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02-28-2014, 07:20 PM
Dear: Mr. Vankestern

My name is Braden Goldsmith. i am taking time to e-mail you this evening in regards to the recent RCMP ruling to reclassify several firearms from the non restricted classification to the prohibited classification making them illegal for most of Canadians to own. This recent reclassification is another example of the RCMP abusing their power to disarm law abiding Canadians, we in the firearm community spend a lot of time and hard earned money on our firearms and forcing us to surrender our firearms causes us to distrust the conservative party because they refuse to stand up for our rights to own and use firearms in a safe manor. If the conservative party does not correct this RCMP abuse by repealing law c-68, c-17 i will be forced to vote for some one who will in the next election. thank you for your time i look forward to hearing back from you.

Braden A Goldsmith

any input on this would be greatly appreciated, I realize I didn't write it the best but I believe it gets the point across

02-28-2014, 08:10 PM

Prairie Dog
02-28-2014, 08:19 PM
Good letter. You need caps in a couple places and 'manor' should be spelled 'manner'

03-01-2014, 06:37 AM
I've never written a letter to an MP before, how's this?

Dear Mr. Obhrai,

As a firearms owner, and a constituent in your riding of Calgary East I feel compelled to write you this letter to protest the unjust reclassification of firearms by the RCMP. I am speaking to you not only as an owner of one of the affected firearms, but also as a Canadian citizen deeply concerned by the errosion of our freedoms and privileges. I have been the owner of a SwissArms Classic green carbine for nearly six years. During that time this firearm has been classified as a restricted firearm, has been registered, has been stored safely and legally, has been transported in accordance with applicable laws, and has been handled in a safe manner. When I purchased the firearm six years ago, I did so in good faith and with the approval of the Chief Firearms Officer. Now the RCMP has decided to betray my years of responsible firearm custodianship and the authorization to own it, which they themselves granted me. They have reclassified my property, making it illegal to possess. I now face the confiscation of my firearm, and without any compensation for my loss. I have become a victim of the law.
The Firearms Act has not served us well. It has been misused, and misinterpreted by those tasked with its enforcement; it should be repealed before it strips all Canadians of their freedoms and privileges to legally own and use firearms. The Conservative Party can count on my continued support by abolishing the unjust Firearms Act.