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01-07-2015, 08:49 AM
***NOW IN STOCK*****

https://www.doubletapsports.com/image/cache/data/xtreme-fastgrip-100x100.jpg (https://www.doubletapsports.com/fast-grip-by-eric-grauffel?keyword=fast%20grip)
Fast Grip by Eric Gauffel (https://www.doubletapsports.com/fast-grip-by-eric-grauffel?keyword=fast%20grip)

FAST GRIP hand cream is the result of extensive research and development by Eric in conjunction with a French company. FAST GRIP gives your hands the moisture resistant dryness needed for those fast draws and a sure grip, with none of that white chalky residue that other creams leave behind. No more nervous sweaty palms! Your hands remain dry for hours regardless of the climate conditions.

https://www.doubletapsports.com/image/cache/data/ed%20brown%20products-100x100.gif (https://www.doubletapsports.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=30)

Ed Brown Firing Pin Stop (Blue and SS)

Ed Brown Slide Recoil Buffs

Ed Brown Memory Groove Beavertail Grip Safety

Ed Brown Oversize Mag Release (Blue and SS)

Ed Brown Extended Ejector

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