
  21. Architects say former U.S. embassy 'not culturally appropriate' space for new indigenous centre
  22. Sears Canada shares plunge as report says retailer will seek bankruptcy protection
  23. ISIS Setting Up Support Networks to Move Terrorists to Europe, Asia
  24. Why Is China Snatching Up Australian Farmland?
  25. 'You are not a leader': RCMP boss's testimony about Moncton shootings inflames corporal
  26. Woman who said she was ‘from ISIS’ back in court
  27. Turkish LGBT activists vow to defy ban on Istanbul Pride march
  28. Gas Prices Got You Down?
  29. The Populism Project: new poll suggests 'northern populism' brewing in Canada
  30. Stunt driving, tax evasion, child abuse among allegations against foreign diplomats living in Canada
  31. Quebec Innu seek control of fishing club frequented by wealthy Americans
  32. Float in Montreal Fęte nationale parade sparks outrage
  33. Canadians' love for debt taking us into uncharted territory, PBO report warns
  34. Venezuela's Maduro Says Will Use “Weapons” if “Votes” Fail Him as Supreme Court Attacked by Helicopter
  35. Three journalists leaving CNN after retracted article
  36. Major security measures for Ottawa's Canada 150 bash amid ISIS threat
  37. CNN producer caught on tape calling networks coverage of Trump-Russia "mostly bulls--t."
  38. How news organizations, including this one, unintentionally misinformed the public on guns
  39. US Woman Shoots Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt
  40. Why Peter Mansbridge’s departure represents the end of an illusion
  41. Czech Republic Parliament Passes Constitutional Right to Bear Arms
  42. Couple robbed at gunpoint while cleaning broken glass from car break-in at dinner (Calgary)
  43. Interest rates could rise July 12: Who are the winners and losers?
  44. Frustrated tourists line up for hours without getting to Parliament
  45. Road rage accident in California caight on video ...
  46. Veteran sues Ottawa over pension-payment delays
  47. NPR accused of bias for tweeting out full Declaration of Independence
  48. More than 100 people shot in Chicago over July 4th weekend
  49. Minimum wage set to drop in Missouri
  50. G20 in Germany
  51. Armed Neighbor Saves Infant Twins From Being Drowned By Their Father
  52. Cash crackdown boss floats nano-chips in notes(australia)
  53. France plans to ban all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040
  54. Canada’s electric vehicle problem: how to replace $8-billion in gas tax revenue?
  55. Patrick Brown vows to end cap-and-trade during Kingsville greenhouse visit
  56. Out For a Sip
  57. Bastards! Looters in BC.
  58. CJFE’s Review of Free Expression in Canada
  59. What Does Turdboy Think He's Doing? Piss Off Trump?
  60. Love and loathing as Trudeau touches down for Calgary Stampede
  61. (April fools??)Health Canada assessing wire-bristle BBQ brush risks after 9 injury reports
