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Dewey Cox
12-02-2013, 08:53 PM
I was reading an article recently and it mentioned that Remington and Westinghouse both had contracts to make mosin nagant rifles for Russia. It said that the revolution broke out and left these companies stuck with them.
I've been wondering, did any of them make it to Russia, to eventually be sold back in Canada as surplus? Or did these American ones never make it over seas?
And maybe post some pics if you have one?

Rory McCanuck
12-02-2013, 11:49 PM
They mostly stayed in North America, but I seem to remember something about some actually making it to Russia.
The Americans had a bunch of them, and kept a stash in surplus, and doled them out when appropriate.
American Epeditionary forces trained with them, and took them over. Pretty sure they didn't come back with them.
Some troops in the Aleutions had them too?
I think they shipped some to the Finns, too.

All of this is from memory, so I might be talking out of my arse, but Mosins have made it everywhere.
There were a lot of them made.
They may find water on Mars, but for damn sure someone has a crate or two of Mosins stashed there, just in case.

12-03-2013, 02:17 AM
I've got a Westinghouse bought from Lever Arms I believe about 1974.

12-03-2013, 09:36 AM
Ya they were part of a the archangel pack were the States sent arms and some solders to help the red army and here are some pic's: