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04-23-2012, 08:33 AM
“So more gun control basically comes down to confiscation of handguns, which gun control’s more honest advocates acknowledge as their objective. But of course this would disarm only the law-abiding even as the country sinks deeper into poverty with an ever-growing underclass of fatherless and predatory young men. This is why, to the great irritation of the intellectuals, the public remains so opposed to more gun control.” – Chris Powell, editor of ctpost.com (http://www.ctpost.com/opinion/article/Gun-control-has-failed-and-confiscation-will-too-3498344.php)

Rory McCanuck
04-23-2012, 09:21 AM
From the same article:

It's simply that gun control doesn't accomplish much; that people would like the chance to protect themselves against the gradual disintegration of society because the police can't do it anymore, can't do much more than clean up a crime scene after the damage has been done; and that the old saying remains true: While God made man, it was Sam Colt who made him equal.
A friend in Florida has recently bought handguns to protect himself and his family.
There seems to be a general fear that civilization is failing a falling in the U.S.&A.

Flam Sire
04-24-2012, 09:34 AM
There seems to be a general fear that civilization is failing a falling in the U.S.&A.


Was that intentional?

04-24-2012, 01:46 PM
See sigline below.

04-24-2012, 02:39 PM
A government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.” - Ayn Rand

one of my sig lines from the other place

Rory McCanuck
04-24-2012, 06:31 PM

Was that intentional?


Edward Teach
04-24-2012, 11:14 PM
"The problem isn't that Johnny can't read. The problem isn't even that Johnny can't think. The problem is that Johnny doesn't know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling."

04-25-2012, 11:00 PM
Oh, I like a good quote thread!

"I would say that my position is not too far from that of Ayn Rand's; that I would like to see government reduced to no more than internal police and courts, external armed forces—with the other matters handled otherwise. I'm sick of the way the government sticks its nose into everything, now."—Robert A. Heinlein, as quoted by J.Neil Schulman in The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana

04-26-2012, 09:26 AM
"Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something."

-Henry David Thoreau