  62. House passes spending bill that includes selling milsurp 1911s through CMP
  63. Breaking Bomb detonates in truck, setting 4 people on fire in Winnipeg
  64. Michelle Rempel on Fox about the Khadr payout
  65. Two Canadians captured in Mosul: reports
  66. Man shoots mammoth 820 pound wild hog in his front yard
  67. Riske Creek Ranchers Take on Wildfire Alone
  68. Canada town votes against having a Muslim cemetery
  69. Toronto man builds park stairs for $550
  70. Ex-soldier jailed over ammunition in garage
  71. How much crack is too much crack?
  72. Hydro One signs blockbuster deal to buy Avista for $6.7B in cash
  73. Child sexually assaulted at Ossington Station, suspect's photo released
  74. On damage control, Macron addresses troops after army chief quits
  75. Ontario has fastest-rising hydro prices in country: Study
  76. Etobicoke man's park staircase a hit with neighbours, but mayor warns against copycats
  77. A ‘potentially fatal’ tapeworm has been discovered in Alberta
  78. Twenty-Five Things To Know About Islam: Part 3: Muhammad’s Conduct; Endless Conflict
  79. Global Warming Derangement Syndrome: Please Make It Stop
  80. O.J. Simpson granted parole after 9 years in prison
  81. Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dead at 41
  82. Robotics Team "Refugees"?
  83. Gun Club sues Parkland County Mayor
  84. Federal agency issues call for Lyme disease research
  85. Photographer Sean Scott reveals how he filmed amazing shark frenzy in remote WA
  86. US will bar Americans from visiting North Korea, US official says
  87. Kenny Shields Lead Singer of Band Streethart Passes.
  88. Video captures violent road rage incident in Peterborough
  89. House Passes New Bill Mandating Transfer of ALL US Army M1911 Handguns to Civilian Marksmanship Program
  90. Why don't people trust the police anymore?
  91. Justine Damond’s shooter officer Mohamed Noor cast out by Minneapolis Police Department
  92. Hyperloop
  93. TTAG: Disarmed and Defenseless: Violence Spirals In Mexico
  94. 11 shot, 3 killed during violent weekend in Scarborough
  95. At 15, 'Lisa W.' joined Islamic State after converting to Islam; Now German teen wants to go home
  96. Oopsie where'd my 40mm go?
  97. How a Hacker Fired a Locked Smart Gun Using Only Magnets | WIRED
  98. Edmonton Police Investigate Disappearance Of 15 Metal Plaques
  99. Britian Keeps Falling.
  100. The Philando Castile Shooting and Some Advice for My CCW and Cop Readers
  101. Man high on drugs cuts off own penis, charges at cop
  102. Tragedy at Ohio State Fair as one person is killed after ride malfunction
  103. Breitbart: Study: Percentage of Adults with Carry Permits Up 190 Percent, Violent Crime Down 18 Percent
  104. Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down D.C. Gun Control Law Requiring Citizens To Have “Good Reason” For Concealed Carry
  105. Border guards fired guns 18 times in a decade — accidentally in most cases
  106. Dublin Circuit Court judge surprised that possession of empty firearm cartridge is a crime
  107. CBC anounces FOUR new host of The National to replace Peter Mansbridge.
  108. Regina woman shocked to discover lack of colour options for prostheses
  109. Trump Administration's Aggressive Enforcement of Federal Firearm Laws
  110. Ford's 600 job cuts on heels of grants alarming: Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  111. BUSTED: Seattle Mayor Caught Colluding To Squash Damaging Minimum Wage Report
  112. Montreal's Olympic Stadium used as shelter for asylum seekers
  113. Ironic! Dubai Fire.
  114. Dallas man brutalized by gang of thugs he asked to stop smoking on public transit
  115. Woman, 81, assaulted and robbed at ATM fought back so her attacker won't 'try it again'
  116. Calgary to continue exploring 2026 Olympic Games bid
  117. From the "Well, that's the stupidest thing I've read today" file
  118. Residents banned from using ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ at hearing on controversial mosque
  119. Green energy taxes to treble in five years
  120. Stolen hoses, pump frustrate crews fighting wildfires across B.C.
  121. Why aren’t food inspectors surprised there’s horse meat in sausages?
  122. Ottawa bus driver sentenced to 9 years for sex crimes on children
  123. Australia plane terror suspect 'attempted to plant bomb on brother'
  124. Muslim family claims bacon intentionally added to sandwiches at Decatur McDonald's
  125. We Didn't Start the Fire .....
  126. B.C. man fined after celebrating return from fire evacuation with fireworks
  127. Looks like things are getting heated... Former Navy SEAL Craig ‘Sawman’ Sawyer warns of ‘gruesome massacre’ if Trump removed from office
