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  1. National Take A Kid To A Range Day
  2. Gun Song Contest
  3. Alberta!?! ... Calling all Albertans....
  4. Speaking with your wallet - gun friendly/unfriendly companies
  5. **UPDATED** - Ian Thompson Trial Today! Anyone Else Going?
  6. Survey from Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant re "back door" registry
  7. The Next Battle - Post Conservative Government LGR
  8. Email from Parliament: The CFO is WRONG
  9. Does anybody shop at Gander Mountain?
  10. Gun control link information thread
  11. Qcer in court against provincial LGR injunction
  12. Do you support the concept of magazine capacity limits?
  13. :D New Club Website :D
  14. Hunters careless bullet leaves man with financial and physical troubles
  15. Donate at point of purchase campaign - GOC vendors and sponsors look here please.
  16. Wild Rose party called me last night
  17. TO ALL VENDORS..and gun owners.this is what i started..and yes i have the blessing of CSSA and NFA
  18. Shaw/Global TV cancelling hunting shows - I kicked em in the nu--s
  19. Protect Your Right to Own Firearms
  20. A Discussion on "What's next?"...
  21. Ian Thomson trial
  22. Do you try to educate the masses in other forums ?
  23. Gun Control, People control and Thought Control
  24. ALERT NFA on CKNW 98 Tuesday December 18.
  25. Obamas Address
  26. Facebook Gun Argument - Suggestions?
  27. Changes to ATT wording
  28. Write the PM concerning the changes to wording of Ontario ATTs
  29. Quebec Firearm Owners: You Can Make A Difference! Drummondville Feb 9.
  30. How many members are familiar with this websie gunpolicy.org
  31. Hornady letter campaign
  32. Ontario LTATT court case Transcript
  33. Call to Action: Alberta CFO pressing the boundaries....
  35. CBC BOOK of the Year
  36. GOC Letters
  37. Motion M-439 to the House of Commons by Ms. Cheryl Gallant
  38. CFO Misfires
  39. Newsletter Survey
  40. Very interesting data (US vs Canada)
  41. Networking & Political Action - Web Designer Needed
  42. Property Rights Under Attack
  43. Wikipedia: 'Gun Control' a Canadian Cultural Value!? Signup and make a difference!
  44. Co-Sign Cheryl Gallant’s Letter to Minister Toews
  45. Enter to win a BBQ dinner with Justin
  46. Residents angry as RCMP sieze guns from High River homes
  47. Great Equalizers and Ordnances needed for flood relief efforts
  48. Folks, turn on CNN if you can ...
  49. Ex-Liberal Staffer Used as Expert Source in Biased Story
  50. Canadian Firearms Owners for Flood Victims !!
  51. Right to carry
  52. The left will unit in October 2013?
  53. ...
