View Full Version : Kawartha Lakes councillor 'nails' proposed firearms bylaw

05-02-2012, 07:57 AM
(KAWARTHA LAKES) "People aren't getting shot down in Dodge, folks."

Ward 2 Councillor Emmett Yeo was frustrated that amendments proposed to the City of Kawartha Lakes discharge of firearms bylaw are generated by a small group of citizens.

Following council's direction last January, in which a petition came forward from several property owners around Sturgeon Lake in the Bobcaygeon area that council address people shooting in built-up areas, staff prepared a report to address noise and safety issues relating to firearms. (Council's direction came from Ward 7 Coun. Brian Junkin's bringing the residents' concerns to council, in which he noted some waterfront property owners would shoot toward the lake on one property while people were nearby on an adjacent lot.)

At the time, Coun. Yeo advised the firearms bylaws are adequate but his suggestion to make the bylaw site-specific wasn't accepted. At the meeting on Tuesday (May 1), the report's recommendation that the bylaw be amended to establish City-wide restrictions on discharging firearms angered him again.

He told council that two cottage associations and two dump properties have already prompted changes to the bylaw. "So, let's add a third."

He said gunfire has erupted in the city for decades, and since federal and provincial laws strictly regulate firearms and shooting), the bylaw should stand as it is.

He objected to staff's recommendation for a 'blanket' City-wide restriction, that would apply to how close residences are (especially in built-up areas) before a gun can be fired.

Ward 10 Coun. Pat Dunn agreed. He had a problem with the proposed amendments being defined as a safety issue.

"It's not a safety issue," he said. "It's not how close you are to a building...it's where you point the firearm."

Ward 4 Coun, Glenn Campbell and Ward 12 Coun, Gord James said Coun. Yeo had "nailed" the issue; that the City's current bylaw, along with federal and provincial laws, adequately cover when and where firearms may be discharged.

As he did last January, Coun. Junkin stuck to his guns.

"It is a safety issue," he insisted. "Even a small calibre (bullet) can travel 100 metres."

Council moved to receive the report and will revisit the issue in future."


Rory McCanuck
05-03-2012, 09:43 AM
"I'm scared! Make it stop! Don't reason with me, I don't
want to be reasonable...."