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10-08-2014, 01:31 PM

New Ghost Products in Stock. They were a big hit at the IPSC Ontario Provincial Championship and are now available online!

Ghost Shooting Glasses:SORRY SOLD OUT!


These matte black comfortable form fitting glasses are perfect for any shooting conditions. Super light design only touches the face at 3 points making them super comfortable. They have a removable nose piece and cats-paw rubber legs. The legs never lose grip whether your sweating or running, they'll always stay in place. Frames come with 4 changeable lenses: clear, ultra sunlight, medium and light sun exposure made from parallax free 1.4mm thick with UV400. The set comes in a padded case with the Ghost International logo on top .

Ghost Ultimate Shell Vest:


The Ghost Vest is made from a PolyStrech shell which adjusts to every kind of movement giving unlimited freedom to move without being hindered by fabric. It is extremely light, as well as water and wind resistant. It has great isolation properties keeps the warmth in and the cold out internal liner is made from a highly moist repellant netting, The shoulder pieces made from non-slip Metal Cordura for the butt stocks of rifles. The PolyAmide stretch side inserts keeps the Shell Vest close to the body for uninhibited access to the weapon and pouches. It features 2 watertight zippered pouches, 2 pouches for mags and a round Velcro Ghost Patch for your teams personal tag. Sizes are European, so they tend to run a bit small, you may need to order two sizes larger than normal.

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Please Contact for Pricing.

Ghost Carrying Backpack:


This bag will enable you to easily carry your gun, as well as the rest of your gear and all other things you need on the range in one rugged, affordable and comfortable pack. Features multiple compartments for extra mags, timers, eyes, ears, each with their spot. The lined bag also features zippered compartments to keep your personal artifacts safe. Padded back support and a packed compartment for your gun keeps you comfortable and your gun secure. This pack also features a rain hood that pulls out from a zippered compartment on top, which keeps it dry and saves your gear safe from the elements.

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New product line for Ghost. Check it out!!!