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  1. Australian investigators probing special forces wrongdoing in Afghanistan consult with Canadian military
  2. We want to build a community’: Rohingyas call on Canada to resettle more refugees
  3. Canada now marked with a terrorism label?
  4. Off-Duty Texas Officer Entered Wrong Apartment, Shot and Killed Resident
  5. Syrian national Ibrahim Ali, 28, charged over the weekend in the July 2017 death of the Burnaby teen
  6. GUNS: Good or Bad?
  7. Canada Post workers vote in favour of strike action
  8. Rick Rescorla
  9. Only in Trudeau's Canada. Man's deportation halted because his gang tattoo's might make people think he belongs to a gang.
  10. What would you ask Trudeau? Here is your chance!
  11. Trudope Did Not Tell You Your Pot Vote Gets You Banned From The USA.
  12. BREAKING: Comey Just CRAPPED HIS PANTS After Hearing What This Federal Prosecutor Said On LIVE TV
  13. Kevin O’Leary: Now is not the time — why I can't support Maxime Bernier's new party
  14. 'We don't have any strategy to deal with it': experts warn next recession could rival the Great Depression
  15. Why Afghanistan is more dangerous than ever
  16. Ontario cannabis clerk use[s] a bong to fend off four attempted robbers
  17. paul wells and trudeau
  18. Syria Shot Down a Russian Military Plane.
  19. Woman won't stand for judge, lifts her veil to plead guilty to knifing
  20. Mass stabbing in New York
  21. Dispensing Harm How a handful of pharmacists flooded Ontario’s streets with lethal fentanyl amid a national opioid crisis
  22. Why Canada will lead the charge on the UN’s global refugee plan
  23. Toronto hotel gets one star reviews since accepting refugees due to harassment and overcrowding complaints
  24. Huawei Phones
  25. president trump united nation speech and iran
  26. Bill Cosby sentenced to prison for sexual assault
  27. Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement
  28. School bus driver heading to prison in disturbing case
  29. Canadian court revokes man's citizenship over Nazi SS ties, again
  30. isis-regroups-attack-fragmented-libya
  31. Take in more Yazidi women fleeing ISIS, refugee advocates urge Ottawa
  32. nafta: done deal!
  33. Australia: The Effect of the Australian National Firearms Agreement on Suicide and Homicide Mortality
  34. Video: Fear and hope in the most dangerous place in Canada; North Battleford
  35. 400 Guns Stolen from UPS facility
  36. Liberal Professor Wants Activists To Be Considered Veterans, Afghanistan Veteran Responds
  37. U.K. student union bans applause in favour of ‘jazz hands’ because clapping could ‘trigger anxiety’
  38. Brett Kavanaugh and the Information Terrorists Trying to Reshape America
  39. Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father
  40. Man dead after shooting outside Mission shopping mall
  41. Kamloops school assignment pushes political agenda
  42. Dog Parks are Petri Dishes for Canine Rape Culture
  43. The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies
  44. Interpol chief Meng Hongwei vanishes on trip to China
  45. Conrad Black: Canadians don't see the Kavanaugh episode for what it is
  46. Asylum seeker not eligible to vote receives voter registration card
  47. Babylon Bee Explains Gun Control
  48. Christian bakery owners win appeal in 'gay cake' case
  49. Pipeline Explosion - Prince George
  50. 2 teens charged after Saskatoon police spot bag of weed, turn up shotgun, ammo, nearly a kilo of marijuana
  51. Trans inmate jailed for prison sex offenses.
  52. 'Shocking': Calgary police pull over minivan, find $8-million worth of cocaine and meth
  53. Fire Destroys Mission's Silverhill Hall
  54. India cracks down on CRA scams after Canada threatens to send PM back for another official visit
  55. Here’s everything we know about the troubling disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi
  56. Racist Halloween costume hurts feelings of edmonton woman
  57. Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Resigns Amid Criticism Over African Hunting Photos
  58. Woman who refused to let black neighbour into building fired
  59. Paul Bernardo will 'express remorse' in parole bid. Here's why it's unlikely to sway the board
  60. Ottawa holds consultations on racism behind closed doors
  61. Train in india rams through crowd of people sitting on tracks who were watching fireworks
  62. 'Mom I'm in trouble:' Canadian, Brit face 10 years in jail for alleged graffiti
  63. Calgary police union files grievance over marijuana policy
  64. A Canadian commander on returning to the military post-9/11
  65. ‘Not fair’: World cycling bronze medalist cries foul after transgender woman wins gold
  66. Canada Post hit by rotating strikes
  67. Accused Fredericton shooter proclaims innocence due to temporary insanity
  68. A quarter of college students could develop PTSD because of the 2016 election
  69. Michael Moore says he'll move to Canada if new film leads to trouble
  70. Explosive device' sent to Hillary Clinton and Obama
  71. More news from the Pussydom realm.
  72. The Psychology of Progressive Hostility
  73. The financial elite’s experiment to triple Canada’s population through immigration
  74. At Least 11 Dead, 1 Cop Wounded, After Shooting At Pittsburgh Synagogue; Gunman Shouted "All Jews Must Die"
  75. Yes, Stupid is alive and thriving in England
  76. All roles in the UK military, including Royal Marines and SAS, open to women
  77. Former soldier made threats to RCMP: police
  78. Female teacher ‘discovered on Pornhub having sex with teen girl family member’ by stunned pupils
  79. This map shows how far the migrant caravan is from the U.S. border
  80. Statscan secretly collecting credit bureau records
  81. Dad eating with kids at McDonald’s fatally shoots gunman inside Alabama McDonald’s
  82. Canadian Forces looking into allegations of white-supremacist material being sold at military-surplus store run by soldiers
  83. Sandy Bay Resident Fined for Supplying Cannabis to Youth
  84. Schoolgirl Allegedly Raped by Afghan Asylum Seekers in Munich
  85. Canada installs Chinese underwater monitoring devices next to US nuclear submarine base
  86. Why Canada Is Selling Advanced Nuclear Reactors to China (2017)
  87. Ahead of Beijing trade trip, Jim Carr touts Chinese interest in Canadian resources and ‘brainpower’
  88. President Trump: Asylum seekers must go to ports of entry
  89. Lefty darling Alec Baldwin arrested. Punched man in face over parking spot.
  90. 'Firearms safeguard freedom': Brazil's new president
  91. Dog humping incidents can be taken as evidenceof rape culture
  92. Wise Man's Parable Shows How Freedom Dies In America
  93. Three paralyzed men have walked again after receiving electric jolts to the spine
  94. European Human Rights Court Backs Sharia Blasphemy Law
  95. Veterans told to leave shopping center over 'public safety' risks
  96. Lowe's to close 31 locations in Canada (including Rona)
  97. Edmonton - Explosion reported at Sherwood Park library
  98. For those of you feeling a bit old....
  99. Tucker Carlson’s Home Attacked by Antifa Mob
  100. Kahnawake students honour Mohawk veterans with handmade wreaths and poppies
  101. Michelle Obama reveals daughters were conceived by IVF
  102. Judge calls Toronto cop who ate marijuana-laced chocolate bar seized in raid a ‘complete idiot'
  103. US Gun Confiscation goes wrong - Man shot by police would not surrender firearm
  104. At COB last Friday....
  105. Cali fires
  106. Stan Lee, Pioneer Of The Marvel Universe, Dead At Age 95
  107. Police Officer Kills Black Security Guard Who Stopped A Shooting
  108. Marijuana Legalization Is Failing In Canada
  109. Scientists acknowledge critical errors in study of how fast the oceans are warming
  110. The Sun Set Off 4,000 Sea Mines During the Vietnam War
  111. A handgun for Christmas: Wisconsin company decides to buy firearms for every employee this holiday season
  112. Rake America Great Again
  113. High School bans Canada Goose because of "Poverty Shaming"
  114. Gov. Bevin responds to question concerning his stance on school violence
  115. Canadian Pot Investor Banned for Life From USA.
  116. 536 Was a Garbage Year for Mankind (So Give 2018 a Break)