  54. WildRose new proposals
  55. NFA participation at CPC Convention
  56. Let's take this FB page down!!!
  57. What would you like to see in the speech from the throne?
  58. Conservative Party wants support
  59. Will you vote in the next election ?
  60. Could We Write a petition to ammend the Magazine capacity laws???
  61. Keep Guns Out of The Hands of Criminals and Off The Streets...
  62. Show Us Your Pro Gun Wardrobe!
  63. Conservative Party taken over by gunnies
  64. Libertarian Party?
  65. Petition against UN Firearms Marking
  66. CZ858 Endangered?
  67. An Open Letter to Anti-gun Politicians, Activists, and Citizens
  68. "GIRLS GUN WILD" Sun News Prime time vid article
  70. Challenge of ccw/charter rights?
  71. I keep getting emails from the conservatives asking for money.....
  72. Get on here and fill this out !
  73. Gun Control is B#% S*@!
  74. Calgary West\Signal Hill Red Torie take over
  75. Petition
  76. Gun collectors
  77. Law Abiding Canadian Gun Owner Needs Our Help!
  78. Bill c-68 petition
  79. Mr. Lott's coming to redmonton.
  80. Pro Gun CPC Candidate For MP Macleod (High River)
  81. UN Firearms Marking Protocols
  82. CFO Costs in the Crosshairs
  84. Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
  85. Blaine Calkin's Parliamentry Address Today
  86. Posting...Poster...Notice Board Ideas ? Help and Ideas Please !?
  87. If The CPC Doesn't Fix This...Are We Going Libertarian ?
  88. Letter to PM, please critique.
  89. Letter writing campaign - Fill their desk, mailboxes, and inboxes with paperwork.
  90. Stop Reclassification for Confiscation (petition)
  91. News Media Contacts List
  92. Attention - folks in Rob Merrifield's Yellowhead riding Alberta
  93. Need Graphic Artist
  94. Report Mayors Against Illegal Guns FB Page
  95. Ian Thomson urgent help!
  96. *NEW* Very pro Firearm Petition! started by CPC MP Rob Anders
  97. Response from MP Rob Anders
  98. Project Ploughshares Promoting Signing the UN Small Arms Treaty
  99. Social media firearms campaign - resources to educate the middle ground, RAMP IT UP
  100. We need to UNITE!
  101. Don't slow down
  103. CPC begging for money again
  104. Hijacker’s Guide to the Liberal Party of Canada
  105. Email Response From Kevin Sorenson, MP Crowfoot
  106. Response to email from Scott Reid, MP
  107. NFA Postcard - Mass Mailing
  108. Letter Signing Party
  109. Well done PGW and thankyou !!
  110. AutoLetter updated, designer says Hi post#9
  111. 2 years? 5 years? What is a long term fix?
  112. Ontario resident donates to Alberta CPC candidate Rob Anders
  113. New director for the Alberta devision of the NFA
  114. Other aces the RCMP have up their sleeves?
  115. Civilian Range Project
  116. The Civilian Range Project – An Idea Whose Time Is NOW
  117. Finally got a reply from my MP
  118. Canadian Constitution Foundation
  119. Please critique letter of thanks to Steven Blaney
  120. Demand the Resignation CPC National Councillor Alistair Johnston
  121. Robert Koopmans
  122. Wildrose Party Position on Guns for Albertans
  123. PR opportunity
  124. Response Letter from Prime Minister's Office
  125. Email I received from my MP Cheryl Gallant
  126. More From Cheryl Gallant
  127. Help the University of Calgary Firearms Association
  128. Law Class Firearms Legislation Survey
  129. How to take first time shooters out and not get killed - opinions needed
  130. Loaded and Powerful Questions
  131. Criminals For Gun Control 1 Home Invasion
  132. CBC Canadian Gun Culture
  133. Special Bulletin for Businesses No. 88
  134. Canada: A Firearms Nation?
  135. Gaining Momentum: Now 44 Gun Companies Have Stopped Selling to Law Enforcement In Anti-2nd Amendment States
  136. Pro-Firearms Protest Near Election Time?
  137. Law-Abiding Firearm Owner Rob Sciuk Responds to Conservative Fundraising Letter
  138. If the Liberals win the next federal election.
  139. What more do the Conservatives have to do to get your vote in the next election?
  140. Stickers
  141. Prepare yourselves for the Westboro Baptist reaction.
  142. How to send condolences to the RCMP
  143. Toss Chriss Wyatt on June 12
  144. Bill C-36 To Re-Define "Weapon" in the Criminal Code
  145. Interesting thread on Brand X
  146. The Three Stages of a Revolution: Where America Sits
  147. An Open Letter From Donna Montague
  148. Public Perception
  149. Microsoft Part of the Anti-Gun Crusade
  150. Self Defence: A Pro-Gun Strategy
  151. Too Much Infighting
  152. Phase 3 Started - One Clear Voice ( UPDATE 12 Sep )
  153. Link to Donate to CPC
  154. Stop Reclassification for Confiscation Petition from Cheryl Gallant.
  155. Common Sense Firearms LIcencing (A Class) Act?
  156. Calling all GOCers who are on CPC EDAs
  157. Should the administration of the Firearm Act become the resposability of the Ministry of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
