View Full Version : Anyone want to take apart my M14 bolt so I can Arma-coat it, then put it back together?

Grizz Axxemann
01-26-2015, 11:54 PM
I'd prefer Edmonton area of course, but I can pay for mail and a $20 for your time.

01-27-2015, 01:27 PM

Grizz Axxemann
01-27-2015, 10:52 PM
Well jeebus... I didn't realize it was that straight forward. But what about the roller?

01-28-2015, 05:30 AM
I don't think the bolt disassembly is too easy without practice, I think reassembly is harder.
Would tape work? I would use tape and grease. This procedure is on a another site.

Step (1) Use several layers of electrical tape or masking tape to completely cover the bolt body except the roller,this will protect finish during the grinding operation.If you have steel shim stock a few thousandths thick cut a tapered piece and place it between roller and shaft at the top where you will be grinding,this pulls the roller away from shaft for clearance plus helps wedge it so it does'nt move around
Step(2) - Position bolt with roller on top either in a padded vice or sandbag to sucurely hold it .You need to be comfortable and stable so you dont slip with grinder.I like the Dremmel moto tool and heavy duty cuttoff disk for this task as you can control it better but a air die grinder will work fine too just go slow.

Place the rotation of the cuttoff wheel parallel with bolt body and start grinding a small flat ,back and forth all the way across until you see the inside retainer groove appear.Once this happens just make it thin as possible without going all the way through.

Rotate roller 180 degree and repeat only this time you only need to go half way or so.
Step (3) - Now grasp roller with a good pair of vise grips or other heavy duty pliers on one side and twist. This will crack the roller at the thin spot from first grinding. Using the vice grip and taped flat head screwdriver as a pry tool the roller will easily pop off. Take a look at the photo the roller will look as pictured if done correctly.

Step (4) - Remove the old spring retainer ( c-clip ) from bolt shaft and detail clean and inspect the O.D. It should be smooth and free of burrs and measure .272'' +/- .002''

If its good shape install new retainer ( c-clip ) in groove with open end facing upward towards top of bolt. Next apply small amount of lube inside new roller . Using the bolt roller retainer pliers with open end facing up like the c-clip retainer ,carefully squeeze the retainer until tool is closed over bolt shaft.
Step (5) - While still squeezing the pliers place the new rolller on the shaft and press entire assembly towards bolt body until it bottom out on shaft radius. Hold tension against roller while opening the pliers and continue to push on until you here the retainer click inside roller groove.

Check by spinning and pushing on roller to make sure the retainer is fully captured. If all is well use the roller grease tool to fully lube new rolller

Grizz Axxemann
01-28-2015, 10:04 PM
dafuq? You gotta destroy the roller to get it off? I guess it's getting armacoated too.

01-29-2015, 10:16 PM
Coat that part in grease by taping off all the rest of the area and spray it with grease. Then remove the tape and re-wipe it down with acetone. Spray then bake. Dry then clean off the grease and repack the roller.

Grizz Axxemann
01-30-2015, 09:17 PM
Okay... that makes a TON more sense. Sort of. I'm not too keen on putting something greasy in my boss' sandblasting cabinet though. I'll tape off the roller, blast it, tank it to get the adhesive off, mask the rest for grease (will aerosol mold release wax work? We don't do much aerosol grease at the shop, and I didn't find any in my weekly supply run at CT, PA or anywhere else I went) wipe it down with acetone, spray, bake, degrease, lube, assemble and play.

01-31-2015, 05:20 PM
I don't think the bolt disassembly is too easy without practice, I think reassembly is harder.
Would tape work? I would use tape and grease. This procedure is on a another site.

Hey sorry -I was saying the same thing- just trying to show they hard to get off!! Sorry my post was not very clear.