  117. romaine lettuce ban
  118. Why voter fraud could impact Canadian elections
  119. Trudeau government studying birth tourism as new data shows higher non-resident birth rates
  120. Compact for migration – Maxime Bernier reacts to Conservative apathy
  121. Failing media giants should not be subsidized with more taxpayer debt
  122. Concern over excessive immigration and its impact isn’t just right-wing paranoia
  123. First ever plane with no moving parts takes flight
  124. India's share in global air conditioning units to jump from 2.2% to almost 25% by 2050
  125. White House to Allow Border Troops to Use Lethal Force if Necessary, Report Says
  126. Scheer wants a marking scheme too
  127. Thinking outside the box, cattle aren't the problem but the solution...
  128. Hundreds of migrants apparently try rushing toward California port of entry, as Trump threatens to close entire border
  129. General Motors Says Goodbye Oshawa
  130. Russia seizes, fires upon Ukrainian ships near Crimea
  131. Pro golfer blames Air Canada
  132. Arrest made in Calgary nightclub homicide: police
  133. Woman, 10-month-old daughter killed by bear at remote Yukon cabin
  134. *BRACE YOURSELF FOR THIS ONE* Oakland University faculty distributes hockey pucks to defend against armed shooters
  135. Robbery suspect dies after citizens stop him, Montreal police say
  136. Armed Citizens Are Successful 94% Of The Time At Active Shooter Events [FBI]
  137. Compact migration
  138. Baby It's Cold Outside pulled by radio station, citing #MeToo
  139. Neil deGrasse Tyson under investigation after accusations of sexual misconduct
  140. Police Cracking Down Even Harder On Impaired Driving
  141. Sheriff: Woman kills jail escapee who kicks in her door
  142. Economists Overlook Problems With a Carbon Tax
  143. Premiers meeting
  144. Trust
  145. FUKUSHIMA Update 2018
  146. Comey calls on Americans to 'use every breath we have' to oust Trump in 2020
  147. North America Just Had Its Most Extensive November Snow Cover in at Least a Half-Century
  148. China BANS the sale of nearly all iPhone models for 'violating patents'
  149. David Attenborough Says Climate Change Is the 'Greatest Threat in Thousands of Years'
  150. 164 countries sign non-binding UN migration pact amid international controversy
  151. Macron raising minimum wage after weeks of protests in France
  152. Laid-off workers get 10 tires each, plus pay, as Goodyear quits Venezuela for good
  153. Omar Khadr to ask for Canadian passport to travel, permission to speak to sister
  154. Could Alberta pull off a full-blown boycott of Quebec?
  155. Canada's Best Places to Live 2018
  156. “Your time is up, white people”: South Africa Sets Date for “White Farmers Land-grab Law”