  128. Google's Diversity
  129. 'Dodgy' greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord
  130. Harrowing cop shooting caught on camera glasses
  131. Trump issues stern warning to North Korea
  132. Backcountry closed in the Cariboo
  133. The GOOD NEWS thread
  134. Hillary and Bill to Vacation at Luxury Resort in Quebec
  135. Canada’s NAFTA objectives include new ‘progressive’ chapters
  136. B.C. to end grizzly bear trophy hunting — after this year's hunt
  137. Charles in charge? Queen preparing to abdicate: Report
  138. Our friend Brian Lilley has left The Rebel Media.
  139. Watch out for blastomycosis
  140. Swiss hotel sparks anger for pool sign that was directed only to Jewish guests
  141. Explosive substance found in Guelph man’s car
  142. Man says he was cured of pedophilia at Ottawa clinic
  143. Barcelona terror attack: At least 13 dead after van plows into crowd; 2 suspects arrested
  144. Bannon gone
  145. Police in Finland Shoot Man After Stabbing Attack
  146. The Dieppe Raid
  147. Antifa Members are Now Protesting George Soros Demanding Their Payments
  148. Barcelona’s chief rabbi urges Jews to move to Israel as Europe has been ‘lost’
  149. Man arrested on suspicion of bomb plot to destroy Confederate statue
  150. Citing 'safety and security,' Pugh has Baltimore Confederate monuments taken down
  151. Why does Chicago honor a Fascist?
  152. D.TRUMP speech in forth myers on its new strategy in A-STAN .
  153. Mike Rowe DESTROYS Facebook Commenter Who Called Him a 'White Supremacist'
  154. FPS Russia star arrested in Georgia on drug charges
  155. UAE imprisons transgender Singaporean, friend for dressing in a 'feminine way'
  156. French magazine Charlie Hebdo faces ire over 'Islamophobic' cover
  157. Anyone shouting Allahu Akbar in Venice ‘will be gunned down by snipers within four paces’
  158. After Barcelona, terrorists name Rome, the Vatican as their next target
  159. 'Painful no matter what happens': economists worried by B.C.'s financial reliance on real estate
  160. Veterans' groups 'appalled' by website selling Remembrance products for apparent profit
  161. North Korea threatens Britain with ‘miserable end’ if it joins with US forces
  162. SJW insanity in the US continues: Memphis theater pulls "Gone With The Wind" after complaints it's "insensitive"
  163. $250M worth of cocaine hidden in cement blocks is the biggest seizure in its history, OPP says
  164. Breaking: North Korea launches missile over Northern Japan
  165. Good Guy with a Gun News Stories
  166. Texas: Hurricane Harvey
  167. 17-year-old teenager sues his parents for being born white ... new times arrived?
  168. Another Holiday Weekend in the Cesspool that is the GTA
  169. Retreat cancelled after students triggered by banana peel
  170. Loonie jumps to highest point since 2015 as traders bet rate hike is coming next week
  171. Utah police apologize after nurse arrested for refusing to draw blood from unconscious patient
  172. Critics say TDSB rushed vote to suspend program that puts police in high schools
  173. North Korea at it again
  174. In California, Confiscation Is No Longer A Threat. It’s The Law.
  175. Australia’s Pro and Anti-gun Researchers Agree, Gun Turn-ins Don’t Work
  176. Parents of mentally ill teens aren't more likely to store guns safely
  177. Houston Man Protects Local Businesses From Looters (Video)
  178. “Social Justice Collective” Calls for Four-Year Universities to Ban Veterans, Cites NRA Ties
  179. They’re leftists with guns. Meet the Redneck Revolt
  180. SAF, CalGuns File Petition for SCOTUS Review of Silvester Case
  181. Injunction Sought Against Texas Campus Carry Denied by Judge
  182. Mike Rowe surprises veteran in ‘Returning the Favor’
  183. Canadian Muslim Website Publishes Article Defending ‘Medical Benefits’ of Female Circumcision
  184. If Your Child Listens To Heavy Music, They Might Be A Neo-Nazi
  185. North Korea seen moving ICBM under cover of night
  186. Korea Nuclear Test Furthers EMP Bomb
  187. Bow hunter seriously injured in Saskatchewan black bear attack
  188. Ontario's pot plan a blow to dispensaries, but a boon for the public-service union
  190. Only in Winnipeg: Moose disrupts Banjo Bowl
  191. Florida gun owners encouraged to 'shoot the storm' and fire their guns at Hurricane Irma
