View Full Version : Some eye candy for you leverlovers and knike lovers.

12-08-2013, 12:35 AM
http://rs1178.pbsrc.com/albums/x364/ray3211/BLRandknives010.jpg~c100?t=1386483278 http://rs1178.pbsrc.com/albums/x364/ray3211/BLRandknives007.jpg~c100?t=1386483271 http://rs1178.pbsrc.com/albums/x364/ray3211/BLRandknives002.jpg~c100?t=1386483247 http://rs1178.pbsrc.com/albums/x364/ray3211/BLRandknives006.jpg~c100?t=1386483267 http://rs1178.pbsrc.com/albums/x364/ray3211/BLRandknives003.jpg~c100?t=1386483256

The BLR's are the nicest lever action rifles that l can find, not counting my Sako Finnwolf. They have to be pistol grip for me. lol The 300WSM is new unfired. l'm a little disappointed with Browning for their black mag, and it's waiting for the Zeiss scope in the pic to be mounted. The 308 is by far my fav, with it's stainless mag. l'm still looking for a Zeiss scope for it.
And some of my fav knives that a hunter should never leave home without. Yes that is a original Wyoming skinning knife. The Buck 119 with the black handle is my fav knife, l got it ground to my specs by a profetional knife sharpener.(it came with one free sharpen, man was the guy pissed at me, after like 8 sharpens, but it was free) sorry for the crappy pics, l'm still triing to get pics uploaded properly.




A few pics of the Finnwolf for Prince Jimmy..

12-08-2013, 09:49 AM
To load pics select the picture icon, then select load from url, uncheck the reference locally box. Done deal. Nice pics bud

Prince Jimmy
12-08-2013, 02:45 PM
Where is the pic of the Finnwolf?