  157. Strasbourg shooting: Gunman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he attacked
  158. 2 charged in RCMP traffic stop that erupted in gunfire
  159. Le Doc Mailloux - Thérapie psychédélique, la jalousie extrême
  160. City Gives AR-15 Owners December Deadline To Submit to Rifle Count
  161. COMMENTARY: Canada’s military procurement legacy somehow gets even stupider
  162. Residents near U.S. border in Quebec to be paid up to $25,000 for asylum seeker disruption: Bill Blair
  163. Canada votes to repeal its blasphemy law
  164. Liberal House Leader apologizes after mocking the opioid-related deaths of 38 people in Tory MP’s riding
  165. Canada had a year to end solitary confinement. Time’s up, and it hasn’t.
  166. How deadly fentanyl builds gorgeous BC mansions
  167. REPORT: Venezuelans now regretting gun ban that stripped them of their weapons
  168. Feel good fluff piece
  169. Le Doc Mailloux - Réflexion anti-vomisseur sur les jeunes
  170. California’s Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds
  171. Merkel declares that UN Global Compact on Migration will be "valid for all" after Dec 19th
  172. The craziest McDonald’s in Canada?
  173. Missouri poacher sentenced to watch ‘Bambi’ as punishment for deer killing
  174. Trump administration officially bans bump stocks
  175. Why our government leaders are idiots and only want to tax you
  176. Grant Stinchfield: Media Is Ignoring a Huge School Shooting in Indiana
  177. Federal court says NY ban on nunchucks unconstitutional
  178. Deer outsmarts local hunters with trendy orange scarf
  179. Group of 'ex-gang leaders' aims to end Toronto gun violence through youth programs
  180. Canadian sentenced to 40 years for ISIS plot to attack Times Square
  181. London's Gatwick Airport shut for over 17 hours in unprecedented drone attack
  182. James Mattis Resigns as US defense secretary
  183. Two tourists killed in Morocco — one of them beheaded — in likely terrorist attack
  184. BC Power Outages
  185. We The People Will Fund The Wall
  186. The Top Ten Issues for China’s Economy
  187. A Recession Could Be Big Trouble for the Gig Economy
  189. Debt crisis: 3 MILLION Britons struggle to pay bills – 25% admit finances out of control
  190. London BLOODBATH: Manhunt underway after 'ACID and KNIFE' attack
  191. Sex gangs: 'I won't be quiet about the pervert extremists' says Sajid Javid
  192. African soldier sues the Army for 'failing to protect' him from British cold
  193. Oh, Great. Russia Takes Over Venezuela’s Oil Industry
  194. Teamsters Union Takes All But $15 Of UPS Workers’ Pay
  195. It Doesn’t Matter if Ecuador Can Afford This Dam. China Still Gets Paid.
  196. The World Will Pay for Not Dealing With Debt
  197. Police struggle to stop flood of firearms into UK
  198. 40% of Toronto homeless shelters occupied by refugees
  199. B.C. Children’s Hospital claims they don’t require parental consent for child’s testosterone injections
  200. Muslim cleric in B.C. says celebrating Christmas is worse than “murder, adultery, and other major sins”
  201. Canada’s military needs money now; it must be saved before it’s too late
  202. Female ISIS terrorist returns to Canada "I did nothing wrong"
  203. China won’t stop flood of fentanyl into Canada, sources say
  204. Letter to RCMP from Terrorism Expert Tom Quiggin, To investigate PM Trudeau gov support to terror
  205. LCBO thefts surge in Toronto, often as staff stand and watch. ‘They’re literally just walking away’
  206. Professors who falsely accused and harassed Lindsay Shepherd are now suing her
  207. How Banks Unwittingly Finance Mass Shootings
  208. Brazil's president-elect plans decree allowing wider gun ownership - Reuters - 2018 12 29
  209. REVEALED: The SIX signs the world is heading for the next global financial CRASH
  210. The cream has yet to rise to the top of Trudeau's government(vets affairs min. identifies with vets)
  211. Hank Wong: the elite soldier who, according to the Canadian government, never existed
  212. Time for military to reflect on 2018 miscues
  213. Trump compares border wall to 'Wall around' Obama home
  214. U.S. fires tear gas across Mexico border to stop migrants
  215. Chinese spacecraft makes 1st landing on moon's far side
  216. 'Gun-toting hippies' greet Boulder 'assault weapons' ban with mass noncompliance
  217. Refugee who praised ISIS online can’t be deported because he won’t renew his Jordinian passport
  218. Nova Scotia Mountie charged with assaulting girlfriend and pointing a firearm
  219. Are Canadians overtaxed? The equation is complicated
  220. After 17-year deportation fight over alleged terrorism ties, Toronto man sues federal government for $34M
  221. And you thought Our gun laws were stupid
  222. Rex Murphy: How the Liberal carbon tax is not unlike a $2,000 cat door
  223. Canada Says, ‘Give Me Your MBAs, Your Entrepreneurs’
  224. Why hate crimes are on the rise across Ontario
  225. Wielding Rocks and Knives, Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars
  226. Yellow Vests: What's the answer? No end in sight to violent deadlock
  227. B.C. couple charged after hog-tying a man they accuse of trying to lure their daughter, 13, into sex
  228. 'GoFundMe' Navy? Greece Wants Citizens to Crowdfund New Warships
  229. Chinese Admiral Says Sinking US Carriers Would End South China Sea Spat – Report
  230. Canadian Military Claims Their Planes Were Harassed by Chinese off North Korea
  231. Twenty Chinese school children wounded in hammer attack
  232. The poison infecting the media...male masculinity
  233. 4 Burglars Break Into Man’s Home — He Shoots Them All By Firing ‘Several’ Rounds
  234. 7 dead in shooting in Mexican resort city of Playa del Carmen
  235. Shooting incidents fell by 36 per cent in Surrey last year, RCMP say
  236. Another Ottawa Bus Crash
  237. Trudeau illegally hides dealings with George Soros
  238. F-16 accidentally blown up by Belgian Air Force mechanic
  239. Canada Finalizes Deal for Australian F/A-18A/B Hornets
  240. Britain declares its F-35B fighters ready for combat
  241. BREAKING NEWS: Most criminals don’t obtain their guns legally, the USofA version
  242. Canadian caught in Syria was commander of ISIS unit, according to U.S.-backed forces
  243. Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada gets 24-hour security amid online threats
  244. Freeland: China death sentence 'inhumane'
  245. Brazil just relaxed gun laws
  246. California Governor Wants to Tax Drinking Water
  247. Canadian immigration department granted national security threat permanent residency
  248. Canada’s emissions to GDP are remarkably low. Why won’t our politicians admit that?
  249. British SAS trooper stormed Kenya hotel during terror attack, helped rush survivors to safety
  250. Chinese ambassador threatens ‘repercussions’ on Canada if Huawei 5G banned