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10-20-2014, 10:27 AM

We tested five popular compound crossbows against the Excalibur Matrix. With more and more crossbows appearing on the market and with existing crossbow manufacturers introducing new models every year, it's becoming increasingly difficult to make an informed decision. So, we decided to do the work for you. We secured an engineer and crossbow specialist to design and conduct a series of performance test that we call the Crossbow Cross Examination. Watch the results of our testing, they may surprise you!

I realize that this is an Excalibur endorsement, but it looks like a pretty good comparison. I don't anything about crossbows and am just researching at this point. A hunting buddy is a fan of recurve bows and makes some good arguments for it. I know what the pros and cons of each (recurve vs compound) are, so I'm not looking for any of that kind of info.

What are your opinions on the different types of bows (be they standard or x-bow)?

10-20-2014, 01:14 PM
I think the argument gets less dramatic when you're talking X bow. A recurve will simply not make as much velocity as a compound bow, and the high let off weights on a modern bow make holding for the shot a heckuva lot easier. With the crossbows, let off isn't really a factor and Excaliber seems to be getting pretty respectable speed from their straight limbs. It's also a lot less complicated and likely a tad lighter than some compound X bows. There you have my vote. Compound for bow, recurve for crossbow. Simpler is usually better in my books, but no way am I giving up my Darton for the old man's Bear recurve.