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04-25-2012, 04:10 PM
The stocks on the JR carbines coming into Canada are fixed with a roll pin so they can't be adjusted. A lot of people have been asking how to remove the roll pin so the gun is adjustable. Here is the method recommended by the folks at JR carbines in New York. This was posted by Miranda B, a spokesperson for JR:

Our fixed-length stocks are commercial dimension (not milspec) collapsible stocks that have been pinned here at our factory. The pinning is accomplished by drilling through one side of the stock body and into - but not through - the locking rail on the bottom of the stock body/buffer tube and then pressing in a 1/8-inch roll pin. This method meets the legal requirement that the pinning method not be readily undone. Having said that, shooters who wanted to convert their pinned stocks back to original (i.e. when relocating to an unrestricted jurisdiction) have been known to run a 1/16-inch drill bit through the center of the roll pin and out the other side of the stock body, and then use the 1/16-inch hole as a pilot hole to drill back through the stock body to the end of the roll pin so they could drive the pin out of the stock with a 1/8-inch punch.

Hope this helps.

04-25-2012, 04:48 PM
This was also posted by Terminator101CA on another forum if you don't want to drill through: Haven't tried it but it sounds like it would work:

For the guys trying to get the pin out. I've heard of people drilling them out....but why ? It's a rolled pin and it's steel, so drilling it out might turn into a headache as it will spin with the bit I assume. You cannot punch it out as it doesn't go straight through so there's no hole on the other side of the buffer tube. What I did was , find a wood or sheetmetal screw with coarse threads (not machine threads) that will tightly fit inside the rollpin. Screw it in enough for the threads to grab into the pin but not expand it too much, get your pliers if needed and pull the screw out and the pin will follow. If it comes out partially then just grab it with the pliers and pull it out. Other methods would be JBweld e wire inside the roll pin and then pull it out once the glue sets. Enjoy your adjustable stock.