View Full Version : 45-70 Gould Express Cast bullet??

04-20-2014, 01:24 PM
No experience with cast or 45-70 here but my new GBL will be here soon and have been doing some reading about reloading cast for 45-70. I came upon this bullet: Lyman #457122 330 grain Gould Express Hollow Point. Seems to be quite some history with this bullet in the black powder days and it was supposed to be a good "big game" bullet at black powder velocities. I am wondering if anyone has any real experience with this bullet. Thanks, Goshawk

04-20-2014, 02:00 PM
I have no personal experience with this bullet, but what will you be driving it with...? Heathen smokeless or Holy Black? What will you be hunting? At what range? I have a couple loading manuals and I'd be happy look up some data for you.


Rory McCanuck
04-20-2014, 02:31 PM
Looking at it here: http://www.lymanproducts.com/lyman/bullet-casting/mould-details-rifles.php?entryID=72
It's a plain base, so you won't want to drive it fast with smokeless.
With black powder or plinking level loads, it looks like it should work well.

M.T. Chambers
04-20-2014, 03:54 PM
It ruined the hind end of a deer that was going away, used the Gould bullet, cast soft, and 72grs. Swiss 1 1/2 black powder, I'd only use the big hollowpoints on broadside lung shots but that's not always possible.

04-20-2014, 04:50 PM
I was thinking 1200-1400 fps easy to shoot loads that I could also shoot the odd deer or backyard black bear with. Mostly just reading up on the 45-70 for fun and came across this bullet. Seems like it had a pretty good rep back in the day but if its a real meat wrecker I don't want to use it. Anyone else??

M.T. Chambers
04-21-2014, 01:18 PM
It is a classic old mold but hard to cast with and painfully slow, one at a time and a requirement to keep the HP pin hot between castings, I have newer molds from MP in Slovenia which cast 2 or 4 at a time and can do a very large Hp or swap out the pins and do flat points. I have them in both plain base and Gas check including a convincing 500grn. big hollowpoint for .50 caliber sharps rifles, which are my favorite. Folks just getting into casting would be wise to avoid the Hollow point molds at first.....Ben

04-21-2014, 06:19 PM
Good advice M.T. I think I'll take it. Wasn't really thinking of casting my own, my bowbuilding keeps me busy enough. I am just kind of excited about getting my first 45-70 and have been reading up on the rifle and its history. Seems to be quite the grand old cartridge and I am enjoying reading about it. Of course all that reading brings up questions. Thank all of you for your answers. Goshawk