View Full Version : SO Tech Hell Cat with hydration harness

05-01-2012, 12:35 PM
As far webbing style LBE goes I think this rig is as good as they get. I have a few pics to follow of myself and other i know that have run this rig. All were paid for and not as a trial.

The best parts of this rig is that it has a lot of room for molle pouches, it is very simple and easy to put on and can be taken off in multiple ways.

The Hell Cat comes with six internal mag pouches and two mesh pockets located on the inside of the rig. The internal mag pouches are great and are easy to get mags out of ( AR 30rd ) as they have a little extra room. The rear hydration carrier is a huge upgrade that is well worth it , if i could pick one thing wrong is that maybe they should have made "sleeves" throughout the shoulder straps to help control and flopping camelback hose.

The rig can be adjusted high or low depending on how you like to wear it.
with this set up i was able to carry 10 mags, 2 frag, 2 smoke, medical supplies, bayo, Small radio, camel back bladder, nagene, extra kit in utility pouch such as gps, compass and MNVG's
The rig was able to be used with a small pack without any problems or adjusting, however using a rucksack waist belt was not a good option.
In this next picture you can see how easy it can be to take off someone if they are a casuality, just release the rear buckles and it comes right off. Or you can release the front buckles and sloulder straps to take it off from the front.

This rig carried well and stood up to use. not one of these rigs was damaged after 8 months.
The only down side was there was not storage for maps and the vercro mesh (map) pockets in the rear were hard to get at when in was on you.
The Sotech hellcat beats the TT hands down however it does come with higher price tag. Also one guy said he didnt like how wide it made him with having large side utility pouches so a vest type rig in his opinion was better.