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03-11-2014, 12:12 PM
This was shared on the NFA Facebook. It reminded me of Foxer's post from another thread.

Maybe I should get involved with the Libertarian party.

Maybe you should - the fact is it's better to light a single candle than curse the darkness.

I will say this tho (slightly off topic tho it is). I don't think the libertarians have a chance to get elected. BUT - I look at the tea party movement in the states and have to wonder if they don't have it right.

They knew they couldn't challenge the 'big two', so what they did is organize their people and voters and took over the nomination processes in various ridings - essentially only supporting candidates who agreed to their principles and terms and agreed to fight for them within the republican party (or in our case the conservatives).

Think of how much more effective the money raised would be in picking and supporting candidates for existing parties rather than trying to run a competitive party which is bound to fail and may split the vote. You could actually elect several dozen 'libertarian party' candidates under the CPC. It had a very profound effect in the states, and they have a real voice. To a large degree they became the power behind the throne.

There will be a lot of ridings doing their nominations in a relatively short time - it would actually be possible for a libertarian party operating in the same way as the tea party to actually put candidates that will be elected in the field.

There's a few 'westminster' details you'd have to change, but seriously harbl, if you want to know more about how that would work i'd be happy to give you a few ideas and maybe you COULD actually have a real effect on the political landscape, without splitting any votes.


At the Liberal convention of 2012 quite a lot of things changed. Notably, the party moved in several ways to take power out of the hands of the relatively small number of members who have become used to controlling the destiny of the party, and place it in the hands of the much wider group of people who vote for and support the Liberal Party.

There was a lot of discussion about this shift in power. Some members expressed fear that their party might be hijacked. Others dismissed this fear. But in my opinion the true debate wasnít about whether or not these changes made it easier for someone to hijack the party. The debate was about whether or not it would be a good thing to see the party hijacked.

Any political party is a vehicle. Itís a vehicle for social and democratic action. And when people compete for control of this vehicle as they inevitably do, they use force. Debate, persuasion, collective action Ė these are all types of force. And when you use this force to take the Liberal Party to an alternative destination you are most certainly hijacking it. Itís been hijacked in the past and it will be hijacked in the future. Most observers simply call this democracy.


killer kane
03-12-2014, 07:57 AM
As long as they keep veering left, I'm good with where they're going.