View Full Version : Benjamin Nitro Piston pellet gun advice?

01-25-2015, 09:04 PM
Hello everyone,

So despite the fact that everything Canadian Tire carries (Mastercraft, Martha Stewart, etc) is total junk, I want to support my local store because they're one of the ones that carries guns again now (I bought my Mossberg MVP combo there).

I'm there today, and I'm pretty happy with the guns I have right now, but I always want to look. At first I'm disgusted that they're asking $209.99 for a Savage Rascal when everyone else has it for under $200, but then I see something that catches my eye: a Benjamin Nitro Piston pellet gun with scope combo, claiming to be 1000-1200fps and 70% quieter than expected.

Disclaimer: I know SFA about air rifles / BB guns / pellet guns, other than I would love to have one of the suppressed Stoeger models that you can't get here.

So this 70% quieter claim has me thinking now, because I'd love to be able to pop off the odd backyard critter without neighbours noticing, or bring it camping without bothering others.

I never impulse buy, so I've come home to look it up, but I can't find that much about it, shy of the odd place that has it for sale. I can't find any reputable reviews for it, though.

It shows up as being a sub-brand of Crossman. I should have taken down the exact model number, but I think it's this one: http://www.crosman.com/airguns/air-rifles/trail-np-all-weather-177-5b0431


Does anyone have any experience with this gun, or know where I can find a credible review? Thank you.