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04-24-2014, 10:50 PM
Ok I need about 6 cases of 1/2 pint wide mouth canning jars. Where is the best place to aquired them?
Might get 2 cases of pint while I'm at it. Is there a preferred place to order these things?
Fish smoking and canning is to become my new pastime.

04-24-2014, 10:56 PM
BC? You folks smoke fish?:rolleyes:

04-24-2014, 11:04 PM
Walmart, or Canadian Tire both carry them. I think Canadian Tire has them year round....not sure about Walmart. They usually get their main stock in, in the fall. Snoop around garage sales....there are usually plenty of them available.

04-24-2014, 11:12 PM
You guys have any TSC stores out there? They have that kind of stuff in stock in Ontario.

04-25-2014, 05:05 AM
Most grocery stores should have the jars along with lids, pickling spices, etc..

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04-25-2014, 07:29 AM
I haven't found one place cheaper than another. I'd suggest look at prices online; walmart and ct. Then go to your local grocery or hardware store.

05-09-2014, 12:32 AM
Canadian Tire is the cheapest place around here, and they have the best selection year round.

07-24-2014, 10:33 PM
Try the Dollar shop - seen 'em there.

07-24-2014, 10:45 PM
Craig's list

07-25-2014, 05:41 AM
They were on sale a few weeks ago at my local Canadian Tire. Keep on eye on your local flyer. They always go on sale.


07-25-2014, 09:25 AM
Was sleeping at an auction and 4 pallets of boxed jars went for 5 bucks. Most were large size though. Need to get into the prepper mode a bit more.

10-23-2014, 08:17 AM
Garage sales. At least when we were building our supply we hit every garage sale no matter where we saw it. Cheap cheap.

10-23-2014, 08:28 AM
Watch for sales at Can Tire and Superstore. You can get flats for half price if you're vigilant.

10-23-2014, 09:01 AM
Found a few1/2 pint salmon jars, but $11.00 for 12 jars. ouch.
Bought some for $8.99 for 12. Going to put an add in the local papers. I want to smoke and can some lake trout and rainbows for making my sandwiches all winter.