View Full Version : Wilcox Raptar Laser Ballistic System

04-28-2014, 11:00 AM
Finally got around to some of the footage from Shot Show this year!


Ispent several hours out in the Las Vegas desert at the Metropolitan Police Deptís range testing the new Wilcox Raptar.

The Raptar is a unique device that incorporates both visible and IR aiming lasers, an IR illuminator, and a laser range-finder. The integral laser range-finder is what really sets the Raptar apart from PEQ-15s and similar laser devices.

This unit was just starting to be available during the last half of 2013, but Wilcox is hoping to see it gain traction in the new year.

There are two modules to the Raptar that sit low on either side your picatinny rail. One side is the laser aiming module, the other is the rangefinder. In the center is a small LED display that provides ranging information. All the lasers are co-aligned, so once you have them zeroed you your scope or sights, you can direct the rangefinder component using your crosshairs.

While it might look large in the video, the Raptar is surprisingly light (10.8oz) and is designed to nestle behind the front sight base of an AR rifle. In this setup the iron sights are still available, and the lasers have a clear view of the target.

When making ballistics calculations for distant targets, the Raptarís small shaded display gives you range output that you can feed into your scope or ballistics calculator. On close range targets, the red laser does what red lasers do best.