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12-12-2014, 09:13 AM
The false hope of Justin Trudeau


"Open nominations for all Liberal candidates in every single riding in the next election," is what Justin Trudeau promised as he stood before the assembled party faithful on the eve of his crowning as Liberal boss.

It may be one of the most spectacularly dishonest statements ever uttered by a Canadian party leader.

And any column on this topic risks becoming little more than a long list of anecdotes, though here are a few:

In March, two-time Liberal nominee Christine Innes was banned from seeking the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina a third time, supposedly for bad behavior.

Trudeau ally Adam Vaughn was installed in her place.

In July, former Ontario deputy premier George Smitherman expressed interest in becoming the Liberal candidate for the riding of Toronto Centre.

Justin Trudeau made it clear rockstar journalist Chrystia Freeland was his choice, and Smitherman stood down.

In August, the Huffington Post's Althia Raj ran a long piece describing Team Trudeau's alleged meddling in multiple ridings in order to secure victories for Justin loyalists, including the manipulation of dates and bureaucratic approvals to handicap the undesirables, as well as more explicit expressions of discouragement.

In October, disgraced ex-Brampton-Springdale MP Ruby Dhalla seemed poised to announce a political comeback, only to abruptly change her mind in what CTV dubbed a "bizarre turn of events."

Dhalla claimed she had been told by higher ups in the party "not to do it."

In November, former footnote leadership candidate David Bertschi was banned from seeking the Liberal nod in Ottawa-Orléans on the grounds he had failed to pay down his campaign debts.

A couple weeks later Gen. Andrew Leslie, a high-profile Trudeau ally, was unanimously acclaimed to the position.

A few days later after that, Barj Dhahan, a would-be candidate for Vancouver South announced he would reluctantly step aside in favor of another Trudeau-backed military man, Lt. Colonel Harjit Singh.

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Dhahan's people claim their guy was essentially bullied out with nasty rumors of campaign improprieties that would be cited to veto his candidacy if he wasn't willing to do things the easy way.

Which brings us to this week, in which it was revealed that the Trudeau people have apparently persuaded BC philanthropist Joanne Griffth to seek the Vancouver-East nomination, in a clearly unsubtle attempt to quash the current off-message front-runner, flamboyant Marijuana activist Jodie Emery.

Backroom intrigue stories like these personify a particularly esoteric flavor of political reporting, and it's not unreasonable to question why anyone beyond the directly affected should care. In practical terms, after all, who does or doesn't get to run for a seat in parliament doesn't matter much, simply because MPs themselves don't matter much.

12-12-2014, 09:18 AM
this will all come back to haunt JT next summer

I know there are lots who don't like the attack style of Harper, or the ads, but they work.

12-12-2014, 09:40 AM
I never need to be reminded with attack ads. Just hearing or reading the name Trudeau gets me riled.

12-12-2014, 09:52 AM
Trudeau is no different than any other politician. lying sacks of shyt all of them.

12-12-2014, 02:22 PM
How much work do MPs and leader of the opposition do per week, that is directly related to working for the Canadian people? (I don't mean work within their parties, because that's all bologna that doesn't help anyone).