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05-23-2012, 04:01 PM
Windsor could soon be a partner in the ultra-lucrative arms trade sector, a global industry estimated to be worth more than $1.5 trillion per year (that’s 1.5 million millions).

“That’s the hope, to create jobs … and create a new Windsor industry,” said Steve Goulet, general manager of Elite Machining Inc.

The eight-year-old business recently moved to bigger digs at 3232 Grand Marais Rd. E. and has applied to the city for a rezoning that would permit an on-site firing range, “to test firearms and devices manufactured for military and/or law enforcement.”

While the company “can’t get into detail” at this stage, Steve said Elite has contacts with police and military on both sides of the border, and the hope is to pursue contract orders for small arms and related equipment. “When we’re saying weapons, we’re just talking about rifles,” he told The Star.

Steve said Elite currently employs 12 workers who specialize in machining all sorts of “widgets” — everything from fixtures to custom motorcycle rims. He said the company weathered the recent recession that battered Windsor’s manufacturing sector because “we don’t just do molds or dies or fixtures — we do it all.”

In order to manufacture firearms, a company needs a facility to discharge them as part of the testing process, but federal rules forbid any prohibited weapons, such as automatic rifles, from being discharged at a public range. Hence Elite’s need for a private range of its own, one that would be off-limits to the public.

But Steve said people shouldn’t imagine an open rifle range with the bullets flying but rather an enclosed chamber inside the building. He said the decibels from the existing machine shop’s activities will exceed any noise emanating from the firing of the weapons to be manufactured.

Steve said his company already has a federal firearms manufacturing license, but there’s still the need for a test-fire range before contracts can be pursued.

Elite Machining’s industrial rezoning application is currently before the city’s planning department. Steve hopes for a go-ahead by the end of the summer.

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Good to see another company joining in the firearms industry!!!

Rory McCanuck
05-23-2012, 06:17 PM
I certainly wish them the best of luck.
Any manufacturing in Canada is a good thing,
firearms related is a bonus :)