View Full Version : 2015 Contests - Information for all Members

01-30-2015, 08:04 AM

Howdy all GOC members.

Gun Owners of Canada listened to our member's input and has done a couple of improvements to this year's contest setups.

1. You will get an email confirmation to Every contest you enter. (if you don't get one, it may be in your junk mail OR your email is filter out these type of emails.)

2. Easier to use entry forms, combined with easy to use links, information, and details about each contests, no more scrolling to the top of the page for each contest for details, etc.

3. More Giveaways and Winners!!! We have even more to giveaway this year!! Also we have broken down each contest prize into individual giveaways so there will be more winners.

4. Bigger Prizes!!! We will be running 2 guaranteed to giveaway large prize giveaways this year. (can't give out the details just yet, You'll see one on Sunday)

The First of Many Giveaways Will Start Feb 1, 2015!! So get ready!!

We also want to thank each of our members for being members, without you there would be no Gun Owners of Canada.