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02-20-2014, 12:04 PM
New to shotguns and im trying to post this on a samsung phone so ill do my best. Picked up a maverick 88 a few weeks ago and this came with it. Nothing in the manual about it. What might this be?


Sorry its a pain to use the attachment option on the small phone

02-20-2014, 01:01 PM
Choke wrench, looks like.
Unless it comes with a different wrench?

02-20-2014, 01:26 PM
that did not come with mine I bought last august
maybe fell in the box before they sealed it?? or something
should get pistol grip and hardware sling mount loops and a contract that you are supposed to get your kids
to sign saying they won't play with a firearm at your house or anyone elses
which was printed in Newton CT :confused1:

02-20-2014, 02:20 PM
Own a few mossberg 500's along with a maverick 88. That sir is a choke wrench. The 88's and 500's both use the accu-choke system. Although the 88 only comes with the modified they throw in the wrench incase you end up purchasing a full, ic etc

P.s maverick 88 is great for the price but be extremely careful not to drop it as i broke the pump where the two action bars lock into the pump itself. $60 piece to replace :/ was my own fault mind you, got exited after dropping a few geese and did not exactly set it down "gently" into the boat lol. Definetley not a fan of the pump design.

Rory McCanuck
02-20-2014, 05:55 PM
That's the Mossberg Multi-Function Tool (MMFT), although yours seems to missing the clip on the back side.
The missing clip is supposed to attach to the bridge of your shooting glasses, so the MMFT serves as a blinder on your non-dominant eye, and the small hole serves as a sight focuser, similar to a Merit Aperature:
I'm sorry but I don't have the part # for the clip, but masking tape on the bridge of your glasses will work in a pinch.
They also work similar to a black bar over the eyes, preserving anonymity so no one knows who that is shooting the fugly gun. I believe they pay a royalty to Stupidiotic.

Actually, I've been looking at these online, but not in person. For the price of a rifled slug barrel for an 870, it'd sure be easier to just get the whole shotgun.
Has anyone had any other problems with them? The broken forearm isn't really the gun's fault I don't think ;D

02-20-2014, 06:04 PM
"The broken forearm isn't really the gun's fault I don't think ;D"

Definetley not the guns fault lol :p

02-20-2014, 06:17 PM
Rory, i should have added that i've seen a buddies rifled 88 rear sight go flying off when we were plinking at the range. Could have been a random incident not sure if that can determine the quality of most rifled 88's. And as far as i know my 88 does not have the receiver drilled for scope mounts so do not think adding optics is an option with the mavericks could be wrong tho, the rifled 88 combo may come with drilled receiver cant remember..

Rory McCanuck
02-20-2014, 06:51 PM
Ah, okay thanks.
Still might be worthwhile looking at?
I wouldn't be too upset dealing with minor set-backs on a ~$230 shotgun.

02-20-2014, 07:11 PM
For the price point they are a real work horse imo, The 88 i have has been used for duck and small game hunting plinking clay's,slugs,oo everything a common shotgun is used for it has had 3000+ rounds through it in the 3 years ive owned it without any fte or ftf issues. I will say i find the blueing poorly done and i haveto keep it oiled and cleaned or it rusts easy but like any gun ifind if i take care of it,she'll take care of me:) and again for the price i cant complain about cosmetics.Was just looking at cabelas and online the picture shows they've change the pumps to the same one that comes with the 500's which i found to be better then the 88's. But not to sure about that just basing that off the picture.

02-20-2014, 08:15 PM