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01-07-2015, 01:34 PM
Hi guys,


Well, I just got this stock from US for 183 CaD w/ shipping incl. (from ebay-US)
Just installed it on my Russian SKS 1954 and I agree with other you-tube reviewers that the gas tube was the most problematic. But I managed to put it together.

Here is the video, it's in Russian, but I'll translate it into English soon. This video you may watch w/o any sound and it shows the general steps on how to install the stock. Actually, it was already installed and then I decided to film it. So I disassembled it as if you disassemble your old SKS, and then followed the assembly into the new stock.


Again, the gas tube installation is what most people complain about. And here is the video in ENGLISH this time and the text description what has to be done:


There are 2 key problems with the Gas Tube Cover:
1) You have to unpin the gas tube cover by drilling into the pin itself w/ the bit of smaller diameter and then take it away with the hummer and a metallic rod of some kind (made of steel; you mae use one from the cleaning kit, just do not hammer in to much). When pinning it back, you have to hummer-pin in and smoothen it after to fit. You may use a simple knife to make the pin smooth, since it's aluminum. Unfortunately, most of the videos on assembly do not explain this or just insert the pin w/o pin-hammering it (which is wrong), but this is something obvious for me as a Russian guy and the thing we were taught in the Soviet Union School during manual labor classes as well as during classes of Military Service Initiation, which were also obligatory in USSR.
2) you will also have to sand the base of the plastic cover so the holding lock, by the sights closes and fixes the gas tube tight.

There other problem is that apparent AK-like plastic in the end of the stock is not mobile and to disassemble the cover and the spring you have to take apart whole gun.

The 3rd problem, which is not that critical is that the sliding stock is soooooo stiff...

The 4th problem-there is no accommodation for the knife

The 5th, for the money it costs, I'd expect at least 1 Picatinny Rail somewhere for the forward grip or a tactical light

1. Plastic is of very strong good quality carbon fiber, very scratch resistant. Not really low weight though
2. Definitely, it has reacher look compared to TAPCO, for example (IMHO)
3. And the MAIN reason, why I baught it: THE PISTOL GRIP is a monolith w/ the stock = no screws etc.
4. AK look at the back of the stock also attracted my attention, no doubt. But, again, there is a price to pay for it

No commercial interests in this videos or project whatsoever.

02-01-2015, 09:33 PM
Hey Pecheneg, the 5th problem you have "I'd expect at least 1 Picatinny Rail somewhere for the forward grip or a tactical light" is there a way to mount one? that is the only thing really stopping me from getting this stock as I would like to have a bi-pod on the front.


04-26-2015, 03:18 PM
I tried your methods to complete the task and it worked. Thought I'd film each step so people can see. Thanks for your video.