View Full Version : Gun trafficker gets 11 years

05-23-2012, 04:04 PM
A Manitoba judge has endorsed an 11-year prison term for a gun trafficker who traded crack for weapons and sold at least a few of them into the hands of criminals at deep discounts.

Adrian Lemay, 43, learned his fate Wednesday afternoon after previously pleading guilty to a number of weapons-trafficking and drug-related charges.

Lemay was arrested in 2010 after cops searched his apartment and vehicle and found brand-new rifles and handguns and ammunition.

The weapons had been stolen from a warehouse by a co-accused who traded them to Lemay for crack cocaine.

Police ultimately found three of the stolen weapons and discovered two were used in shootings.

Judge Ted Lismer credited Lemay for 23 months of time already served.

"I'm sorry for my family," he told court as sheriffs escorted him