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02-28-2014, 07:33 PM
like the title says, I have written, longhand, and mailed via Canada post the letter below. I have also emailed the letter to the same offices.

Sent to:
the pm of Canada , All provincial and federal mp/mlas and senators (CPC/Wildrose, Alberta only)
Speaker of the house , all the premiers of Canada, except Alberta, I went wild rose here
Governor General of Canada , Every ombudsmen for the provinces, territories and Canada
Minister of public safety , The Queen( hey cant hurt)
RCMP external review commission , The RCMP commissioner
minister of defense , CBSA
minister of natural resources , CSIS

As a loyal Canadian, I must say that the recent actions of the R.C.M.P. have saddened and disturbed me greatly. As a firearms owner, I watched as bill c68 with all its nonsensical feel good and useless provisions was passed, overnight turning law abiding citizens into criminals. I and thousands of firearms owners followed with excitement as the Government struck down the long gun registry, and hoped that it was a sign that no longer would citizens who agree to follow difficult laws and regulations, agree to suffer intrusive background checks, references interviews etc be treated like criminals for simply wishing to purchase, own and use a simple tool. Placing the RCMP in charge of the classification system, and license administration is somewhat akin to putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

Recent events such as their actions in High River, where over 1900 homes, including those that were known to be evacuated had doors kicked in, and homes searched and firearms seized.Now suddenly, the entire Swiss Arms line of rifles has been prohibited, despite evidence from the manufacturer stating the rifles in question were never capable of fully automatic, has created 1000-1800 criminals overnight without warning. Then within a couple of days, another semi automatic rifle, the cz858, an incredibly popular rifle has been prohibited under the same grounds. And to top it off, at the same time, the Canadian Firearms Center is refusing to de-register antique pistols, that have been re-chambered to a caliber consistent with the antique status requirements. Note, the law states this is legal to do, the CFC is refusing to under their "new policy".

It is obvious to anyone that the RCMP and the CFC is aggressively pursuing law abiding citizens in an effort to ban and remove as many firearms from Canadians as possible. Since it is their job to enforce the laws, and not to create them, or to refuse to follow the law and by stonewalling and or frustrating firearms owners to the point they simply give up, I hereby call upon you to show us once and for all who you work for, yourself and the bureaucracy or the 1.9 million licensed firearms owners. Scrap bill C68 and Call the RCMP to heel.

I had a lot of time today at work, and I have to say my hands are tired of writing and typing lol

02-28-2014, 07:49 PM
Keep up the great efforts! I like the letter to the Queen! Although she has little say in the decisions of Parliament I would like to think she remembers the time when Commonwealth countries were governed with reason and dignity.

02-28-2014, 07:51 PM
I swore my oath to Her Majesty. I realize the letter will be bounced to the Governor General, however the fact it went to the Queen should show I have lost faith in the govt and her representative here

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Kudos bud