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05-23-2012, 04:03 PM
OTTAWA -- The Ontario family that was put through hell because of a child's kindergarten drawing is back on their feet and ready to fight, while the police department involved still hasn't decided if it messed up.

Jessie Sansone, a 26-year-old father of four, is speaking with a new lawyer. He says he's trying to get justice after he was arrested, strip-searched, and held in a cell while his home was searched by police and his children taken away by social workers for interviews.

Their ordeal began after his four-year-old daughter, Nevaeh, drew a picture of him fighting monsters and bad guys in her Kitchener classroom, and it ended with the discovery of a clear plastic toy gun.

"We are going to fight for our rights, everybody's support is very encouraging for us to go forth and do that," Sansone told QMI Agency Tuesday. He says the social workers tried to demand that the toy be out of reach of the children before they would close their case on his family.

"They said the case was going to stay open with them unless we gave them a document stating that we agreed that the 'gun' was out of harm's reach of the children. It was unbelievable. We didn't agree to do that."

Last February, the child doodled on her classroom white board. The teacher thought she saw a gun in the drawing, questioned the tot and called social services who then called police.

The cops were waiting for Sansone at the school when he arrived to pick up his kids.

Sansone says police questioned him, told him he was arrested for the possession of a firearm and walked him to one of the many surrounding squad cars in handcuffs. Meanwhile, police were searching his house for a gun that resembled the little girl's drawing. They took his pregnant wife, Stephanie, downtown and questioned her, too.

Social workers drove three of the Sansone kids from school to the family services centre across town for questioning.

At the police station, Jessie was told to strip, lift his testicles, and bend over. He was then put in a cell to wait for hours. Eventually, police dropped the charges and drove him home. Police say they found a see-through plastic toy gun that is spring loaded and propels tiny plastic beads. The fake guns sell for about $17 at Canadian Tire.

The school board insisted it did the right thing by the family because they 'co-parent' and so did the social workers. The Sansones have since found a new school.

"It was a pretty big shock for them at first, getting used to a whole new crowd, trying to make new friends. We are working with the principal just in case they get questioned in school about the story. So far nothing has popped up," Sansone said.

The Kitchener Waterloo Police had promised to conduct an internal review to see if they erred in the case. After waiting for three months, QMI Agency asked for the result, but the report's release has been postponed since the first query.

The story sparked outrage from Truro, N.S., to Tahsis, B.C., and many have offered to help the family sue.


05-23-2012, 05:09 PM
Oh for crying out loud...I just posted this, then found your thread. Beat me by an hour LOL.


I hope the police and the school have to re-mortgage their properties to pay the settlement. The school staff and police officers involved in taking this as far as it went should be demoted to a position where they aren't a hazard to the general good........ assistant sidewalk sweepers comes to mind, but they'd probably find some way of creating a "chicken little" panic even with that position.

05-23-2012, 05:24 PM
I would be making it a personal vendetta. Not just one mass lawsuit. But I'd go after each person involved individually, suing them for everything they're worth. The teacher, the principal, each officer, the police chief etc. I'd demand each one of them be fired and then I'd sue them until they were living in boxes on street corners. Then I'd go steal the box. Then I'd launch lawsuits against the school board, the police dept and the city. Would it all be successful? Doubt it. Would it get the point across that I'm not to be trifled with? Yes.

Yes, I'm not one to take things lying down, I hold grudges and I exact cold, calculated revenge in such a manner that the law is on my side and it hurts those I target so bad that they never forget it. :)

05-23-2012, 05:46 PM
Well i guess its about time I said somthing, remember when we were kids, well me, we ran around with a out toy m14's and drew guns pics all the time.

C Broad Arrow
05-23-2012, 06:09 PM
The scary thing about this is there was no crime committed.

In fact, there was no basis for an investigation.

And yet we had a child seized, a man strip searched and jailed.

This man was known to the school as having a good reputation. Yet the principal stood by and allowed the police to take him away without once going to bat for him.

This is the society that our culture is dealing with on a daily basis. Someone draws a gun or points a finger and says "Bang", and the "so-called progressives" immediately call 911.

If we do nothing - or rather if Jesse Sansone does nothing to fight back - then it will be open season on any family who has a child that likes to draw guns, play cops and robbers, indians and cowboys, or comments in class that they want a Red Ryder BB Gun.

Rory McCanuck
05-23-2012, 06:45 PM
Jessie Sansone, a 26-year-old father of four, is speaking with a new lawyer.
If Solomon is no longer representing him, perhaps there is a reason?
Don't forget the "Guttah" rap crap, bragging about selling dope.
This is maybe not the person to pin the hopes of the firearm
community on.
Granted, I still feel there is something really wrong when a drawing
on the white-board results in a proctology exam.

05-23-2012, 06:56 PM
If Solomon is no longer representing him, perhaps there is a reason?
Don't forget the "Guttah" rap crap, bragging about selling dope.
This is maybe not the person to pin the hopes of the firearm
community on.
Granted, I still feel there is something really wrong when a drawing
on the white-board results in a proctology exam.

I too think the guy may be a bit of a....................................... but douche bag or not he should have never received the treatment he received and this never should have gone so overboard. I think the real story is the out of control bueocracies that not only allow this to happen, but wrongly defend thier gross over reactions with asinine, truly infuraiting comments such as co-parenting. They answer to no one and face zero repercussions for what they have done all the while feeling superior to us peons

05-23-2012, 09:16 PM
Wow sometimes I cant believe the people in this country, it really is the age of soccer moms

05-25-2012, 10:10 AM
Two words: home school.

When I read crap like this, I'm absolutely committed to home school my kids. If that happened to anyone with a REAL gun, even properly licensed, they likely would never see their kids again or be bankrupted in the process trying to legally defend themselves.

Schools are increasingly becoming government indoctrination facilities aimed at destroying families and brainwashing kids to be collectivist, mindless, institutionalized, tax slave drones.

Schools also "co-parented" a lot... in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Maoist China. We all know how well that worked out for them.

05-25-2012, 04:57 PM
Sad day kids cant be kids any more and enjoy playing good guy bad guy without daddy going to jail.The police ,school officials ,teachers and local government dropped the ball and took unreasonable measures against Sansone and should pay the price .Freedom works both ways you most balance the crime and the punishment but never use more force than needed to keep a lid on safe streets .Flying off the handle over anything never helped as is proven in this case and there must be a penalty for crossing the line to be enforced on all cops, teachers ,children's aid workers for unreasonable actions against the public.