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Geoff Capp
05-17-2014, 08:58 PM
I encourage the candidates for the other parties to speak for themselves, but I do believe in party discipline - party policies should be respected by their candidates. I assume therefore that the NDP and Liberal candidates in Macleod are in favour of current restrictions on firearm owners, current definitions of legal firearms, and would be inclined to favour greater restrictions.

Talk here seems to indicate that Conservative candidate John Barlow is on the same page as the Liberals, favouring current restrictions if not greater ones. I assume the Progressive Canadian Party is analogous to the Progressive Conservative Party that did nothing meaningful during the Mulroney years to remove restrictions.

That leaves the party I will represent - the CHP - as the only one calling for Canadians to have right of concealed carry, and the restoration of small hand firearms to legal status, as well as the right to use firearms in defence of necessity - to protect family, innocents and property.

The Conservative Party as a party is too centrist-conscious to have the courage to do what really needs to be done.

Criminals write their own laws, therefore, they are the only people in Canada who can "legally" carry arms on their persons and use them. They have the advantage over law-abiding citizens, and this has to stop! We need those who've passed the firearm safety course and have a PAL to be also legally entitled to carry firearms and to not have to lock them up except when they're being taken to a firing range. We need to change the categories of firearms, with Non-Restricted becoming Schedule I, Restricted becoming Schedule II, and move some small firearms presently prohibited into the Schedule II category.

As to the firearm confiscations in flooded communities last spring, firearm owners were caught between a watery grave for their investments, and illegally transporting them in order to protect the devices. A thoughtful and merciful enforcement force would have allowed owners to transfer them far enough to a safe haven for safekeeping, and no-questions-asked return, but we NEED TO HAVE the storage regulations overhauled so that people can carry them at home or around town, and protect themselves, innocents and property!

This is one reason why I am running as the Christian Heritage Party candidate in the June 30, 2014, Macleod federal byelection. I ask you to help me, and let me help you, get the attention of the Conservative Party. Electing John Barlow will not get that attention, but voting for me and the CHP will get their attention. Even if Barlow wins, if our votes are maximized, they will be looking over their shoulders at us! And we are fiscal conservatives - smaller government, freedom, property owner rights, firearm owners' rights, respect for the traditional family and the family's sphere of authority, paying down the federal debt (not merely clearing off the deficit), and privatizing wasteful government corporations.

We're offering you a conservative choice without the liberalism-tainted parties that are catering to the politically-correct middle ground of semi-socialist indulgences.

05-17-2014, 11:41 PM
I'm in the McLeod district what are your other platforms besides firearms?

Geoff Capp
05-18-2014, 02:48 PM
I don't wish to abuse this website for promotion of other policy information, so I will send you an e-mail via your account (I'm new here so I might have to take a bit of time to figure that out!).

05-18-2014, 03:28 PM
I don't wish to abuse this website for promotion of other policy information, so I will send you an e-mail via your account (I'm new here so I might have to take a bit of time to figure that out!).

Try steven.m@mooremechanicalservices.com

killer kane
05-19-2014, 11:52 PM
Good luck, we're pulling for you. Barlow can go the way of Holland. Are you listening Steve?