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05-23-2012, 11:20 AM
Hey boys and girls,

I wanted to share this on behalf of the person who wrote it, as it is a very important matter. This has been reviewed and cleared by jwirecom109.


My name is Guy Lavergne. I am an attorney and member of the Bar of the Province of Quebec. On May 11, 2012, I filed an Intervention on behalf of Mr. Marc-André Lussier with the Superior Court of Quebec, in the ongoing litigation between Quebec and Canada, over the transfer of the data of the long gun registry data. Mr. Marc André Lussier is a hunter, shooter, gunsmith and firearms verifier. I am his attorney, and I am also a hunter, shooter, and a member of the CGN community.
The purpose of the Intervention is: (i) to assert the rights and present the point of view of firearms owners, whose personal information forms part of the long-gun registry data; and (ii) to oppose the facts and arguments presented by Quebec in support of its proceedings to obtain such data, in order to create its own registry.

If successful, this initiative will benefit all Quebec firearms owners, as well as those of other provinces, whose governments might be tempted to follow suit.

Neither Mr. Lussier, nor myself have the financial means to bear the financial burden of this litigation. In order to succeed, this initiative requires your support. Those of you who wish to contribute may do so. Any financial contribution is welcome. Cheques may be made to: “Guy Lavergne, in trust”. I will also accept EMT or Paypal payments at the following e-mail address: guy.lavergne@f-lex.ca

My mailing address is as follows:

Guy Lavergne, Attorney at Law
2051 rue du Bordelais
Saint-Lazare, Qc
J7T 3C6
Tél : 514-245-0949

I will update this thread regularly to keep you apprised of new developments. FYI on Thursday May 18, 2012, I was served with a “Notice of Opposition” by the Quebec Government attorneys. They are of the view that this legal battle is to be fought strictly between the two governments and their respective agencies. In doing so, they are attempting to deny the gun owners’ right to be heard over the transfer of their personal information. A court hearing has been scheduled for May 29, 2012, to address this question.

I will also answer questions, as long as I am not asked to disclose confidential information or discuss strategy in a public forum. I will not comment (as opposed to report) on the positions of the other parties and/or any rulings made by the Court.

Thank you in advance!


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but 7 years old and Quebec has a LGR