  192. What Happened When My Husband Unexpectedly Went to Prison
  193. Father and son find WW2 guns in river at Grey Lake
  194. Vimy Oak Tree Planted To Honour Fallen Soldiers Destroyed By Vandals
  195. Woman shoots homeless man who asked her to move Porsche
  196. BREAKING: North Korea fires new missile over Japan
  197. Border farmer has guns taken after confronting man armed with a knife at his home
  198. Top 2.7% of U.S. wage earners pay 52% of income tax collected
  199. USA national debt tops $20T
  200. Senators to Tillerson: Expel Cuban diplomats, consider US embassy closure over attacks
  201. Calgary-based UFA Co-operative to kill 545 jobs, close 12-store Wholesale Sports chain in Western Canada
  202. Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for sending Islam-insulting poem via WhatsApp
  203. In Interview, Top Indonesian Muslim Scholar Says Stop Pretending That Orthodox Islam and Violence Aren't Linked
  204. 'Odd thud' wakes retired B.C. couple
  205. Special Report! 90 Per Cent Of Asylum Seekers End Up On Welfare
  206. Nelson man sentenced after being shot during break and enter
  207. Parsons Green Bomb Suspect Named as 21-Year-Old Syrian Yahyah Farouk
  208. Conservation officer talks safety following fatal hunting accident
  209. Russian Attack Helicopters Hit Civilans by Mistake at War Games
  210. Its about bloody time. President Trump's speech at the UN.
  211. American shakedown: Police won't charge you, but they'll grab your money
  212. Famed groundhog (prognosticator) Wiarton Willie dead at 13
  213. Victoria filmmaker used fake name to promote pricier tickets for white men
  214. Kalashnikov statue changed because of German weapon
  215. In Venezuela, they were teachers and doctors. To buy food, they became prostitutes.
  216. UN council to discuss report calling on Canada to address anti-black racism
  217. Stop normalizing Sharia law in Canada
  218. Bombardier calls 220% U.S. duty on CSeries 'absurd,' says real fight now begins
  219. A small region in Iraq just became one of the oil market's biggest concerns
  220. Man convicted in 1987 death of Mountie granted escorted temporary absence
  221. Majority of Quebecers think climate change is causing extreme weather: poll
  222. Russian 'cannibal couple' confess to eating 30 people, sold 'meat pieces' at army base, police say
  223. Paul Horner, writer of fake news about 2016 election, found dead
  224. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at age 91
  225. Tweakers and Junkies ARE the Zombie Apocalypse!
  226. Lionel Desmond mefloquine?
  227. Company introduces ‘snowflake test’ to weed out ‘whiny, entitled millennials’
  228. Violent paramilitary voter suppression is Spain today
  229. Active Shooter on the Vegas Strip
  230. Brisbane, Australia Cops Put Out an APB for Four Lost Training Rounds
  231. Tom Petty dies
  232. Jimmy Kimmel’s Teary Plea For Gun Control After 59 Killed In Las Vegas, His Hometown
  233. Man charged with 5 counts of attempted murder for Edmonton attacks
  234. And now for something we know would happen, "transmasculine" and "genderqueer"!
  235. The FBI’s Latest Report Suggests The ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Real
  236. Statistician Who Championed Stringent Gun Control Now Argues Against It After Studying Data
  237. Exclusive: Suspected Edmonton attacker was ordered deported from U.S.A
  238. Arrested Niagara police officer was charged with assault previously
  239. I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.
  240. A different perspective on Anti-Fa (blame the media)
  241. Deadly outbreak of the plague is spreading in Madagascar and it could get worse
  242. TransCanada Ends Bid to Build Energy East Oil Pipeline
  243. Ares Armor Crayon Drawing Sent To BATFE Director
  244. HMCS Chicoutimi has been DEPLOYED to Asia!??
  245. Why The Vegas Shooting Happened, and Why Men Keep Doing This
  246. Is drive-by sex toy hacking a wake-up call for Britain’s internet security?
  247. Canadian man, 19, pleads guilty to 2016 plot targeting New York City landmarks, subway
  248. Broken telephone, why the CEO of WIND mobile sold to shaw.
  249. Dan Bilzerian trying to be a hero at LV shooting
  250. Dove's 'racist' ad might have cost the brand an advantage it spent 13 years building