  159. Why not a Gun Pride Parade?
  160. Find your CPC EDA so you can join them
  161. Rob Anders Spearheading Two Important Petitions
  162. Rob Anders new petition and email
  163. My letter...
  164. Need input on a political position paper [Serious]
  165. Shannon Stubbs Conservative Nomination in Lakeland
  166. Parliament resumes
  167. Manitoba: Terri and Kyle McCosh
  168. CFO Misfires
  169. Coalition for Gun Control irrelevant
  170. Early Assessment of the Federal Government’s Proposed Gun Control Changes
  171. blogging project
  172. C-42 Second reading and debate tomorrow.
  173. Beating the Coalition
  174. Petitioning Steven Harper Allow Canadian Forces Members Authorization To Carry Concealed Firearms On and Off Duty
  175. Gun Control Poster Contest
  176. Legal Challenge - Authorization to Carry for "Wilderness Protection"
  177. Wendy Cukier Firearms Control Discussion
  178. NFA elections for Alberta-Nunavut-International
  179. It never stops
  180. Sun News Newtwork Poll VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
  181. Idea for a series of short films documenting "gun culture"
  182. Canadian Wilderness Protection Association
  183. NFA Petitions: Magazine Limits and AR-15 Classification
  184. Want To Dent Justin's "Brand?"
  185. Countering the "US example" stereotype of gun ownership
  186. The NFA needs a $40k CRM?
  187. NFA Petitions for PEI
  188. NFA needs to hire an expert
  189. Meeting with my MP
  190. Thank you for contacting VIA Rail Canada.
  191. Getting around Twitter bans
  192. CAPS Firearms training shut down by CFO?
  193. Protest High River via contest
  194. Email from minster of public safety
  195. Guys need a hand here for Sunday hunts in Nova Scotia.
  196. NFA needs your help to grow the community even more by creating a bilingual NFA Website
  197. NFA Petition for AR-15's and magazine capacity laws.
  198. United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
  200. DCRA Stamp Initiative
  201. The SUN has set , but the Rebel rises!!!!
  202. another letter..
  203. Sensible, maybe even ACHIEVABLE goals?...
  204. New bill C-655
  205. What Do Firearms Orgs Do Anyway??
  206. Canadian firearms lobby organizations at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show
  207. Bedtime Stories with Officer Friendly
  208. Ok, fine then. Here's the next question
  209. Follow me? I want to start a new firearms org.
  210. Is the NFA petition still on track?
  211. Life means life
  212. Wendy's pro gun now?!
  213. A Handy tool for you all
  214. A Re-vamped One Clear Voice wants your brains!
  215. Simple facts site
  216. Could Gun Org change CFSC?
  217. FIRE - Firearms Institute for Rational Education
  218. C-42 Vote
  219. CFA
  220. Protecting Liberty
  221. Second Amendment Foundation Gun Rights Policy Conference
  222. Dennis Young's High River Petition
  223. NFA AR15 Petition Update
  224. Federal Conservative Donations - when
  225. All is well, just not as fast as I thought.
  226. NFA AGM & Ongoing issues
  227. Need name for website to promote firearms rights in coming election (like Turf Mark Holland)
  228. RCMP coming for your LAR mags
  229. Fun with Friends (Cukier)
  230. Todd Brown: Help him make his way to C-42 Senate Committee Hearings
  231. Minister of Public Safety, Steven Blaney's speech at CSSA STYG Dinner (May 30)
  232. An FYI to Bills and the process to become Law
  233. Turf Mark Holland, 2015 version, is now online
  234. Every read this on the Libertarian's policy?
  235. Pickering Gun show, June 28, CPC MPs: Chris Alexander, Pat Perkins, Erin O'Toole
  236. Hands off our Guns
  237. The 1000 - Episode 4 - Prohitibited Firearms Part 2
  238. What should we be telling the politicians?
  239. USA Number of Firearms
  240. Link to donate to the Libertarian Party of Canada
  241. Summarize the NFA situation
  242. Do you support our Government’s steps to bring sense to firearms licensing?
  243. Time to anti up
  244. We Need To Talk
  245. More Gun Control .........
  246. Sheldon Clare destroying the NFA and abandoning it's membership!
  247. Australia stats: buy back, suicide 1979-2013
  248. How did I do?
  249. UPDATE - NIAGARA Fundraiser for the Niagara Centre CPC candidate-Mon., Sept. 28/15
  250. September 16th Veto Override Event