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08-26-2014, 05:30 PM
First if this has been asked I apologize.
Now of course restricted weapon (AR platform) is illegal to hunt with since it can only be transported to and from the range/gun club, and to gunsmith's. If the CP proposed changes get past and the ATT becomes part of the RPAL would that not allow one to hunt with with your favourite AR-15 or 10? or will the ATT only be good for transport as I said above? I ask this since I've read that some want to hunt with there AR. :pot:

08-26-2014, 06:02 PM
93. (1) Subject to subsection (3), every person
commits an offence who, being the holder
of an authorization or a licence under which the
person may possess a firearm, a prohibited
weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device
or prohibited ammunition, possesses the
firearm, prohibited weapon, restricted weapon,
prohibited device or prohibited ammunition at a
place that is
(a) indicated on the authorization or licence
as being a place where the person may not
possess it;
(b) other than a place indicated on the authorization
or licence as being a place where the
person may possess it; or
(c) other than a place where it may be possessed
under the Firearms Act. CC

19. (1) An individual who holds a licence
authorizing the individual to possess prohibited
firearms or restricted firearms may be authorized
to transport a particular prohibited firearm
or restricted firearm between two or more specified
places for any good and sufficient reason,
including, without restricting the generality of
the foregoing,
(a) for use in target practice, or a target
shooting competition, under specified conditions
or under the auspices of a shooting club
or shooting range that is approved under section
(a.1) to provide instructions in the use of
firearms as part of a restricted firearms safety
course that is approved by the federal Minister;
(b) if the individual
(i) changes residence,
(ii) wishes to transport the firearm to a
peace officer, firearms officer or chief
firearms officer for registration or disposal
in accordance with this Act or Part III of
the Criminal Code,
(iii) wishes to transport the firearm for repair,
storage, sale, exportation or appraisal,
(iv) wishes to transport the firearm to a
gun show.-FA
August 5, 2014

08-26-2014, 09:11 PM
Eh, depends exactly on what the wording of the changes is. The most probable outcome is that they will still specify an authorized range.

Now, my personal preference would be "Any lawful destination for any legal purpose.", but I don't forsee that happening.